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  1. Business up Front, Party round the Back. Great looking room and rack from the front, but personally I wouldn't have posted that picture of the back of the rack, that's appalling.
  2. From the 3.1.1 Release Notes: 6 Life Cycle Changes l Composer Media Edition has been discontinued for OS 3.1.1 and forward. This is related to the security changes to eliminate the default password. Homeowners who require this functionality can work with their dealer to get Composer Home Edition.
  3. I might be wrong but I had thought support for Composer ME had been dropped completely in favour of Composer HE only.
  4. 2. I still stick with the default blue for on and black for off, but you could just as easily have red for off and blue or green for on. That said, if its just about visibility of the keypads when the room is dark, that's the whole point in getting engraved buttons. If you have had your lighting control system installed by a professional dealer and they did not include or at least offer to supply engraved keypad buttons after completion of the installation then they have done you a disservice. The engraved buttons not only have text which tells anybody what the buttons actually do, but the engraving is backlit and so when the room is dark the text glows so you can see the keypads and each button clearly. Also as long as you have a button on other keypads to control the remote load then if configured correctly then its status LED should automatically indicate the status of that load, that's just how it's supposed to work if configured correctly.
  5. Sonos, Bluesound, HEOS, Yamaha Musicast
  6. I'll second that, whilst I have installed dozens of Anthem MRX receivers using the Annex4 driver that Alan refers to, I had not had any significant issues with it to be honest. It was a little slow at switching inputs, which Alan's driver has resolved, but otherwise has worked perfectly for me so far. I am now using Alan's driver and as is usually the case from the Chowmain team, the driver has been excellent and and love the ability to switch easily between speaker profiles on the fly. In our showroom, we have a 5.1.2 channel Atmos system and have 4 separate speaker profiles configured. Using Alan's driver we can switch between a 5.1.2, 5.1, 3.1 or 2.1 channel configuration. Regarding Anthem AVRs themselves, they are pretty much the only brand we install unless the client's budget dictates otherwise.
  7. That's a network or video switching issue.
  8. The DS2 just works, video quality/resolution is not great but as long as you have a controller at each display location for OnScreen Nav you will get live video easily at each display.
  9. For UK users, my only major bugbear with Samsung IP control is they completely omitted the 'Guide' button from their API. 🤦‍♂️ A large proportion of consumers in the UK use the built in DVB/Freesat tuners in the TVs for Free to View terrestrial broadcasts, this then requires to use the TV's built in TV Guide function for these broadcast services and there is no Guide command in the IP control API for Samsung TVs. This is unforgivable when it is a dedicated button on the remote control for all their TVs here. You can work around it but adding a custom programming macro to bring up the Home Bar and then navigate to the 'Guide' function but it should not be required at all. Sony or LG for the win for me here.
  10. Hi Hendrik, As there can be only one video endpoint in the room, which in this case is the Theater Display Switcher, all external video sources need to be routed via the device which is allowing you to view the same sources on multiple displays, in your case the video matrix, but could be a HDMI splitter or AVR with dual HDMI outputs. In order for this to work correctly you will need to get your OSD HDMI feed from a source which is connected to the video matrix, that could be a separate EA-1 in the rack where the video matrix is, or a HDMI cable from the EA-3 back to the video matrix. The alternative arrangement is to separate the two displays into different rooms, one for TV and the other for projector and then add programming so that when one room is turned on the other is turned off and vice versa. It it quite normal for source devices to remain powered on when you switched between sources, they will get turned off when a 'Room Off' command is issued.
  11. Hi Aiden, I saw this post come up and it reminded me that you had got in touch with me regarding doing some remote programming work and I responded but I never heard back from you again. I see you are still having ongoing issues with the system so please feel free to get in touch with me again if you feel I could be of assistance. I am actually working with another guy in Ireland right now in a similar situation.
  12. Yes. Seriously you are going to waste a lot of time and effort if you think you can get a new install of a Control4 system significantly cheaper than going through a dealer. If you already had a system in place and wanted to add to it there are plenty of dealer who can do remote programming and upgrades etc, but starting from scratch you are going to need a local dealer who can program and support the system. You might be better going down the DIY route with more consumer grade/targeted products.
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