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  1. Thx for your answer; I tested drivers of RX and CX series i founded in composer but it does not work. I can control it with an Android App 'NP Controller" so, i hope it is possible to control it with C4
  2. Could anyone here create an IP driver for this reciever? Or show me where i can found it. Thanks in advance.
  3. I dit not tried variable manipulator driver yet. But i found something. With IPevents driver and temperature display driver (free both) . I 've a script on the LAN which send request everytime temperature change With the value of temperature inside. Http://IpC4:8080/TEMPLIVING23 In C4 programing, i've this kind of script: If (IPevents) TEMPLIVING23 so, put 23 in temperature display. And this, for each temperature value. It works good but its heavy and without decimal... So, i continue to search another solution. The good one is use variables. I've created TEMPLIVING varia
  4. Hello, Do you know if any driver exist to have a virtual temperature sensor? The temp value would be extracted from a xml file on the LAN.
  5. Hi, Does someone use vera with rfxcom? If yes, its possible to manage 433Mhz device from C4? (actuator & probes) Thx
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