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  1. My installer has never worked with Axis Gear. I've never worked with a C4 company other than this local home theater/C4 company. Can I work with another C4 programmer, giving them access to my system and then give back control to my local installer since I may be purchasing audio/video stuff going forward? Is that difficult to do and then revert back? I've spoken to tech support at Axis Gear several times. They say they have no issues with C4 control with the Gears. Do you suggest a remote programmer? Can you send me a PM? thanks, Steve
  2. Thanks. Did you need to purchase a separate zigbee C4 device or does it work directly from your EA1 or EA3.? thanks.
  3. Ozsmartthings blinds controller looks exactly like Axis Gear. I wonder if the companies are related or one copied the other. Watching the oz smart things video. Its identical. Amazing...
  4. Hi i am still struggling with getting my 6 Axis Gears to work with C4. I had them working with smart things. I disconnected my smart things hub, removed the devices from my ST app, as well as the Axis app, then reset to factory defaults. I went through the process of adding them to the axis app and then went into smart home mode. My installer is a large C4 dealer, sells lots of home audio video equipment and other C4 controlled shades but they never worked with Axis Gear. They claim they installed the driver correctly; 6 instances. But we can’t get it to recognize my d
  5. Does anyone know how to do a zigbee reset? My devices had been figured to integrate with SmartThings. Do I need to make it "forget" SmartThings in order to integrate with C4?
  6. Mine is the same. When I purchased the Axis controllers they included several metal connectors that are the correct thickness. I used them to replace the connector on my plastic beads. Mine looks like your picture on the right. I didn’t need to cut my beads however. I assume you can cut it anywhere, remove 2-3 beads and then use the supplied metal connector.
  7. Maybe you have the unit too tight on the bracket. I have never had a chain break in 3 years and 6 units. Mine have a little sag in the chain.
  8. Thanks. The issue I think I have with the SmartThings hub is that it might be too far from the Axis gears. With C4 I have an EA1 that is within 10 feet of many of the gears, but the EA3 is on another floor. Does that matter? Another question, since the driver is free, should it take my installer much time to install the driver remotely since I assume that's required. How easy is it for me to configure with HE? Can I create groups and set it to open/close based on sunrise/sunset? Does that capability exist? Also, can the installer install the driver without me being there or do I nee
  9. Hi, Sorry to jump onto this thread. I am a long term (at least 3 years) Axis Gear user. I've been fairly happy with it. I have 6 Axis Gear blinds controllers. Originally I used just the basic internal firmware to control the blinds. When they added group support I created groups. But got frustrated that it didn't support sunrise/set as I wanted the blinds to open/close based on sunrise and sunset times. So I then, about a year ago, integrated them with SmartThings. The problem I have is that sometimes the SmartThings hub looses communication with a random blind. So then I manually re
  10. Yes. that worked. I disabled it. Thanks.... Much appreciated.
  11. I looked all over and yes I see it now. He set the Room Off action to be (Toggle Lighting Scene "Watch"). Should I disable it (by right clicking) or delete it? If I delete it does it remove the event? Or something else? thanks
  12. Hi, Yesterday I had the installer update my software to 3.2.1. I just noticed that he accidently removed a Roku channel, NBA app. Can I add this myself or do I need to have the installer remotely add the channel it? thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, Yesterday I had the installer install my new projector, replacing my old one. In the process, he updated my software to 3.2.1. I just noticed that when I hit "Rom Off" on the remote, in addition to turning off all audio and video, it also turns off the lights in the room. I didn't do that previously. I have looked through Composer HE to see how I change it, but I don't see where you change the actions caused by "Room Off". Can I change this myself or do I need to have the installer remotely change it? thanks in advance.
  14. Hi I have Alexa currently setup to turn lights and fans in various rooms in/off. I’d like to take it to the next step and be able to do something like “Alexa turn on Family TV on Youtube TV” Using my C4 remote in the family room I can select Watch then Youtube TV, which already turns on my TV and sends command to Roku to set it to Youtube TV. Can Alexa be configured to do that via C4? thanks
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