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  1. No, unless it did automatically. (I asked the dealer if they had issues with other doorbird clients and he said no)
  2. The speakers are Episode by SnapAV ES-150T-IC-6, I believe I have the standard control4 amplifier (8 zone/16ch) &have the 16input/output audio switch, Integra DTR-70.6 receiver. Director version is I think driver is Doorbird Doorstation
  3. All of the sudden the Doorbird does not announce the doorbell via the speakers in house. Can only tell someone is at door via the app. I've rebooted the doorbird and checked the announcement script in composer. I haven't changed anything. Any ideas on how to fix/troubleshoot?
  4. Doorbird had been nothing but issues since 1st install. Now all of the sudden the Doorbird does not ring in the hose. I believe I have the Doorstation driver and the announcement does show the doorbell.wav file to announce throughout the house speakers. I've checked everything I can think of, any of you have any ideas?
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