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  1. I had a similar issue with an xbr 75 inch and just switched to wifi. It's not exactly ideal but I had no options and it worked
  2. So garages I usually recommend customers that already have c4 in their home to go with a C4 garage retrofitted opener. If it's a new construction project I wire it straight to an EA5 or ea3, since they have the built in relays and contacts. Or for a retrofit, I do it with a Zigbee z2io and the nyce zigbee garage door sensor. Keep in mind you can also integrate a Myq driver for $200 from drivercentral.. But it's sometime a little slow, but works ok if you're trying to get it hooked up quickly.
  3. Hmm I have a Neeo, would I technically be able to pair it with the Neeo driver you think in express.. Which I can't find anymore 🤔
  4. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but will do back in the lab when I return..
  5. Control4 just announced Google home support this week on version 3.1. I think we're all happy now, right?
  6. HI Everyone, I think this would be simple but wanted to see if anyone had an idea of what the username and password would be for the DS2 camera be for the ONVIF authentication. I'm guessing admin is the username, but what would be the password to add it to one of my NVR channels?
  7. Always share this vid with clients that are on the fence..
  8. Yes it's new, and I tried another one as well and I got the same result.
  9. YEs, I use the NX-584 with serial cable and you should be good to go to control the alarm system through C4 and other scenes.
  10. Yeah I learned in the codes twice, I would think though 1 of the 30 would pass through ok if it was a code learning fluke. I'll try the repeats too though just in case.
  11. Yeah, tried covering the emitter as well.. Should I try covering it with foil or something?
  12. Hi all, Running into a strange issue with a customer provided 'All Season TV' brand (https://www.weatherprooftelevisions.com/proddetail.php?prod=All-Season_FB55). For some reason, when I create a custom IR driver to control the TV, I pull in the IR codes just fine, but when I attach the IR bud, it blinks on the commands but the TV doesn't respond at all. I'm pretty positive about the IR receiver location on the TV as well and it's clearly marked. Is there some interference with IR for outdoor TVs? I've done this before successfully for Sunbrite and other outdoor tvs without an issue. Any suggestions?
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