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  1. There is a KB article detailing how to create custom icons for C4z driver files. You could use this to edit a DVD player driver with the Netflix icon. You could then edit all the main commands of the DVD driver so it had all the same commands as your TV and then bind the IR output used for the TV from the controller to the dummy DVD player so you would retain full control of the TV itself even though the system thought the current device in use was the dummy DVD player.
  2. Free ones from Pulse eight here too: https://github.com/Pulse-Eight/drivers/blob/master/Control4/Published/sky_hd_ip_pulse-eight.c4z https://github.com/Pulse-Eight/drivers/blob/master/Control4/Published/sky_q_ip_pulse-eight.c4z
  3. There is an RTSP stream you can record too: rtsp://IP_ADDRESS:554/h264_stream Username- rootPassword- t0talc0ntr0l4!
  4. Apologies, I realise I actually misread your message and the TV you have is quite recent, its just the driver you are using is not.
  5. That's an an absolutely ancient TV, not a hope in hell there will be any IP control or Mini drivers for other services for it. Get a Roku Stick and the driver and mini drivers for it and be done with it.
  6. We have used Rako wireless keypad on several jobs where running cables to their desired location was not an option for one reason or another. The RNC series keypad are great and with the RAMPI NFC programming tool and a Rako Bridge for them to communicate with they will integrate very nicely with Control4 too. https://rakocontrols.com/rnc070/
  7. The CA-1 does not have any audio server capabilities at all so that's the most likely reason the announcement executes but there is no audio playback.
  8. I have every version from 2.5.3 to 2.10.6 running in Parallels on my MacBook just fine.
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1jcfhcflrbkib63/Screenshot 2019-03-10 08.37.24.png?dl=0
  10. 👆👆👆 This. Follow the KB Articles which specifically cover the migration from one controller to another.
  11. As above, you need to remove any binding from the keypad button to the load under Connections as that will automatically apply a button press response. Then in programming you would set a single tap to toggle light load and a double tap to activate the scene. This will also result in a small delay to the is single tap toggling the light load as the keypad needs to wait to see if you are going to do a double tap. You will also lose the ability to press and hold the same button to fade up/down the load if it is dimmable.
  12. Can't be done via When-Then as far as I'm aware. There are two ways to do this via Composer Pro, you can set default audio and video volumes for the room and they will be applied whenever a listen or watch source is selected. The better way to do it is via the Room Control driver which will do the same but will not reapply the default room volume if just selecting a different listen or watch source, it will only apply it of changing from Room Off to Listen or Watch or from a Listen to a Watch source and vice versa.
  13. Another way to do it if you have edited the driver in the database, rather than removing and re-adding the updated driver, right click on the driver in the project and select 'Update Driver'. Then browse for the updated driver in your drivers folder and select 'OK'. It will prompt you about then drivers being equal version and if you want to overwrite the existing driver. Select 'Yes' and the updated driver should be over-written in place of the old one and your programming should be retained.
  14. and the Janus ones are £495, although admittedly they do Coolmaster in same driver too.
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