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  1. Given the lack of more responses this would seem to be a very isolated problem and perhaps a bad EA-5?
  2. Thinking about it (it's been years since I've done much with analog electrical so lots of cobwebs to work through), most or all LED lamps are likely OK with DC? So long as all of the internal electronics are downstream of the rectifier. I'd guess that nearly all of these have a small xformer (if needed) followed by a rectifier and then everything else.
  3. Thanks. How would you do this w/ DMX to DC based fixtures? Yes. True. Forgot about that. (We would frequently stick a single 28v PAR36 aircraft landing light on a dimmer and simply limit them to 22% output and they'd work great. Now that you mention it, I'm not sure why. We could also briefly take them up higher but they'd pop pretty quickly.) Doing the dimming upstream of the xformers will require the purchase of multiple xformers as well as multiple dimmers ($$'s) along with wall space for them. Doing it downstream should require only one xformer. I assume these would be reverse phase dimmers.
  4. We are still having problems with this (I'm unsure if this is in any way related to the issues of inconsistent execution in my other post). Most recently on the T3 in our master bedroom. We've also seen it sporadically on various other things. IMG_2260.mp4
  5. This second one is more complicated. I have 2 of these that are identical except one makes the shower white (single tap) and the other blue (double tap). The blue one (that I use) seems to work consistently. The white one (that my wife uses) not so much. One possible difference is that she will often turn on the room lights on first (which is a connection to 4 channels that are on C4-DIN-8DIM-E 8-Channel Dimmer modules) and then press the 'Shower' button to execute this bit.
  6. We're having problems with inconsistent execution of some events, mostly button based. They sometimes work correctly, sometimes not. This first one is quite simple. When it was just the scene it seemed to work correctly. However, the scene would often dim the lights before turning off the table lamps so I added the line to turn the table lamps off first. Since I added that it's been erratic. The floor outlet is on a Control4 C4-DIN-8DIM-E. Sometimes it will not turn the lamps off at all. Sometimes it will but only after perhaps 10 - 20 seconds. Once, IIRC, it didn't execute at all (lamps or scene).
  7. Surveillance Cams and LIFX are totally isolated on their own subs (and switch for cams). Heavy data xfer systems are somewhat. 'Largely' because there is other stuff on the switch (and VLAN) that C4 is on so it's not totally dedicated to HA but everything C4 needs should be there. Traffic loading is extremely light so there shouldn't be bandwidth/latency issues w/ the network. I don't think lack of PIM should be a problem. Don't think is bolded because I'm not totally sure but I'm not aware of any problems currently caused by it. I do wish Ubiquity would support it though for other reasons.
  8. Thank you all! I may see what I can do for something downstream of the xformer then.
  9. No humidity, ventilation or MUA control? In our previous house we had 3 C4 thermostats and numerous problems, mostly of them going offline for some period. In our new house we went w/ 6 Honeywell 94xx thermostats (2 HVAC systems w/ 3 zones each + ERV, Humidifier, Dehumidifier, MUA on each). The Honeywell<>C4 driver is problematic so we're currently using a 3rd party driver. The Honeywell Connect (Redlink) app and website are pretty good though and that's what we use for personal interaction w/ the system and schedules. The C4 driver is for automation like to turn all systems OFF when we open windows and back ON again when we close them. We'll also automate the ventilation so that when CO2 levels get too high it will take appropriate action (increase ventilation, turn on exhaust fans, etc.), etc. Keep in mind that most of the remote sensors are temp only and do not do humidity or CO2.
  10. Thanks. You can't use a 120v dimmer and set a max of 12v (or 15 or 18?)? In theatre and rock&roll that was quite common.
  11. I was incorrect on the DC. These fixtures appear to me to be AC (https://cast-lighting.com/landscape-products/cast-classic-engineered-wall-light). I'm hoping to avoid the transformers if possible. They are expensive, take up a lot of wall space and if downstream of the dimmers we'd need 7 of them (one per circuit). @brantlmcdonald, are you saying FPD because a transformer rather than LED would be downstream? My understanding is that LED's don't like FPD and are much happier w/ RPD. Thanks,
  12. No offense taken. I've seen massively larger systems than ours though none were C4. Our integrator is good but not extremely experienced. Network should hopefully not be a problem. Backbone is all 10g. Switches are all Ubiquity Gen 2 Switch Pro's (24's & 48's). C4 largely has it's own Switch Pro 48 & VLAN to itself. As well, dedicated switches for Surveillance and Work systems. Internet is 1g (Speedtest's 892 down (though 22ms ping) and 122 up).
  13. Back to Connections. Is there any way to see connections in HE? So that when something is acting wonky I can at least see if the problem might be a connection rather than something else? Otherwise I have to keep bugging our integrator and waiting on him to reply. Thanks,
  14. Thanks. Can you post your code when you're done? I'd like to see how you do it.
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