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  1. Hi I have Alexa currently setup to turn lights and fans in various rooms in/off. I’d like to take it to the next step and be able to do something like “Alexa turn on Family TV on Youtube TV” Using my C4 remote in the family room I can select Watch then Youtube TV, which already turns on my TV and sends command to Roku to set it to Youtube TV. Can Alexa be configured to do that via C4? thanks
  2. Hi I currently have C4 with 2 original remotes in different rooms. I’d like to add a Neeo to one of the rooms. First of all I need to upgrade my OS to 3.0. Correct? Does that need to be done by my installer ? Do they need to do anything special to configure the Neeo, to add it to the system ? Or does it pick up my existing setups? thanks
  3. On a related topic, how do you add an app, that doesn't already exist, to the Watch list of selections? Is that something the installer needs to do? Can Composer HE do this? I don't see where. I looked in the various menus. thanks
  4. I got it. I was changing the Roku setting in the wrong place. It works now !! thanks. I can now click on Watch and then select one of many Roku apps/channels. Next question. Sorry for the "dumb" questions. How do I change the order of the selections on my remote when I press "Watch"? I'd like Youtube TV to be first, now its third. Where is that set? thanks a million.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I just installed my new Roku ultra 2020. I changed the pull down to select the new device. Then clicked Set. Is there anything else I need to do to download that change to the EA devices because nothing changed. The remote doesn’t control the new Roku. What am I missing? thanks
  6. Hi, Has anyone else been having issue using the control4 remote with Youtube TV on Roku? My C4 integrator just set it up. When I select a channel in the Youtube TV app using the C4 remote I get a grayed out info display on the bottom of the screen. I have to press Clear then select the channel again and then clear again to get rid of it. Do they need to do something special to configure Youtube TV? Also to change channels I need to press clear then the up/down to select another channel. Any hints? Thanks in advance, Steve
  7. Where in Composer HE do I view/change/set the Roku IP address? thanks, Steve
  8. I have the latest version of Composer HE, but it complains that my system's OS needs to be upgraded. Do I need to upgrade the OS if I just want to select the new Roku? I haven't worked with the C4 drivers yet. Where do I find them in Composer HE? How do I select the Roku type? Can I also update the Roku driver on my own? thanks, Steve
  9. Hi, I have a Roku 3 as one of my system inputs that's controlled by C4. I use the C4 remote to control all things related to the Roku 3. My question is, if I upgrade my Roku 3 to a Roku Ultra, would it be controllable by C4 without any changes by my C4 system programmer (my home theater company)? Do they need a new driver or anything like that? Will the new Ultra just work? thanks, Steve
  10. Hi all, About once every 3-4 months, my devices (switches, dimmers, touchscreen, remote, etc.) become unresponsive. When that happens I reboot (power-cycle) the system and all is well again. Any ideas? Its about 3 years old. Has anyone else seen this? Could something be bad, old firmware, etc.? Thanks in advance, Steve
  11. Thanks for the reply. Would there be any internal logs that either I or my dealer could access in order to pin down what causes this? Nothing changed network-wise in my house. Everything else is fine.
  12. Hi, I've had control4 for about 2 years. I have two EA-x units as well as two TVs (with remotes), touch screen, and many wall switches/dimmers, etc. All has been well till about 1-2 months ago. Several times I've discovered that the remotes become unresponsive, some wall switches stop working, touch screen is unresponsive. I reboot (power-cycling) the EA unit and all is well again. I had to do this about 3-4 times in the last 2 months. Any idea why this happens? Is this something I need to contact my dealer about? thanks in advance. Steve
  13. cool, that worked.. Now I'll play some more. thanks again
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