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  1. I'm in a similar boat and only have speakers powered by an AVR or separates. I understand the delay from a relay to powering the amps on would likely cut off most if not all of any announcements. Is the Sonos option pretty responsive such that this wouldn't be an issue? Trying to decide if I should just buy another Sonos speaker or look into integrating a Triad amp.
  2. Same experience here. Rebooted the controller and got back up and running.
  3. It was the issue for me. Caused my EA-3 to lockup every two hours like clockwork. Driver removed from the project and I haven't had an issue since. C4 identified the issue pretty quickly once my dealer sent logs and spoke to support.
  4. Rinzler081 - were you able to get fix this? I'm still not able to arm from C4.
  5. I’m having he exact same issue with my system. Elk system that won’t arm from C4 any longer. Were you able to resolve the problem?
  6. Mine stopped working as well. I had it installed on Friday so I assumed it was an issue caused by the integrator (I'm having several issues).
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