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  1. Yea, I'm just going to do away with Myq integration planning on future projects... It's just going to piss off customers when API changes.
  2. I have the worst luck with Samsung IR and more nightmares with Samsung IP... Just inconsistent and slow. Turning the tv on/off is also a headache and I have to wait 15 seconds to turn back on... I'd be happy to see what other folks are doing to remedy Samsung commands...
  3. I wish I had the 3 car garage doors with the 3 range rovers that this was integrated into lol. I'm just gonna have to sneak in the cost elsewhere 🤔
  4. Yeah, I'd be down to trade in my original Neeo lol.
  5. I'm game if we can transfer my HL to the cinegration/drivercentral version?
  6. Channel Channel Surf, I thought it has tactile channel and volume buttons, which is ideal, totally agree.
  7. Hi all, Got an email from Neeo saying that the remote is available for Control4. Here's the link: https://planet.neeo.com/t/189mjh/neeo-now-available-for-control4-smart-home-os-3
  8. Ip drivers on the Samsung have been very spotty for me anyways
  9. Yes, totally bro. Haha. I wish I was hungover, well not really. I also unplugged the triad amp and the beeping went away.
  10. Anybody have issues getting a constant beep noise coming from the Triad amp to all 8 zones?
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