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  1. Highest resolution is 480. No, the DS2 is not HD.
  2. Someone from Mobotix posted the drivers in theses forums for the T25 a couple of years ago. Do a search and you’ll find them. Also (I haven’t checked in a long time) the drivers were posted on the T25 info page in the Mobotix website.
  3. Found this post a little confusing so excuse me if I'm not addressing your issues. Call groups are not set in stone, you can program to call different groups based on time of the day, or a variable, or whatever your want. I have systems where the call will ring all T3s during the day and only the living space at night, so the bedrooms won't ring at night. And no, I'm not setting those T3s to DND, they simply won't ring because they aren't part of the night time group. You can still get phone calls to the App even if you're doing the call through programming. It does require custom programming, but ask your dealer if he/she can do it for you. I have it set up in mine with no issues. It's very simple programming. Turning off the DS2; again, this can be done in programming using conditionals or schedules. You don't have to put any T3s in DND mode if you don't want to. They can be bypassed to not get a call from the DS2 and still be available to receive calls from other T3s or announcements from the System. You can even have an announcement play on the DS2 saying that noone is available if the DS2 is turned off. All 3 things in your wish list can be done now.
  4. The Voice Genie driver is one of the best drivers for C4. It’s really awesome.
  5. With the 2N app you can trigger 4 actions during a call, it does require more programming than the DS2. With the 2N Door Station and 2N app you can switch to a different camera during the call; this also happens when using the T3s. So, if you unlock the door for the UPS guy, the app will switch automatically to the hallway cam, for example. However, I found the 2N service to be unreliable in my tests. The Control4 App just works.
  6. Yes, and you should delete it all to avoid getting Alexa confused. Make sure you delete all those voice commands you created.
  7. Speedtest is a internet speed site, therefore it is a WAN connection. Please, see my post above on how the router has no business in your LAN speeds, only WAN
  8. Also, for clarification, if your network is properly setup, the router has nothing to do with data moving around your local network. So, the RE-2 cannot be slowing down your local network. However, as mentioned, your WAN is limited to 300 Mbps.
  9. The new Control4 skill has native volume control, no programming required. You have to specify the name of the room. This is what has been working for me with no issues: Alexa, set the volume to 25 in the kitchen. Alexa, lower the volume in the kitchen. And so on... You get the idea.
  10. The WAN throughput is 300 Mbps, you won’t get anything faster from the internet. If you have a 1 Gbps internet plan, you have to get a new router that supports that speed.
  11. You need at least one EA-3 or Ea-5 to have multiple controllers in one system.
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