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  1. Don’t knock the HC-250-BL-1 i am almost 7 years running strong! Could care less about 3.0 as my controller does lights and two TV’s. All music is Sonos and I’m ok with two apps. Still have the 8.0.6 drivers if anyone needs them
  2. Oh ok. Sorry. Reading comprehension issues I guess check the video settings on the cables boxes if set to “automatic” could be getting issues with matrix no recognizing it. Set to 1080p or 1080i, whichever is lowest res tv you have
  3. So let’s back up, what did you change that the issue started? it says Denon, yet you state Integra AVR. Sounds like you have some binding / endpoint issues in the program when you swapped the equipment. Get the remote for the matrix and see if you can get video to pass also, I agree AVR > Matrix is bad form. Should be Matrix > AVR otherwise you get double matrix issues inside C4 logic
  4. Buy a HC250BL-1 off eBay and turn off that failed experiment of an AVR as your primary controller
  5. Looks salvageable for sure. When was house built? System looks like a hodgepodge of equipment from 2010-2014. Is there any lighting in the house? Remotes? Did the leave the hdmi extender pieces for the HDMI matrix?
  6. Take the cover off and get a small screw driver and remove the G wire. Fan still runs it’s jumped/shorted at the unit, fan shuts off could have a bad Tstat or it’s setup very wrong
  7. This is getting worse. 90% of the time the commands fire, but I’m going back to my app.
  8. Well, yeah, that’s been an issue since day 1. Selling C4 like it’s a harmony remote or an A-Bus system
  9. OS3 is pretty. But isn’t the idea that there needs to be minimal to no interaction to achieve the desired result? Obviously wrong crowd here as y’all love to tweak things. I was brought up in the world of C4 that you programmed things to happen without interaction. Change of times? More DIY? People want more control?
  10. Program it off of “when project loads” i don’t think the snapshot driver works after rebooting. How often are you needing to reboot? Or is this power outage related?
  11. When the “internet dies” is it just WiFi for hardwired Ethernet too? Are you using the Comcast gateway for your modem? what are you using for your router? you have it on a battery back up (UPS)? Is everything for your network on this? do you have their TV service? Does that “die” too? if you’re using the X1 platform do you have the proper cable distribution/amp installed? Or is you CATV just haphazardly run all over the place and have basic 1000mhz splitters? Do you live in a rural area? Construction nearby? Are you at the end of a dead end road? new issue or ongoing for more than 2 months? there are so many unknowns that could be causing this. Main thing is tho, rebooting shouldn’t be necessary.
  12. Gen 3 lighting has an auto off feature just set it to 7200 seconds and apply to whatever other loads
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