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  1. ok so given it a go with the PJLink driver and I cant quite work out what im doing wrong. It has connected and advises Online as a Class 1 projector, however i dont get any feedback on what input or understand what input I need to advise Control 4 what to use. The EB1925 instructions advise INPUT 32 as the HDMI input how there isnt that option in the driver. If anyone has had experience with this driver and potentially my projector that would be fantastic!
  2. Thanks mate, I had a look in the 1925 Manual and it does advise it has PJLink! Will give this one a go
  3. Hi All, I have inherited an older Epson projector and would like to integrate into C4 for Sports days. I cant see to find a driver for it in the data base, has anyone had experience with this projector and if there is an Alternate Driver (such as the Powerlite 1930 driver) that might work with it? Alternatively does anyone have a driver already created? Thanks, Tim
  4. couldnt find anything else to do hence where im lost
  5. Hi guys, I think i'm missing something here with the iHeart driver in C4. I have a list of favourite stations which I have saved on my phone, however they dont appear to show up in the iHeart Driver on C4. Is there a step that I am missing? I've logged into my iHeart account and activated, but still not showing up. I also can't search for the artist I want to play. Thanks in advance, Tim
  6. thanks again guys. This is the unit that I have. http://www.mi.com/en/mibox/ The Model in the Settings advises MIBOX3 I'll swing an email over to your sales now.
  7. Hi Guys, just tested NetPlayTV and it stalled perfectly fine. It said I need a NetPlayTV License, but there was no incompatibilities on the installation. Definately will look at buying one of the dongles now! The wife hates that we have to use a different remote in that room and C4 everywhere else. *Edit* Went to the Website to purchase the Dongle and it says that shipping would be $147 to Australia?? Am I on the wrong link?
  8. Hey Guys, just reading through some of the updates since I last checked and I noticed you have got this working with a number of products. Have you tested it with the Xiaomi Mi Android TV? I have one at home in a spare room and if I can get one of these for IP control on that and then IR out to the TV that would be golden! Thanks heaps, Tim
  9. This is awesome guys! Can't wait to see this in action, any chance of a Video of it all functioning when you receive your IrUSB Alan?
  10. Didnt see that, agree though, would be great for IP/Official.
  11. I feel the Android TV platform needs to get some official support in C4 now that it is getting more common place with TV's and Media Players like NVidia and Xiaomi. Rooting and using Lanmote unfortunately doesnt cut it since the OS keeps having updates....
  12. Cheers for that Zaphod. I have an old Harmony Remote at home, so i might learn it into the Harmony and then across to the EA-3. What functions of the IR do you get that arent on the remote control itself? The UI language shouldnt be a concern as it's android and you can change the languages. It was set up in the Mi Store in HK running in English so that was comforting.
  13. Hey Guys, just got back from HK and picked up one of the boxes to play around with. Yet to unpack, but havent had much of a response on integration capabilities at this point. I think IR might have to be the go, anyone had a go with that like the above?
  14. Hi Guys, thanks for all the help! Managed to get it going last night in the end. Something was going wrong with the connections so i deleted a few things and readded. Now all working! Can confirm the DAC is needed for my AV Receiver for Zone 2 and 3, nothing more than that. Cheers again, Tim
  15. Hi All, duplicate post from Questions and Answers forum, wasnt sure which one to post this in. I just upgraded from an EA-1 to an EA-3 however i'm having a little trouble playing different streams in different zones from the EA-3. I have HDMI into the AV Receiver for the Online Navigator - and I have disabled HDMI Audio. - Coax Running into a Blustream DAC and then into a Stereo Input on the Receiver - 3.5mm Stereo into a second Stereo Input on the Receiver. When I select to play a stream - eg. Pandora I can then group this to all 3 areas of mine fine, however if I want to have Pandora inside and then Deezer out in the alfresco, it doesnt seem to activate the second output stream on the EA3, rather it just changes Pandora to Deezer or vice versa. Can someone shed some light on what I might be doing wrong? I hope what I have written above makes sense. Ta, Tim
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