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  1. Have you read the supplied instructions? The drivers you should add are the drivers for the physical hardware you have then bind it to the motorization garage door. If you installed a C4 dimmer what would you do? Find/add the driver and add it.
  2. Worst product C4 ever made. But they do work if you try.
  3. Yes you’re going to have to wait. Hopefully a competent tech arrives and should be able to revive it with a stick or another reset or two. If not you’ll likely be buying a new controller. HC250 I presume? My Rec would be to buy a used one on here if eBay ( make sure it’s a BL-1) and have it handy when they come out.
  4. The HC-250’s are ABSOLUTELY worth something, even more so if BL-1 model (you’ll have to check sticker on bottom).
  5. Thanks, care to post a link to one you’ve purchased recently? I’ve been thru amazon and mono price and haven’t got a winner
  6. Anyone have any luck with non C4 branded cables that work?
  7. Directly in the elements? Sunbrite. Other than that cheapest you can buy size you want. Been the rule for like 10 years
  8. Spec’d 10x10 cus you know - growth. And need downmixing
  9. Pm price shipped to ATL
  10. I’m having a hard time justifying it to myself. In non-surround rooms I don’t care about tv audio thru speakers. Roku sticks can get the xfinity app and that is basically all sources. Haven’t touched a dvd in 7 years, don’t care about OSD. The ONLY (For me) advantage would be surveillance cameras on TV. how are you selling it or why are you buying it? Matrix or a MoIP systems is a large up front cost. pros: tv audio thru speakrs surveillance nvr distro Cons: $10k for 6 tv
  11. Old school C4 logo that a V1? i mean, dumb question, but you tested the data line somehow with a pc or something right? short answer it’s trash. eBay is >>>
  12. If you’re paying for that driver I’ve got a bridge you might be interested in. PM for details
  13. Every single one? Lights (that the Control4 lighting devices) control Stuck ON or OFF? What color were the LEDs before? Did they ever work? When you say just moved in, do you mean with 24 hours/week/month/year? you walked in or woke up to this? Or Have you replaced bulbs? Do you know if they’re switches or dimmers? Any abnormal recent events? Are you related to S Rog? red = fault, most commonly over wattage (too much power drawn) Mosfet - non dimmable bulbs on dimmers i forget the other one. Get the answers to all those questions and then: Step 1 would
  14. Can we revisit the C4forums test mansion?
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