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  1. From what I was told you do not need your dealer. I believe the controllers check each night, so perhaps monitor it over the next 24-48hrs to see if it updates. Paul
  2. Yes the driver is now available for everyone. Force update is enabled, so it should auto update next time your controller checks for updated drivers
  3. Ive been testing the new beta driver and control4 have given me permission to update you all. No changes are required to use the new driver, and it looks to work very well. There are some additional events, one for each auxiliary, which is nice, however, a limitaton placed on control4 by Jandy is on the polling, as its now 15 minutes for idle polling and a minimum of 3 minutes between each poll when the pool controls are in use. Control4 hope to complete beta testing within the next week, but obviously this may change if any issues are found, and will roll out the driver with a forced update, so dealers will not need to update the driver at customers sites.
  4. Thanks. I've since read the comment on the control4 tech site, and its not promising 'That work is underway but is expected to take some time' I do have a RS232 Jandy device, which I removed from the system a couple of years ago. So will set that back up and change the driver over. Paul
  5. Hi Does anyone know the usual time for Control4 to release driver updates. The API has been available for many weeks, but its sounds as if no-one has heard any updates or even an ETA. It could be that Control4 don't see this as a priority, which is worrying. Paul
  6. Hi Did you find a way around this issue, as I've also got the same issue in trying to calculate a number and setting a set point with the result. @alanchow Is it feasible to alter the driver to have a float variable. Many thanks Paul
  7. The release notes are available when you install Composer Pro 3.1
  8. All my fans are running the latest firmware.
  9. HI The driver contains a mapping between the 4 fan speeds that control 4 can handle to 4 out of the 7 speeds that the fan can handle. This allows the touchscreens and C4 apps to control the fan. For the wall switch, I used 2 custom keypads, as my old fan had two separate switch for the fan and light operation.. On the first keypad, I had buttons for Light Off, Light On, Light +, Light -, on the 2nd one I had Fan Off, Fan Speed 1, Fan Speed 2, Fan Speed 3, Fan Speed 4. Then created the programming to control the fan and light Hope this helps Paul
  10. I am also using the latest firmware for the L fans, and not actually had it lock up since the update in early August. I also used to have a couple of the wall controllers, and these were a pain in the backside for resetting and losing the wireless settings. I replaced them with control4 keypads last year, and a much better experience was had by everyone. Paul
  11. Hi I have 4 Haiku fans including 1 Haiku L fan over two separate C4 systems and using the paid driver on each site. I have had them become unresponsive a couple of times over the two years, but other than that they have been rock solid. I do have them running on their own dedicated SSID. I have created a room called Fan Reset with a non dimming light that controls the power for each fan, in the event of them becoming unresponsive, I toggle the power for 10 seconds from a touchscreen, and they come back online. I am using Dlink DWL-8610AP access points. Regards Paul
  12. Hi Does anyone know if any of the existing Samsung TV IP drivers will work with the new QE75Q900RB / QE75Q950RB Samsung TV. Also noticed that the 2018 8K TV models are not listed either in Comproser (QExxQ900RA) Thanks in advance Paul
  13. Hi Just resurrecting this thread, to see if anyone has developed a C4 driver for this yet. Thanks Paul
  14. Hi i currently have an Oppo 203 player in the UK and this works great, however, I need another player in another room, and the Oppo player is no longer available. I have seen there is a Samsung m9700 that has ip control, but this player does not seem to be available in the UK. Are there any other players with IP control for control4? thanks Paul
  15. Hi I am looking for a dealer to provide some equipment to Kissimmee in Florida. 1 x TS-AMS24 2 x TS-PAMP8-100 4 x C4-WMB-B 1 x C4-TUN2-E-B 1 x C4-WALL7-WH + C4-RWB57C-P It is to replace an existing whole house audio system, so already have speakers and wiring. Thanks Paul
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