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  1. Anyone use bond for garage doors?
  2. Yeah, I tried connecting but did all the following checks... Turned on digest Set the 'Connected to NVR to yes, etc...
  3. Ok, so I did try this Driver and it looks like it claims to "Connect to cameras that are behind a Hikvision NVR" but after contacting support, they told me it was a typo?
  4. I mean, the drivers are all on their website and they blatantly show that they support it. http://www.ltsecurityinc.com/control4compat
  5. Why does the client not want to switch to a more energy efficient load with bulb replacements? So the bulbs are specific to their application so they can't really change the bulbs. It's a bunch of lights on this load, about 30 bulbs
  6. Man No luck here, something is definitely up. I tried to change Port 80 to 65002, which is the port for the 2nd camera connected to the NVR.
  7. Thanks, I think this is a driver that sends them out from Control4, but I was looking for one that receives http requests into Control4 to trigger a Control4 event in programming.
  8. Hi all, Wanted to see if there was a possibility to receive HTTP commands to actually trigger an event in Control4 so I can trigger some lighting behaviors. Basically, I have a customer that is running a billiards bar and wants the lights to turn on every time a tab opens for that billiards table. And when they close the tab for that table, then the light turns off. Any thoughts behind how I can go about doing this? I think I can get HTTP commands from the POS system/server. Let me know what you all think would be a reliable solution for this set up.
  9. Yea, I gave up on c4 outlets.. I just use tp link plugs/outlets so I can just gest shit done. I couldn't wait any longer for next gen outlets
  10. Um yea, definitely didn't work for me.
  11. I was looking into this as well.. But I think I can do hikvision pinhole cams with an IR smart bulb by LIFX to handle the night Vision?
  12. Hi all, How do I display the weather based on a trigger or something through the Navigator to the TV screens?
  13. Thanks Crustyloafer, Just to confirm, follow this diagram? I'm using just one single c4 dimmer on an 800 watt load.
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