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  1. tvOS 15 is apparently adding a lot of control capabilities that will allow Siri and other stuff to better control ATV's. I wonder if this will finally allow C4 and similar platforms to control ATV to select apps, channels, etc.
  2. We've got Hunter Hydrawise as well. We've not yet integrated it to C4. My primary reason to integrate it would be to more easily turn it off for a period like if we have guests or maint folks doing stuff. Current lighting control is Brilliance (https://www.brillianceled.com/smart-products) that we've had numerous problems with even aside from integration. It's overall a quite poor quality product. We'll be returning all of the Brilliance stuff and likely replacing w/ FX Luxor.
  3. How is FX Luminaire / Luxor working for those who are using it? How is integration w/ C4? Overall it appears to be a good solution if it works as well as they promise.
  4. If that is indeed the reason for being on the DNU list, I understand their wanting to do that. HOWEVER, it would be much better if they would instead post a note that Ubiquity requires advanced configuration to work properly (which I assume is the same for Cisco and other systems) and then provide detailed notes similar to what @mindedc1 provided but perhaps expanded a bit. As to my wife... It is possible to provide her with a secure way to work from places other than her office. It is not necessary to tie her down to her office or even to a segregated system that requires her to have two of everything.
  5. An update... First a big bunch of thanks to @mindedc1 for the thorough overview. It'd be much better of C4 would provide information like this rather than overeact w/ their DNU list. The problem appears to be excessive CPU churn in the EA-5, possibly from a memory leak in code somewhere. CPU usage occasionally ramps up and when it does then the problems start until it's rebooted. Hopefully more info on this soon.
  6. Back on my feet again... House is 9400 sq ft but there are also AP's in the studio (separate bldg which aren't in yet so not in the count) and three covering space outside (including one solar powered at the end of an airmax radio shot that works surprisingly well). Ruckus would have cost 3x as much (plus ongoing maintenance costs), use 2 more AP's according to the design and they were still planning to use Unifi for the radio and outdoor AP's. As mentioned previously C4 is already on it's own Switch/VLAN/Subnet. I'm not sure what benefit a VPN for C4 would be??? I currently use the C4 app as if I'm on the same network. ??? Thanks @DanITman. At one point C4's concerns were PIM (which shouldn't be an issue unless crossing route boundaries) but then they removed that but left them on the DNU list. @cdepaola, They're pretty cautious with her devices and the data on them and she wants to be able to use them anywhere in the house or outside anytime. The dedicated thing in her office lasted about 2 months before she informed the IT folks how it was going to work. 🙂
  7. @South Africa C4 user, thanks for the tip on the Keypad Enhancer. Have you used it much? Works well?
  8. I've held off getting an energy monitor for a while but it's time to pull the trigger (mainly because I need the data for an article so that helps on cost). IotaWatt is the top contender with TED and GEM also possibilities. Sense & Curb are too unreliable, Emporia Vue and others risk being locked in to a subscription (or having boat anchor hardware if they go belly up). Wondering what others experience has been with integrating these in to C4, primarily using it as a trigger. Thanks,
  9. Good stuff! Yeah, I've been frustrated by the lack of some built-in stuff, especially long presses and dual presses. Dual press would seem ideal for your application.
  10. Possibly a good idea but could also be quite difficult and expensive. If her working was limited to a single laptop in her office then it'd be a better option but she works all over the house and outside so we'd need to replicate all or a good chunk of our 11 AP's. Not to mention other possible issues of making sure that she has full access to printers, TV's, etc (which I think could be done w/ dual logins but that can get messy and with spanning tree turned off for C4 could be messier). It's 2021 and networks are fully capable of operating in an integrated fashion. There s/b no need to separate her out. HOWEVER, I'd once before discussed w/ our integrator having a separate C4 network for stuff that talks ONLY to the core EA5 which I believe would be T3's, Dimmers, maybe audio matrix & amps? EA1's and CA1's?
  11. One quick note - The C4 dimmers are all on the EA5 ethernet switch, not Unifi. I'm not sure what difference that makes as I can't see the switch config in HE. Is there a router element of any sort between the 'ethernet in' and that switch? Is this a purely dumb switch and 'ethernet in' is a peer? What does this mean for erratic behavior involving only a 6-button keypad and C4 dimmers (so everything within the C4 ecosystem)? Thanks,
  12. There are a few things that somewhat consistently malfunction such as the recessed light for my wife's vanity (video from other thread), lights in scullery that take a long time to turn on (press button on C4 6 button remote, long delay of varying lengths, lights on C4 dimmers finally react). I may try to do see if I can get them to malfunction with a packet capture later today.
  13. Thanks. I have an article due today and an editor who doesn't seem to care about my personal home automation or network problems so time is limited until I get my work done. Also, I'm a bit rusty w/ network stuff. 25 years ago I was solid, having to brush cobwebs off today (and some of this didn't exist 25 years ago). IGMP Snooping can reduce traffic through pruning but I assume C4 want it off because it can prune too much causing delays as they have to re-establish. However, I believe this should only apply to traffic hopping a VLAN or subnet boundary? So long as all C4 stuff is on the same VLAN and subnet (and it is in this case) IGMP snooping shouldn't make any difference? Turning it on could help if it reduces traffic but this network is so lightly loaded that I'm not sure there'd be any difference. I may try it later today to see what happens. I currently have IGMPv3 off. Similar to above, all of the C4 devices are on the same VLAN & subnet and all hardwired. None of this involves anything wireless that I know of. Possibly turning this on could reduce multicast traffic but this network is rarely even very busy, much less saturated. mDNS is needed for a number of apps like Apple TV iPhone Remote, etc. I could turn it off for bit but similar to above I'm struggling to see what affect that would have on the C4 stuff other than maybe reducing mDNS traffic on the C4 VLAN. Is C4 using UDP for all of this? Thanks,
  14. Thanks. Agree. Muj was asking for it though. Again though, ALL C4 stuff and everything it connects to are on the same Switch/VLAN/Subnet. I cannot find anywhere that any broadcast traffic is being blocked or where there would be any expectation of it being blocked. If it is network I would love to find the problem but I'm stumped by this. Where is it being blocked? And, how can a network problem cause a slider to move to 74 or 100 when the user moves it from 0 to 20?
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