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  1. elee532


    Will do. It's sporadic. So could be days or weeks before it happens again. Roon is looking into it for me as well, BTW.
  2. elee532


    Installing now. Sounds like no point installing the updated C4 driver to get HDMI binding option?
  3. elee532


    Confirmed connection via HDMI. Version 1.7 build 555 is installed.
  4. elee532


    Wondering again about what the driver update with the addition of HDMI binding means. My Nucleus has always been connected to my Denon receiver via HDMI. So, what, if any, would be the benefit of updating the driver and using the HDMI binding option? In fact, if HDMI binding wasn't previously an option, how did my Nucleus even work since it was connected via HDMI? One of the reasons I'm wondering if I should have my dealer install the update is that sometimes my Nucleus gets "stuck" in 2.0 channel mode. I have to use the Roon app to disable and re-enable the 5.1 setting option to get 5.1 again. Wondering if this new driver with HDMI binding might fix this. Sorry if this is a dumb question. I'm just an end user who doesn't really understand the backend technology of C4. Thanks!
  5. elee532


    Thanks. What I was hoping for when I purchased the Nucleus and Roon C4 driver was to be able to browse and play my Roon library using my C4 SR260 remote. I realized too late that this wasn't possible though since my EA1 was connected to my Denon receiver via HDMI and my Nucleus was connected to the Denon via HDMI. So, once I launch the C4 Roon driver, I lose the C4 on screen display. The only workaround I've come up with is to run the EA1 direct to my TV. That's more work than I've had time to try, plus the cost of having to re-program my system.
  6. elee532


    What does this mean, if anything, in terms of feature/function to an end user?
  7. elee532


    @time2jet, can you say more about this driver update? What did it add that that you are so impressed by?
  8. elee532


    More screenshots: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Control4
  9. elee532


    Here's a video someone made of the Roon driver interface in C4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=gTn0Cjo8kBk&feature=youtu.be
  10. elee532


    1. Nucleus is the only option if you want to use the Roon C4 driver. The Nucleus can be both your core and endpoint... so no additional media streamer would be necessary. 2. There is no connection between the C4 app and the Roon app. With the Roon C4 driver installed, you can play your Roon library from within the C4 app. You lose the rich metadata of the Roon app though. Another option is to use the C4 app to fire up your system, choose the right inputs, control volume and then switch to the Roon app for music control. I think there are some screenshots of the driver in the Roon forum. If you cant find them, I'm happy to take some screenshots of my system with the Roon driver. 4. Bluesound does offer a C4 driver. Have no experience with it, never even seen what it looks like. I have been curious though since I do own a few Bluesound speakers.
  11. Thanks for clarifying. It's not was I was hoping for, but I at least see options in your driver properties to assign LONG PRESS SELECT to various other keys. It would be nice if C4 supported this, but I guess I can understand why it wouldn't be a priority for them. I think assigning the Shield's 'Home screen' command to the SR260's 'Guide' button and 'Long Press Select' to 'Menu' button feels the most intuitive to me. For anyone else wondering, this ability to assign Long Press Select, plus the ability to assign Shield commands and mini-apps to the color buttons, plus the ability to add 4 custom apps are differences that I see between the Videostorm and Chowmain drivers. On the other hand, I also understand that the Chowmain driver offers some functionality not available in the Videostorm driver. So, choose wisely. 😁
  12. I'm confused. In this post, you indicated a LONG PRESS of the SELECT button is possible with the SR260 remote. Hopefully I am misunderstanding the latest post? Can you clarify? Thanks!
  13. Hi again @videostorm. It seems when I 'Long Press' the Select button on my SR260, it's still only sending a short press command. I have confirmed in Composer HE that 'Press Hold' is set to "Long Press." FW is V225. Is this the latest? How do I know whether that I have the latest driver? Anything else I should check? Thanks!!
  14. What about a screen that says something instructional for the non techie? Family members have powered on to find this screen after an unplanned reboot, and had no idea what to do. Maybe something like "Irusb successfully launched to control your Nvidia Shield. Press the Menu button to go back to the Shield home screen."
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