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  1. You can use any sensor with the Dam-It valve. The sensors communicate with Control4 and not the valve directly, so you can use any sensor including the $10 wired sensors in Amazon. I do agree with the OP, the Dam-It system is junk.
  2. iPad minis with swollen batteries were a known defect. Apple still replaces those regardless of warranty status. I took 2 to the Apple store that were about 5 years old and Apple replaced them on the spot with no questions asked.
  3. If the Chime is making a call to the touchscreens when motion is detected, why do you need the snapshot for? Now the Chime is busy making a call, so what happens when the button is pressed? You can play a sound in the touchscreens by creating an announcement that plays only on the selected touch screens.
  4. If your project has an updated DS2 driver, then it has an updated DS2 firmware. What are you trying to do?
  5. I do have one, new in box, never opened. PM me an offer.
  6. I think I have one in stock. I’ll check tonight.
  7. I have a red one. Open box, never installed.
  8. Update to the latest OS. C4 has made improvements to the camera proxy and streams now load a lot faster and without fail.
  9. There you go: Primary: rtsp://IP-Address:554/live.sdp Secondary: rtsp://IP-Address:554/live3.sdp
  10. The Chime does have a second stream. In fact, it has 3 streams, one of which is useless. This is why you can choose the resolution for camera and intercom in the driver’s properties. I’m not close to my computer right now, but if you download the Onvif tool and connect to the Chime, you’ll see all 3 streams. Heads up! The VGA stream is actually the 3rd stream. Don’t use the second stream, it is very low quality and it has a crop. I have my Chime connected to my NVR and I can pull both hi-res and low-res streams.
  11. What is your setup? If you want to call from a mobile phone to a T3, use the C4 intercom app.
  12. I disagree. The current drivers that support dynamic announcements work perfectly. The text is processed, converted to an audio file, downloaded to the controller, and played in about 1 second. It’s arguably the coolest driver out there. Pretty amazing what it does. I have the Voice Genie driver installed in many systems using dynamic announcements and it works great.
  13. Never had an issue with announcements, my system or my customers’.
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