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  1. Hi all, How do I display the weather based on a trigger or something through the Navigator to the TV screens?
  2. Thanks Crustyloafer, Just to confirm, follow this diagram? I'm using just one single c4 dimmer on an 800 watt load.
  3. I agree, I'm going to go with a Booster in this situation. The dimmer feels warm to the touch too so, I'm going to lean towards the right solution. Thanks all!!!
  4. I would definitely wire to the garage door rails or at the close position The Myq driver keeps getting updated and you're better off just wiring this straight to the EA5
  5. Hi All, I ordered a pixel remote from the first batch and I'm starting to see the pixels and a few black lines across the top.. Anyone else running into this? Haven't dropped the remote and all other functions work fine.
  6. Can I use the forward phase dimmer on the 800 watt load or should I just use the Lutron booster?
  7. There isn't something like a video wall matrix driver or something that can do the trick?
  8. Hi all, I have a project that has multiple TVs in one room, that the customer just wants to control without changing zones. There are 3 Sony TVs, and he just basically wants to go to 'Watch' TV1 or TV2 or TV3 and then control each one. How can we get multiple Video End Points in one room, is basically what I need. Any drivers out there that anyone knows of that can do this?
  9. Yeah, or just a small CA controller, those C4 switches are golden! PM me if you want me to remote in and help you set up 😉
  10. Do I need to have the hue bridge set up as well? Or is this motion sensor connected to wifi?
  11. Which one, is there a 1000 watt dimmer from C4?
  12. Hi all, so I have a commercial client that has a light load that's about 800 watts and the adaptive phase c4 dimmer just isn't going to do since it's rated at 600 watts max. Anyone have a suggestion about supporting this much of a light load?
  13. Does this exist for control4 still?
  14. Anyone know of Z-wave motion sensors compatible with the Control4 2.10+ Z wave module?
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