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  1. do the screens include wall boxes? price per?
  2. model of switches and dimmers? model of door station? does it include mounting box
  3. Where can I find binary hdmi switch 3x1 and 5x1 drivers
  4. Package price for the 2 outlets, 3 card access items murraymartin@prodigy.net
  5. I could use the touch screen retrofit boxes advise murraymartin@prodigy.net
  6. is there a later version of this driver thanks murray
  7. If you still have the 3-3 buttons i would pay $60 for the lot
  8. Murdog


    Please provide links for rfid sensor and a driver that works thanks
  9. Has anyone installed an inexpensive rfid garage door opener where the garage doors are already being opened and closed by C4 The thought would be to Place an rfid tag in each vehicle when they drive up to the garage, the tag is identified, and the correct door opens
  10. has anyone modified the axxess_nav_temp_display driver to receive and display the humidity in place of temperature
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