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  1. I'm using the latest LG 48" OLED and it's spectacular. 120hz, 4k, HDR OLED panel. IP Control via the Annex4 driver works quite well. Generally speaking, folks seem to say the higher-end Sony TV's have good IP control through Control4
  2. They seem to have updated quite a bit of the internals. For example, Node went from v6 to v10. Hopefully they did a general O/S update as well, and pulled in all the latest (and more secure) Samba and File system drivers. With the Node update, I wonder if they're considering running Homebridge on the EA1/3/5. That would bring a huge new feature set...
  3. Any word on Color Wheels for a T3 or T4? Still looking for improved Hue integrations...
  4. I'm on the latest version, so far as I can tell. It's all updated through IOS. I'll shoot an email off to Akuvox support tomorrow, as I'm sure there's some SIP Proxy setting that I'm missing.
  5. Using Intercom Anywhere, I only get signaling from the Akuvox. No Audio, no video. I get a notification on my IOS device, press "Answer", then nothing. The Akuvox works *just fine* with the T3's. Using a T3, I can answer the call and communicate with whomever is at my front door. It seems as though I'm missing some outbound proxy setting, and the Intercom Anywhere app needs that.
  6. I'm on IOS 14. Intercom Anywhere works great with the T3s. It's only with the Akuvox that I get signaling, but no media stream. I wonder if there is some proxy I need to enable, but after going through all the settings I didn't see anything.
  7. @Jack_Ckun How did you get the Akuvox to work with Intercom Anywhere? I've got it working locally against the T3's, but through Intercom Anywhere I get signaling but no media stream. Can you screen shot, or share, your relevant Control4 and/or Akuvox settings?
  8. I've got an Akuvox R20A (Doorbell + camera) working locally with C4 Intercoms (the T3's etc). I'm on Control4 OS 3.1.3. Intercom Anywhere is having problems. Through the IOS Intercom Anywhere app, I get signaling from the Akuvox ("Incoming Call") by no media stream. That is, I get the IOS notification for an incoming call, I hit the "answer call" button and then nothing. The T3's work properly thorough Intercom Anywhere, so basic connectivity and setup is good. I've been all through the Akuvox Wiki, to no avail. Has anyone gotten this working?
  9. The solution, in case anyone hits this: Plug a *different tv* into the HDMI. In my case, I grabbed a 4k Dell Monitor with an HDMI input. The OSD came up cleanly on the Dell. Plugged the HDMI back into the LG. The OSD now works cleanly on the LG.
  10. Alright, I'm doing the same thing. Just ordered the Kasa, and will get it working that way. Seems the easiest solution.
  11. In the Hue App, do you have the startup value set? I wonder if it's remember the last setting ("Very Very Dim") before "Turn off". There's a checkbox in there for "turn on at last value", and I wonder if that's what causing this?
  12. @annex⁴ I've got a number of scenarios that would integrate well: Ability to enable/disable a device from the network (Wifi and otherwise). Doing this via C4 programming would be ideal. Show a QR Code on a T3 that let's someone join the Wifi network. Easy to do, especially for IOS devices. Scenario here is guests coming over and needing to be on the wifi. They walk over to a T3, hit the "Join Network" button, and point their IOS Camera at the QR Code. From there, they're on the network. Integrate with Greenlight, so if the kids chores are not done, no wifi for them. Turn down the LEDs on the Wifi Access Points via C4 programming (or automated with schedules). Pop up an event in the Intercom Anywhere app (or similar) when a *new* device joins my Wifi network. Give me an event in programming for "iPhone XYZ connects to Wifi". This is probably me driving home and the phone connecting.
  13. When I was buying switches for my house, here's the excel spreadsheet that I put together to figure out what was what. There are probably mistakes here, but finding this info in one spot was difficult...
  14. I got this working, after a bit of trial and error. Scenario: Keep audio across 2 rooms totally in-sync, as if they're a single room. Room 1: Garage (default volume 35). 2 speakers, plugged into a C4 Amp+Matrix. Room 2: Garage Audio (default volume 35, hidden in navigation). 2 speakers, plugged into a C4 Amp+Matrix. Step 1: Add Room Control Driver to Garage room. Leave Default Name. Step 2: Add Source Selection Sync Programming Select the room "Garage" Select the Room Control Driver. Choose Event "Entered Listen Mode". Program with: Step 3: Programming Add Volume Sync Listening Select the Garage, open up Room Variables, and select "When Current Volume Changes". Add programming to keep the other room in sync: Step 4: Enable Room Off - Programming. In the Garage, select the event "Power Off". Set it to trigger the other room to turn off. I would think this step isn't needed due to the room control driver, but it seems to be needed. How this interacts with ShareBridge, which is configured across both rooms, is "too be determined". At least for now, Tidal, Pandora, and all local music work like a charm.
  15. It's weird to see this problem across both an EA3 and an EA1. The HDMI is clearly fine. It's got to be a controller / config issue of some sort. Version wise, I'm on 3.1.3.x across all the devices.
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