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  1. Hi My security company will be dropping total connect and will be going with something called Alula. Anyone heard of them and whether it works with C4? thanks
  2. rebooted and then removed and added system. All set now.
  3. I just unlinked Alexa and then re-linked. no change. I still can't log in to C4 app. Strange
  4. nothing changed. I am on the same network I've always been on. I just checked. my 4Sight is still active.
  5. Hi, Suddenly I am unable to access my system via the C4 app or via Alexa. This worked fine this morning, at least Alexa did. I can access the system via C4 Home Edition. My TV remote and all (at least all I tested) wall switches work fine. Any suggestions? thanks in advance.
  6. Great thanks. Does this work if the device is in smart home mode? Have you been able to reconfigure while in smart home mode without loosing connectivity? Also, does power cycling also effect connectivity? thanks again.
  7. Hi, I finally connected my 6 Axis gears to C4. I do have one issue that I wonder if others have seen this. Once you configure the gears in smart home mode, then paired with C4, if you need to reconfigure the fully open/close points, you need to switch them make to native (non smart home) mode. Then when you switch back to smart home mode, you loose connectivity with C4. You’ll need to contact your dealer/remote installer to re-pair them. I never had this issue when I used smart things as my automation hub. Have you seen this with your setup? Can you try it? thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I have Axis Gear zigbee shade controllers. With the help of my installer, we are able to pair all my gears with C4. The issue I came across was when I needed to reconfigure the max open/close settings for the shades. In that case, I switched one of the gears from smart home mode back to native mode. Then after reconfiguring I put it back to smart home mode. However, C4 lost connectivity. It became un-paired. I never had this issue when I had the gears controlled by smart things. Should C4 loose the gear's device ID (address) when switching from smart home to native and then back again? thanks in advance
  9. Hi, I have 2 types of shades in my home. I have qMotion shades as well as Axis Gear shade controllers. With the appropriate drivers, Control4 recognizes them no problem. My issue is related to Amazon Alexa. I have a 4Sight subscription and I'm able to control via voice command to control lights, fans, etc. I can say "Turn on kitchen lights 60%" for example. I'd like to be able to say something like "Raise family room shades 50%" for example. Since Alexa doesn't recognize the shades (at least I haven't found a way), I used the C4 voice driver to create many voice command scenes, which Alexa recognizes. I can say" "Alexa, Turn on Family Room shades" (open shades 100%) "Alexa, Turn off Family Room shades" (closes shades) But unless I write many more commands to support various specific levels, its a pain to support a general shade opening percentages like I can do with lights/dimmers, fans, etc. For those of you who have Axis Gear of qMotion, how did you address this situation? thanks in advance.
  10. Hi One of my “Watch” options includes my Amazon Fire Stick, although I usually use Roku. My C4 remote controls Roku with no issue. I just tried for the first time to control the fire stick. None of the C4 remote buttons have any effect on the fire stick. Is this just a driver issue? Perhaps my installer forgot to install a specific driver.? Your thoughts ? thanks in advance. Steve
  11. My installer has never worked with Axis Gear. I've never worked with a C4 company other than this local home theater/C4 company. Can I work with another C4 programmer, giving them access to my system and then give back control to my local installer since I may be purchasing audio/video stuff going forward? Is that difficult to do and then revert back? I've spoken to tech support at Axis Gear several times. They say they have no issues with C4 control with the Gears. Do you suggest a remote programmer? Can you send me a PM? thanks, Steve
  12. Thanks. Did you need to purchase a separate zigbee C4 device or does it work directly from your EA1 or EA3.? thanks.
  13. Ozsmartthings blinds controller looks exactly like Axis Gear. I wonder if the companies are related or one copied the other. Watching the oz smart things video. Its identical. Amazing...
  14. Hi i am still struggling with getting my 6 Axis Gears to work with C4. I had them working with smart things. I disconnected my smart things hub, removed the devices from my ST app, as well as the Axis app, then reset to factory defaults. I went through the process of adding them to the axis app and then went into smart home mode. My installer is a large C4 dealer, sells lots of home audio video equipment and other C4 controlled shades but they never worked with Axis Gear. They claim they installed the driver correctly; 6 instances. But we can’t get it to recognize my devices when we try to pair. Is there any magic to get C4 to pair with them? My EA1 is within 10 feet of the gears. I have another EA3 but that’s on another floor. We are stuck. thanks in advance.
  15. Does anyone know how to do a zigbee reset? My devices had been figured to integrate with SmartThings. Do I need to make it "forget" SmartThings in order to integrate with C4?
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