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  1. The units are all in excellent condition with original boxes and power supplies. Asking for $60 for all three of them and $10 shipping.
  2. Yes. I do use the C&S Dam-It automated valve. It is set up to be triggered by the CA/GRI event.
  3. I wanted to document for the community a work around for sensor failures from the Dam-it system by C&S Electronics. I made a substantial investment in the Dam-It system for my C4 System with 12 leak sensors and the water valve. Within two years, I have had 4 sensors fail. I can certainly buy replacement from C&S but I found the quality to be poor given the failure rate and didn't feel like dropping $420 more on their junk. Subsequently I looked into the Leaksmart system but there are issues with the sensors dropping off the hub and the driver for C4 registers a negative 1 sensor (Haven't figured that one out.) This was with version 3.0 of the Leaksmart hub. I have had CardAccess components and found them to be high quality. So..... I purchased CardAccess WCS10A wireless relay and attached GRI 2800 Leak Sensor to it. I super glued the GRI 2800 to the WCS10A, trimmed the wire and attached to relay 1. The unit was bridged to a generic water sensor in control4. Bingo! The WCS10A is about $50 on ebay new and less used. The GRI 2800 is about $15. Hope this helps someone!
  4. Yep. Send me an pm or text 832-791-2408
  5. Excellent condition amp. Looking for $675 with $35 shipping.
  6. Model is YRMZB1. The control numbers show ZB3.3 CP 2-5 -3 on the front. Attached are pictures. Please send offers via PM. IMG_1263.HEIC IMG_2115.HEIC IMG_8153.HEIC
  7. I just had Neil install drivers for Hunter Douglas Powerview, Ecobee and a battery reminder. He is fast, knowledgeable and competent. Also, communication with him was great. He was on the ball with letting me know the status of the install as well as asking me pointed questions of how I wanted things set up. Price was well worth it for this level of service. Thanks Neil! -Tejas
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