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  1. OMG, that's embarrassing..I thought when it clicks in, it connects the pins too..oh well.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm working on a C4 project and all the touchscreens do not power on. I tried testing and testing the Cat5e cables and all 3 of the touchscreens in my install are not powering on. Is there something I need to do in order to get these to power on? I tried linksys PoE+ switch, Araknis injectors, and went through a bunch of different ones and nothing. All I get is a solid blue LED in the back box. What's going on here? Anyone have a tip, or is there a switch on these things?
  3. Oh man, that's kind of steep...$285 for an 8 channel..and $100 might as well get 4 Control4 I/Os relays!
  4. Hi all, I have 3 shades that are controlled via low voltage wall buttons. Each one has three buttons which is up/down/stop. I can access the wires in the back and when I short each wire, they do their respective action, shade up, shade down, shade stop. However, I am looking for a network controlled relay that connects to wifi or wired network and I can just make generic http calls. Any one know of a device that can do this??
  5. Well, it's strange because I logged in on Monday, and everything was back to working ok, could have been that the license server was down?
  6. Hi all, Having a slight problem here...after the SSL patch on the controller, I am not able to register the controller for some reason. I open composer, go to 'Tools' and then 'Account Services' and then I get a pop up that says ' Authorization has failed with the email..Would you like to edit your credentials and try again?' I double checked my email at https://my.control4.com and logged in fine with my dealer credentials, but I'm not sure what's going on...Any advice?
  7. Hi All, Just another weekend install for a 1 room set up. Turned into an all day troubleshooting fiasco and I'm reaching out to the forums to see if anyone has a solution. So here's the deal, I have an EA-1 that has 2.9.1 loaded up, brand new in the box. I Connected to the network, I can see it in Composer and System Manager just fine. When I Open Composer, Choose "Local System", it shows up just fine, I choose the Controller (EA-1, then click Connect and then I get an error "Could not connect to Director I've tried the good old network reset, same result. I also tried the factory reset, same result. Any luck or am I just wasting my time? This is the second controller that I've opened new and had random problems with..What's the deal C4??
  8. Thank you for sharing this, it's great! However I have lights connected to the system as well. Ia there a way to add the frafik eye lights in?
  9. Sweet, The Sony Free driver worked with IP control. Now, to access Hulu, Netflix, Amazon TV...hmm
  10. So I ended up ordering a QSE-CI-NWK-E and it turned out to be too complicated and Lutron or C4 couldn't help me. So I just went with IR control in this situation. Not what I wanted, but I had to provide a solution somehow, since it was promised..
  11. Yeah, unfortunately I called Lutron and then they told me to call C4 and then C4 told me to call Lutron..
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