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  1. Hello, Can you have more than one controller in an existing EA-1 Room Project? Id like to add an additional EA-1 to control audio and lighting in my Kitchen, its my understanding the EA-1 can only control one room and cannot be a primary in a project with more than one controller. Idea: Add the Kitchen room to my existing project, then install the new EA-1 in that room and configure... Thank you
  2. I need to havve some buttons on my Yamaha rx-a1060 configures on my c4-260 remote. The issue is that the button functions are not part of the IP driver I'm using and I'm not able to edit the driver? Thank you
  3. Thank you for your replies. The music button on Yamaha remote when pressed toggles through different music listening types. How can I have the programmed button on the C4-260 remote toggle between the different modes.
  4. Hello, How would I go about adding scene selections button from my audio receiver remote to my cr4 remote? When watching TV or movie, I want to change my scenes without having to use receiver remote. Same if watching a movie I would like to access the menu of my bluray player without the manufacturere remote.
  5. Thanks to all. Finally got the macros working. cyknight your suggestion worked.
  6. Thank you all for you suggestions. My setup is as follows: All equipment is in a racked in a closet. I have my cable box connected to my OPPO HDMI input to take advantage of the Video processing of the OPPO 103D PLAYER. I have the HDMI OUT on the OPPO going to the HDMI in on the receiver and the main out on the receiver to my TV. I hardly ever watch movies from the cable box.
  7. I would like to have the audio come form my TV when watching TV, news, sorts etc...I don't care to have the audio come from my surround system for TV watching. Can this be done? I only want the revicever to process the audio when watching movies and listening to music. Thank you
  8. I'll give it a shot. Thanks again for your help. Are you a dealer?
  9. All devices are added and working is just when I try the macro with the devices nothing happens. Again I'm sure I'm missing something...may need to get my dealer involved. Not sure I understand, are you saying I shouldn't add the devices?
  10. Hello, I'm having problems creating macros that involve my entertainment system. Example: I create my macro under agents, the I go into programing select the created macro, then I go and see the action I want to happen when that macro is executed. MovieWatching: Turn on Blu-ray Start play of movie Turn on receiver Set surround mode Turn on light and set dimming level. When I execute the macro the only action that works is the light. What I'm I missing? Should I see the macro listed on my remote? How do execute the macro outside of the programming section of composer? Thank you
  11. Hello, What driver did you use? Mind sharing how you got it to work
  12. I have the hue starter kit with bridge configured and working. I would like to set it up on my C4 system. I installed the EV drivers but the documentation is confusing. If you have hue setup in your C4 system, can you share the steps to get it working? Thank you
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