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  1. Lol. Ok. I would start by reading the release notes from 2.6 and beyond. Somewhere in there you’ll find that the wake up agent isn’t what it was....
  2. Yes I read the post and was clarifying. I haven’t touched a garage door in a while (likely cus of the app) good for them I guess. I was also trying to make a bad trading places joke simultaneously
  3. You’re wasting your time IMO. “Nothing worked” = start over. The previous project is worthless to you & the current home owner. Have they paid you anything? they Obviously pulled the KP’s when the 300 died and they didn’t work anymore what’s the goal here? I would: take the HC200/300’s to a farm up north. charge a days labor, take a 250 on 2.5.3 over there and bring all the existing zigbee stuff up to that. let the customer know what is / isn’t working. get paid more, bring all the zigbee upto 2.10.6 then install EA3/5 and automate the house
  4. Lots of legacy issues today? ive read your second paragraph 4 times and have no idea what you’re trying to do. 2.x.x is ZP so just go 13-4-13 everything and re add it. why are you even wasting time with the HC200? if you’re trying to do what I think you are get a HC250 and roll it back and used that
  5. Yeah, gonna need a lot more info like how were you even able to keep running 1.74 for nearly 11 years
  6. Didn’t realize someone cornered the frozen concentrated garage door market. Have not seen a new one but you can’t just hook a relay in?
  7. I’ve been drinking the SnapAV kool-aid for over a decade and I don’t buy their WAP’s. IMO you’re better off buying 2-510’s instead of 1-810 I’d you really want to go with Araknis WAP’s. The 810 by their own documentation is for commercial applications, even then they’re overbuilt. reagrdless, wispys and heat maps are joke to. I’ve been running ubiquiti controllers on $25 raspberry pi with the UAPHDPros, and setting up VPNs if I need to monitor. You’re welcome. What are you people doing on the internet that requires you to have 100+ MBps down everywhere on all devices on WiFi? I can hook a roku stick up to a hotel tv and stream HD video no issues with 8-10 MBps hotel WiFi.
  8. Have a project with a lot of lights, frequent power outages (nat gas generator for most everything). Long story short when the power goes out and the generator kicks on, ADP’s are tripping either short circuit or mosfet. Neither are true and go back to normal resetting the phase detect to auto or hitting the stop gap. about 80 ADP’s, without programming each one individually or loading up an email with 80 “states” is there a better way to do this?
  9. Well chief, that’s not how the industry works. Your gripes or the other 10,000 on here are not gonna change it. He’s a hypothetical: you buy an EA5 off eBay. I install it. we’re both happy. EA5 fails. you’re not happy. who are you going to call? You paid me for labor not equipment, therefore broken shit isn’t my problem, it’s yours. you buy an EA5 from me and it fails under warranty, I’ll come swap it out with a stock piece and deal with getting it fixed. but that’s not worth anything to you. multiply that times your shades, audio, video, lighting, etc etc etc
  10. I feel sorry for you builder. Are you sourcing cheap 2x4’s too??
  11. Did you read what I said? I’ll get you stuff 5% above cost, and quadruple my labor.
  12. Shit like this is exactly how the internet ruined retail. I don’t read everything but this post is 100% why I got out of this. does OP understand what overhead is? Does OP understand that selling C4 equipment is different than selling a gallon of milk? OP- I’ll get you your stuff 5% above cost if you pay me $500/hr to consult. No programming or installation at all. Fair?
  13. It says TRANE, don’t conductors and engineers work on them?
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