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  1. Thank you So it doesn't matter if I stay consistent as long as I know which wires are hooked up to the speaker. All the wires run back to the closet are 4 conductor except the last one which is a 2 conductor.
  2. Thank you to all the c4 community that openly helps one another. I am attempting to hook up my speakers and I am a complete novice. I am learning a lot and having fun with it but want to make sure that I am doing the connections correctly. Had the room professionally wired by a c4 dealer. From other replies looks like it was wired in a series. This what I started. All the leakers have 2 jackets one is a 2 conductor and 1 is a 4 conductor. Except the last speaker that just has a 2 cnductor. 1. Front Left -. 4 conductor Green and white to speaker. The
  3. Thanks again...I started but wanted to confirm if I am on the right track. this is what I started 1. Front Left -. Green and white to speaker. Then tied Red to Red and Black to Black. 2. Middle Left - Red and Black to speaker and tied Red to White and Green to Black. 3. Rear Left - same as Front Left. Green and White to Speaker. Red to Red and Black to Black. 4. Rear Right - Same as Middle Left. Red and Black to Speaker and red to White and Green to black. repeating this process all the way up to front right whic
  4. No need to reply just uploading pics on my account to send an email. No other way to do it.
  5. Thank you for the replies. Very helpful. To etrochez - the wires go back to a closet withe all the cat5e and coax. I guess I have 6 zones and some zones have 2 speakers and some have a single speaker. To thegreatheed Those were the exact speakers that I bought. The reviews seemed decent. To crva -. I may look for a new dealer. Just not pleased with the additional charge and I have to cut the drywall and phish most of tge wire through. the installer didnt bracket off the where the speaker locations were supposed to be. instead they stapled the wire in a general area. I even found cat5
  6. Sorry for the long explanation. These may not be the brightest questions by I am a novice with audio. I have never owned a stereo or an audio equipment. My brother gifted me some C4 items that he never installed and was transfered. In the middle of a home renovation I called the local dealer to get some pricing and explain what I wanted to do. After the sticker shock I decided to prewire the house and to run speaker wire with the C4 dealer instead of my electrician eventhough his bid was $200 more. When He finished he tacked on another $900. Because of time. Which is why Im here and
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