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  1. What is your setup? If you want to call from a mobile phone to a T3, use the C4 intercom app.
  2. I disagree. The current drivers that support dynamic announcements work perfectly. The text is processed, converted to an audio file, downloaded to the controller, and played in about 1 second. It’s arguably the coolest driver out there. Pretty amazing what it does. I have the Voice Genie driver installed in many systems using dynamic announcements and it works great.
  3. Never had an issue with announcements, my system or my customers’.
  4. Yes, you can. I have a Marantz sending zone 2 pre outs to my Triad Matrix. I don’t understand the second paragraph. But I have RCA from one to the other. Simple.
  5. Having a cable box is way better.
  6. Just out of curiosity. Why aren’t you using the native C4 driver?
  7. Logs will show that the DS2 placed a call, which you already know. Not sure what you are trying to find out here. You can disable dealer access if you think your dealer did it. You can enable/disable access as needed.
  8. You cannot connect Control4 Touch Panels to your phone system. However, you can connect your SIP phones to Control4. In other words, the SIP phones can be part of Control4 intercom system, but Control4 cannot be part of your phone system. Your phones are end points that can be connected to the PBX and Control4 at the same time. C4 touch panels can only be connected to C4 and can’t be end points to your phone system.
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