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  1. What about a screen that says something instructional for the non techie? Family members have powered on to find this screen after an unplanned reboot, and had no idea what to do. Maybe something like "Irusb successfully launched to control your Nvidia Shield. Press the Menu button to go back to the Shield home screen."
  2. I've seen that same message on my 2019 Shield.
  3. @videostorm (or someone), can you confirm that this driver supports a LONG PRESS on the SR260's SELECT button? I'm currently using the Chowmain driver, but there is no way for me to get the Context menu in Kodi. I just want to be certain before I pay to my have my dealer to change drivers. Thank you!
  4. Unfortunately not. Long Home takes me to the list of installed apps. As far as I can tell, Long Press of the Select button is the only way to get the context menu in Kodi. Thanks @alanchow, and I welcome any other suggestions you or someone else might have.
  5. Not sure if this helps @alanchow, but it's a long press on the Shield remote's Select button that brings up the context menu in the Kodi app.
  6. @alanchow, is there any way to get the context menu in Kodi WITHOUT having the Kodi Full driver? I just have your Shield driver. p.s. I actually do own a license for the Kodi Full driver, but I uninstalled it and replaced it with the Shield driver. I had problems launching mini apps on the Shield with Kodi Full. For example, I would choose to launch Prime but instead I'd be taken to Kodi. Dealer did some troubleshooting, but no luck. I also couldn't find a way to get to the Shield home screen. Finally just threw in the towel and removed Kodi Full. It's much better, though still occasionally I try to launch one mini app but get another (usually Netflix). I do miss some of the other Kodi Full driver features. Anyway, sorry to get sidetracked. Back to my question... how to get context menu in Kodi with your Shield driver? Thanks!
  7. You're not helping me resist the temptation! LOL! 😋
  8. What's this legacy NEEO all about? Looks pretty sweet. How does it work compared to a SR260 remote. Where can I learn more about this NEEO remote in a C4 system?
  9. As one of those non-existent 'home professionals' 😁 I can second what several here have suggested. If you really like the DIY approach, find a remote dealer here that will sell you the hardware and HE, spend a few dollars to have them do what only a dealer can do, and apply your skills to learning how to configure the hardware and learn HE. That'll be more than enough to give your DIY skills a good workout. 😉
  10. I see that "Long Home" is a setting option for the Guide and Menu button mapping. What does "Long Home" do? Also, how can I bring up the context menu in Kodi? Thanks!
  11. https://www.c4forums.com/forum/26-looking-for-an-integrator/
  12. Maybe try working with one of the dealers who participate in this forum and who do remote work? I’ve had great experience with @chopedogg88.
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    Anyone have insight on these two questions?
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    Just doing annual for now.
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