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  1. Control4 has never endorsed running Sonos thru a processor. why not just use shairbridge?
  2. Did you check bindings?
  3. In the documentation for the first gen ATV IP driver, if you look at the screen shots where you pair the driver to the remote, the Apple TV in the pic is linked to Simon’s ipad. It’s possible the driver came out after C4 acquired EV, but Simon is the EV dude.
  4. OG AppleTV driver was made by EV, as were Sonos drivers. Good for EV making some $$$$ but bad for everyone else. See Sonic post above. IR is easy. It’s 6 buttons, and I like my roku better
  5. Sometimes it’s easier to start over.
  6. just cus the IPs are reserved doesn’t mean the Roku still have them. Are they set to DHCP? not down playing msgreen, but there is not a need for an “araknis network guru” another satisfied C4 customer!
  7. lol none of this adds up 7/7/19 - quits job, decides to start HA company. Programming (what exactly?) experience. Microelectronics experience. Soldering gun? currently left job was in construction. Has network of builders, current business plan is new construction work. 8/31/19 - Control4 dealer! So in ~6 weeks or so you were able to LLC yourself, get insurance, get in touch with C4, get all that paperwork done, get into a class, pay for all those things, maintain a side business. Not to mention go on your HONEYMOON, when was the wedding? oh and, other industry professionals who you know that for some reason don’t use C4 are going to kick you some business for retro work. Not to mention - engineer wife, however live in a town without ANYONE installing c4 around. Sounds like an engineering industry mecca. Thinks there is a coupon code that expires in 7 days.
  8. If they’re both always doing the same thing then just split the IR or bind another output to the 1 driver. Or video display wall driver works great
  9. Doubt it but good luck either way in your “all new residential” fantasy land!
  10. Don’t knock the HC-250-BL-1 i am almost 7 years running strong! Could care less about 3.0 as my controller does lights and two TV’s. All music is Sonos and I’m ok with two apps. Still have the 8.0.6 drivers if anyone needs them
  11. Oh ok. Sorry. Reading comprehension issues I guess check the video settings on the cables boxes if set to “automatic” could be getting issues with matrix no recognizing it. Set to 1080p or 1080i, whichever is lowest res tv you have
  12. So let’s back up, what did you change that the issue started? it says Denon, yet you state Integra AVR. Sounds like you have some binding / endpoint issues in the program when you swapped the equipment. Get the remote for the matrix and see if you can get video to pass also, I agree AVR > Matrix is bad form. Should be Matrix > AVR otherwise you get double matrix issues inside C4 logic
  13. Buy a HC250BL-1 off eBay and turn off that failed experiment of an AVR as your primary controller
  14. Looks salvageable for sure. When was house built? System looks like a hodgepodge of equipment from 2010-2014. Is there any lighting in the house? Remotes? Did the leave the hdmi extender pieces for the HDMI matrix?
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