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  1. Gen 3 lighting has an auto off feature just set it to 7200 seconds and apply to whatever other loads
  2. You can set the tv to automatically turn off after X time i despise the one connect box and that damn fiber cable. Awesome concept and execution otherwise
  3. Does it operate as expected when you disconnect the “load”? Seems to have some power bleeding somewhere.
  4. Still horribly expensive but have been waiting on v2’s
  5. 13-4-13 is what you’re looking for, however gonna need pro to add it to new mesh
  6. Pretty sure C4 requires an established business with a showroom to even entertain the idea of opening up a new dealer. So after 2-3 years of getting that setup, then you need to goto the training and place an opening order which is gonna cost like $15k Then, you need to keep your numbers up so they don’t pull the dealership from you. Maybe you should’ve figured this stuff out before quitting your job.
  7. Loosen and line up all the wall plate screws all either east west or north south. Not screw until you can’t anymore. My ocd cannot handle that
  8. Do you want to use a key fob just cus you have it? Or because it’s portable? String variable might be less work to program Probably be much cleaner and easier to get the tabletop kit for the configurable keypad. Or a dot in there with the voice driver and tell the b*tch to open the blinds!
  9. Call snap and get new ones. Those aren’t that old. I’d test the data lines from NVR>Camera too
  10. Can’t confirm in manual, Will this pass an HDMI signal to TV when an audio source is selected? Like the Denon video pass thru button?
  11. Been a long time, but don’t you learn how to open projects in training and do homework in virtual? answers will come, bluntly
  12. Well let’s get some terminology down. You ADDED drivers to the project? Or you CREATED a customer driver within the project? im gonna guess the former, therefore did you pay for them or just find them in Pro? you can’t find them again in Pro? Are they in the drivers folder? Or do you want to copy programming? Is this a new project or controller replacement? have you gone to the training? Which one? Cus I’ll let people know to go elsewhere virtual director
  13. They absolutely do, but, those other things aren’t really putting $$$$ into Control4 pocket. Maybe I should have been more clear in my post. I was simply talking about hardware they sell. They’re definitely not a software company, I’m sure 4sight is some nice RMR, but they are a manufacturer, and have purchased other hard good companies. They need to sell that stuff to make money, and it’s not like once someone makes that initial investment, they’re upgrading regularly or adding zones of audio, etc. not saying doesn’t happen but rare. Like i said, I bought a HC250-1 when it came out (first company I worked for gave me a 200 and 150 when I complete training) and about 15 lights when I moved. Handful of other peripherals off eBay and I’ve been running strong 5 years and see no reason to upgrade until my 250 kicks it, at which point I’ll probably just get another 250 off eBay! I’m C4’s worst customer, set it and forget it Ultimately, they need more customers, and it seems the interest in general, seems to be slowing a bit, in my opinion. something else that is probably still rampant is the lack of information some dealers provide the end user. I have taken over so many jobs and added simple programming and just blew people away. Then come the questions. Can it do this/can it do that, then came some up sells, but not necessarily C4 gear. anywho, goodnight
  14. Thanks! Now on to those recruiters!! lol
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