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  1. It says TRANE, don’t conductors and engineers work on them?
  2. My locomotive needs a new conductor.
  3. Still running the same program 2.10.6 on my 250bl1. Snoooooozzzzeeeeee HOWEVER while it’s boring, it’s reliable solid and has been working flawlessly since approx 2014 when I set it and forget it. **edit obviously updated os and drivers as needed**
  4. Wasn’t trying to get too advanced for all the engineers around here.
  5. Glad it helped. The control4 instructions are very clear. They can’t write a manual to your specific situation. electrical engineering degree does not mean you’re not an electrician.
  6. I’d like to hear other suggestions too
  7. I’ve got tons of comments on this, but must preface with I don’t know the layout of your home or the decision behind configuring it this was in the first place. 115 zigbee devices is only 50% of the max a mesh network can handle. By nature, the mesh network is “living” and constantly changing looking for the most efficient path home. Adding ZAPs to a robust mesh can actually hinder this process. Same goes for the zigbee extender (the old CA piece or new C4 version, unless you’re talking about the 9’ antenna) Personally is shut everything off and let the CA10 do the work. if you must keep the networks separate, and depending on how far away they are, channels 23/25 are way too close. Depending on what your 2.4ghz WiFi is running on, I get the channel separated further. Without doing too much work tho, shutting off the ZAP’s and removing any stand alone “extenders” (remember, besides the original C4 tstat, lighting/KP’s are the best extenders you can get) and separating the channels a little more, after 48-72 hours I’d bet the latency issue clears up pretty noticeably. and now I’ll let everyone tell you the exact opposite :)
  8. Control4 has never endorsed running Sonos thru a processor. why not just use shairbridge?
  9. Did you check bindings?
  10. In the documentation for the first gen ATV IP driver, if you look at the screen shots where you pair the driver to the remote, the Apple TV in the pic is linked to Simon’s ipad. It’s possible the driver came out after C4 acquired EV, but Simon is the EV dude.
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