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  1. Having the same issue on the ATV in our living room. Very inconsistent though. Sometimes works but most of the time does not. Sometimes I have to turn the room off and then press Watch / ATV to get it to work. However, the ATV's in our master suite (one ATV serves 4 TV panels + audio > Triad matrix > amps > speakers), gym and elsewhere seem to always work. I'm wondering if this ATV (all were purchased new in May 2020) is just funky and needs to be replaced.
  2. Most editors I work with tend to dislike any comma not clearly needed for clarity. Of course, the editor, from whom the bulk of my income comes from, hasn't seen the comma, she didn't like.
  3. Every time I use composer I have to go through the right-click routine to collapse rooms numerous times. Is there a way to get it to default to this? Scrolling through everything uncollapsed gets to be a time wasting PITA. Thanks,
  4. Thanks all. They are quite separate spaces and we also have audio in each so I think we'll keep them separate. Have you guys run in to confusion when things are listed in multiple rooms?
  5. FWIW... Unifi surveillance stuff is quite proprietary to themselves and for that reason we stay away from them. OTOH, I'm largely a fan of Unifi AP's, Edgerouters and more recently their switches (that provide quite good POE). We also looked at Synology and for a number of reasons that I can't remember decided against them (but otherwise love Synology NAS's). SO, we are now doing Security Spy (decent but not great C4 integration though the new HomeKit integration is looking really good - but the Security Spy apps are all so good that integration is really not needed except for trig
  6. Seemingly stupid question but... Currently this door and its e-lock are listed in the garage on our system. It seems to me that this s/b in the interior room - the mud room. Similar to the door in the mudroom that goes outside. Thoughts? Is there a reason it s/b in the garage? Thanks.
  7. Thank you. Totally missed that. I'll talk to our integrator.
  8. Got the rename driver installed. Selected a device to rename (Sconce), pressed set. Entered the new name 'PictureLight', pressed set. Nothing. Refreshed Navigators. Nothing.
  9. Finally got time to fiddle with this some more. I downloaded and reinstalled a few times and on the 4th try it worked. A buddy who looked at how HE functions once running said that he wasn't surprised as there are a number of UI bits that are written quite poorly and the worst of it is that several things (like jumpiness in advanced lighting) are easily corrected. Oh well. It sort of works now!
  10. Following. We'd like to add weather to our T3's. C4's offering isn't working properly (currently the only thing we can get to show up is the standard time screensaver) and from what I've seen is better than nothing but not that great. What people are doing w/ Homekit and iPads is pretty cool. The screensaver is basically like Apple Watch complications so you've options of a variety of apps and can arrange and configure to your hearts content. One I liked had time & current playing media in the middle w/ weather (5-day weather underground) stretched across the bottom and then 3 survei
  11. Thanks. Window was full screen. I shrunk it, closed it, reopened it, etc. Resized the centre several times. No go.
  12. I'm trying to write a simple toggle for a keypad button press. If lamp color is 0 (red) then... 1 - It will not allow me to drag the conditional in to the program space as the first element. I have to place a command in to the space, drag the conditional to after the command then drag the command to below the conditional. 2 - It will not allow me to place a command within a conditional. I can drag the command before (up arrow) the conditional or after the conditional (down arrow) but not make it a part of the conditional (right arrow) so that it executes if the conditional is met.
  13. Thanks for the heads up! (would have been nice to get something from C4 about it.)
  14. Thanks. I'm somewhat familiar w/ PRO. Yes, PRO and HE are both quite antiquated. Even 25 years ago most structured programming environments like this would allow editing of commands in some way or another. That C4 requires the programmer, in PRO & HE, to totally recreate commands manually in order to make minor changes is astounding. This especially for changes to open values but also to captive values. As well, it should allow direct coding, with or without a syntax check. And between the two above is hybrid where typing code causes the 'actions' pane to search/narrow to wh
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