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  1. Hi Does anyone know if any of the existing Samsung TV IP drivers will work with the new QE75Q900RB / QE75Q950RB Samsung TV. Also noticed that the 2018 8K TV models are not listed either in Comproser (QExxQ900RA) Thanks in advance Paul
  2. Hi Just resurrecting this thread, to see if anyone has developed a C4 driver for this yet. Thanks Paul
  3. Hi i currently have an Oppo 203 player in the UK and this works great, however, I need another player in another room, and the Oppo player is no longer available. I have seen there is a Samsung m9700 that has ip control, but this player does not seem to be available in the UK. Are there any other players with IP control for control4? thanks Paul
  4. Hi I am looking for a dealer to provide some equipment to Kissimmee in Florida. 1 x TS-AMS24 2 x TS-PAMP8-100 4 x C4-WMB-B 1 x C4-TUN2-E-B 1 x C4-WALL7-WH + C4-RWB57C-P It is to replace an existing whole house audio system, so already have speakers and wiring. Thanks Paul
  5. I have installed the iAqualink driver and set it up and added all the auxiliaries , and the lua interface shows traffic coming from the pool. I can control it using the UI tool to turn on / off AUX etc. However, I am trying to create some scripts to react to AUX's changing. Firstly the Driver doesn't list all the AUX's a separate programming events, which could cause issues further down the line, however, it would be good if I could even get an event to work. If I change the aux setting from the iaqualink app, it correctly shows it changed in the next control4 poll, and the lua screen states 'NOTIFY.AUXMODE_CHANGED' However, I have a simple script to set a timer going for 1 hr, when an AUXMODE change event occurs, and the timer is never set so the event is never triggered. I have rebooted the controller since the driver install, to make sure this wasn't an issue. Any ideas? Paul
  6. Thanks Certainly a step in the right direction, although V4 could be years away. V3 was only released late last year, and I've just taken a look back through the Texecom news archives, and can see that V2.09 was released in 2013.
  7. Thanks Could you let me know if its the driver that just needs updating, and therefore will come in time, or whether the panel itself can't handle functionality the new interface. Paul
  8. The issue is to do with the monitoring side. If its not monitored then it doesn't have to be compliant. With regards to whether an integration with C4 would affect the compliance, I don't think it will matter too much as long as the C4 system can't activate the alarm. A monitored alarm can only trigger police response if 2 or more zones have been activated. I could leave the two completely separate, but it would have been far cheaper to be able to have access to the Secure / Not Ready zones for operating automation.
  9. A bit of google searching and from what I can tell the PowerSeries DSC panels are not DD6662:2010 compliant, which is what I would need to install the panel in the UK and have it monitored.
  10. Thanks My dealer is looking to see if DSC is available in the UK and has the correct accreditations to allow the panel to be monitored. Control4 themselves suggested the Texecom panel. Thanks Paul
  11. Hi. I know other threads have discussed a number of manufacturers for security integration, but which is the best one for use in the UK. preferably I would like access to all the zones and for the panel to push updates as I don't really want the delays caused by polling. I have seen Texecom, but then read that it won't be updated to the new style driver, so please help me decide on a panel for a new control implementation. Thanks Paul
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