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  1. Hi Vitali - Ihiji has two core products - one is for monitoring the technology in the home (Invision) and another is for managing your service desk as an integrator (ServiceManager). As it relates to Invision, it consists of a small hardware appliance that plugs into your network and then pings your devices on the network to let you know when they go offline. Invision also has the ability to monitor services on the devices (such as RAM and processor usage on a touch screen) as well as monitor zigbee devices on your Control4 system. It can be used for jobs of all sizes. Invision goes a bit further by integrating with your rebootable outlets and PoE switches to give the ability to reboot devices directly within the Invision interface. With their Connect Ninja feature you can tunnel into any port on any device in the network dynamically without needing to set port forwarding on the router - excellent for on-the-fly troubleshooting and security. The service also monitors the quality and state of your client's internet connection. Be sure to check out their ServiceManager offering - if you're interested in monitoring the home then ServiceManager will streamline the RMR generation of your service team. At OneVision it's our platform of choice! But full disclosure: I'm an investor in the company. Happy to discuss with you or refer you to some integrators who use their product. I know Ihiji's sales team will work with you to provide a demo, etc. best, Joey
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