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  1. Wow, those are some wild looking speakers! Maybe Jim Salk could craft your client some interesting looking speakers… https://www.salksound.com/gallery.php
  2. I am looking at possibly adding an Apple TV 4K to my system. I am primarily looking to use the Apple Music app to access their collection of Atmos music. Can Control4 launch and control the Apple Music app using the SR260 remote? Do I need to buy any special hardware or software to make this work? Thanks!
  3. Had never heard of Zappiti before now. The idea of just dropping in a disc and having it rip is very appealing!! Is the NAS version the only one that supports ripping? Any idea whether the system works in USA? Anyone have experience with a Bluray library that is mostly music/concert discs, rather than movies?
  4. @Psosmith82, what driver are you using? Is it the new Nvidia C4 driver? I have experienced similar behavior recently with IRUSB and Videostorm driver.
  5. I have tried both the Chowmain and Videostorm drivers for my Shield. Each has had some annoyances. So, i am watching this closely. I may be reaching out @msgreenf 🤔
  6. Hey Ari. Merry Christmas!! Here's what Roon tech support responded: "I would check with your dealer to see if there is any additional logic, it is possible that an input switch was tied in only on the old button in your C4 program, especially if the connection is through HDMI." This make any sense to you?
  7. If I go to the Control4 Listen menu, and launch the Roon Nucleus driver, it switches my Denon AVR to the proper input and all works fine. However, if I favorite the Nucleus app, then try to launch it from the Favorites screen, it it brings up the Roon screen, but it does not switch my AVR to the correct input. Isn't adding it to the Favorites menu essentially just adding a shortcut or copy? Any idea what could be going on?
  8. I’m suddenly not able to navigate the on screen display with my SR-260 remote. It’s possible I broke something when I was messing around in Composer HE. I can use the Watch and Listen buttons on the SRT-260 to launch an app. Once I get into an app, the remote works fine. It's just an issue that when I'm at the C4 home screen, nothing happens when I press the direction button or the select button. Any advice? Thanks!!
  9. That's what I expected. But, I tried and nothing happened. Maybe it's a touch screen limitation? I'm trying this from my Surface tablet. Thinking now that maybe I need to try with a mouse.
  10. Pardon me for jumping in, I'm trying to learn how to do the same thing with HE. So, i have the Blue button selected in the Programming pane, and I have the command selected in the Action pane. I can't figure out what to do from here to apply that command to the button. Thanks for any help!
  11. @msgreenf, can I buy and get this installed from you?
  12. Thanks for the helpful replies! Any chance of SR260 support in the foreseeable future?
  13. This looks very useful @msgreenf. A few months back I had my SR260 programmed so that the 4 color buttons could select some of my most used surround modes. I'm wondering if this is an event more robust solution for my setup. I am wondering: Can you share the cost of the driver? Is this likely to work with the Denon AVR X3600H? Are there driver settings that can be configured with Composer HE, or do all settings need to be made by a dealer? How would this driver work with the SR260 remote? Thanks!
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