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  1. Yea. The webhook -> nodered is a good patch for now. This is also why i built the prometheus logger. But i like the idea of something custom to control4. let me know what you settle on and whether I can help out at all.
  2. lol. regardless of how its spelled - i would love help
  3. let me see if i can take care of this later this week. Do you know lua? feel free to email out of band: harper@nata2.org
  4. I will look more into it. but time is short. It would be a MUCH better solution than webhook to node red and back again.
  5. Yea. I do that - but not via an interface for the end user. I will work on that now. If there are types that you want to track before I build out the interface - let me know. I will make a new build that tracks more than it already does
  6. I am thinking of writing a tesla driver that interfaces with the *unofficial* tesla API. Is there any interest? I will need some folks to test
  7. I am still trying to figure out the best way to do this. Just entering the various drivers gets unwieldy - but i will try it out. In the meantime, I can do a new build with a lot more drivers enabled. Which drivers should i enable?
  8. The easiest way to connect them together is to run nodered as the "conduit." Control4 Webhooks -> NodeRED -> HASS You can use nodered to transform the webhooks payload into MQTT that hass can understand. Let me know if this makes sense. NodeRed is pretty nice and should allow you to get what you want done. You can also transform the webhook from control4 into a different formed webhook that would be nearer what the sensor.http expects. Let me know how it works out
  9. has anyone successfully rolled out MQTT on control4?
  10. I forgot to answer about the webview driver: I will try it out and let you know. I have some fun grafana dashboards that would be fun to put on the T3s
  11. I have a terrible implementation. However, I have had really good luck using my webhooks driver and nodered. Nodered will translate the incoming payload from control4 into a good mqtt payload. It works super well and is way more robust than my crappy implementation. The best route forward is for someone (hopefully not me) to actually port an MQTT client and server to C4 flavored lua. I have looked into it - but it is a PITA and i didn't want to get into the annoyances of actually writing a server.
  12. I have no idea. I have dashboards for everything in my house (sleeping quality, air quality, machines, plex stuff, etc). obviously YMMV. Its a free driver.
  13. Hello! I have another driver for you! This is another alpha driver that should work great (it is working for me and is fun). It allows for the monitoring system Prometheus to grab metrics from your control4 system and graph them in Grafana or another dashboard system. Download, instructions and more info is here: http://c4drivers.com/prometheus-logger Here are some example screenshots from my prometheus install and my grafana dashboard:
  14. makes sense. I will work that in for the next release.
  15. You might want to try it and see if you run into issues. I have had it hit both a docker instance and lambda with no issues.
  16. I did this to not overwhelm the box with unnecessary 404 or 500s if the service went down. I could build in a back off and retry algorithm or something and deregister after a number of failures. that seems like a good idea.
  17. I am thinking about this as well. I will make a section where you can enter the proxy types manually.
  18. It communicates locally. I agree with this new requirement.
  19. Currently just control: On, Off and brightness. Maybe hue, etc if i figure it out. Not sure a good way to control nanoleaf scenes
  20. Hi Folks, I am working on a driver that allows you to control a nanoleaf aurora from control4. Anyone have a nanoleaf aurora and an interest in testing a driver? It should be pretty straight forward. -harper
  21. Probably not. It is primarily for sending events from control4 to an external source. Right now you receive *all* events for lights, fans, security, motion, locks, and switches. This is overkill for what you are doing. FWIW i use the generic TCP driver for basically the same thing that you are. I haven't found a better solution - but there should be.
  22. I am using this to integrate with some external logging. I also do a lot of hacking on home assistant - and this will be used to integrate with it.
  23. That is a good idea. I am trying to figure out the best way to handle choosing the proxy types. Right now it is hard coded - but should be easy to make an interface for it. I will work on it for the next release.
  24. I just released an alpha version of a driver I have been using privately for awhile: http://c4drivers.com/realtime-event-webhook It uses the control4 device events to push event payloads to a webhook URL. Effectively - you can get event notifications at any URL you specify as soon as the event triggers. For example: If you change the light level - it will immediately send a light level event to the URL specified. This is very a alpha release - and I would love feedback. Let me know if you have questions
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