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  1. I'm confused the drivercentral.io driver is still working for one of our clients
  2. Looks like I can't find the reboot driver anymore, does anyone have the c4z file?
  3. Really? Composer 3.2 can pull it? Can't seem to find it 😕
  4. Any updates? Would be cool to provide this to customers... Peacock is increasing in popularity
  5. So this thread turned into Android or iPhone
  6. Got this working yesterday, works great!
  7. So on the back of the EA-3 and the EA-5 there are contact sensors that work just the same way
  8. Here's the official install guide I found. Control4_ZCA-IDP10B-ZP_d6bba634-5e09-4d9b-b01c-8f094682b948 (1).pdf
  9. Just call it in and/or contact your dealer and they'll provide you with more info.
  10. You can call and have them 'repaired' when they are out of warranty.
  11. Do i need to send them an app request? I remember doing this for another one, and they added it to the database, but I don't recall where I can find the documentation
  12. Doing all Neeos now...can't deal with these SR260s anymore
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