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  1. I've got a C4 EA1 system setup to control an Nvidia Shield using IRUSB and the Kodi Full driver. I'm experiencing a number of odd behaviors. Often, when I try to play music or videos via Kodi, I get a message that the device is offline/disconnected. Launching the Netflix app usually works okay. The other ones that I use frequently (Amazon, Home Run HD, Hulu) never launch right. For example, sometimes when I choose to launch Amazon or Home Run HD it goes to the Netflix app or sometimes the Nvidia home screen. Any ideas what might be going on? Thanks!!
  2. Wow, impressed as always by your lightning fast responsiveness @alanchow ! I'm curious, does this update bring any other fixes or feature enhancements to Kodi Full, or is it exclusively for compatibility with Kodi 18?
  3. Just got my first keypad installed. Are you saying each button can have a single, double, and triple click action? Can these be programmed with Compose HE?
  4. FYI, @chopedogg88 was super helpful and speedy in selling and programming some keypads and dimmer switches for me remotely.
  5. Can I add to the wish list for your next update... for those of us running Kodi on the Nvidia Shield with IRUSB, a single click option to get to the Nvidia Shield home screen would be awesome. Having to exit Kodi (or whatever Shield app we happen to be in) to get to the Shield Home screen is cumbersome. Likewise, a button the C4 Watch or Listen navigator to the Shield Home page would be awesome! Thanks!!
  6. Any chance of a Windows Store app in the near future? I'm running Window S on Surface Go, and don't want to upgrade to full Windows.
  7. I did not. Hopefully just a fluke. Thanks for your help and speedy reply!
  8. Perfect! Thanks @msgreenf!! Any thoughts on what might have caused the fault?
  9. I do have HE. Not real experienced using it though? Can you offer some direction on how I would reset? Thanks!!
  10. The top 3 buttons on my new keypad are blinking red. They were installed and configured about a week ago, and the flashing button lights just started. Any advice as to what might be going on? Thanks!
  11. I've got a pretty simple setup. No audio matrix. I switched from an Asus router to Unifi about 6 months ago. It's been rock solid.
  12. Any chance for Google Home support in the future?
  13. BTW, I looked at a lot of different types at a lot of different stores. The 1" Standard Pleat, Spencer fabric, AutoView with single battery case was the cheapest I found.
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