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  1. A HDMI switch or a new TV is the best option in the long run from a dealer/installer’s perspective, too many support calls as a result of things getting out of sync. If I charged my minimum call out charge every time I had to fix it, it would very swiftly work out cheaper to get a decent TV instead.
  2. If you have a 2 core cable to an existing doorbell button you could consider one of these and then a Control4 DS2 or any other IP video door station of your choice. https://www.2n.cz/en_GB/products/intercoms/2n-2wire
  3. Yeah, these will be new telescopic shades. You can fit three of them into a glove box and still have space for you lunch in the back of the van.
  4. They will be buying a shades manufacturer, Screen Innovations or QMotion is what my money is on.
  5. 'Based on' would presumably mean all other zones included in that media scene would start playing the same media as the defined room is currently playing, with 'last room selected' being the room that was most recently selected to play media content. So if you have a media scene that includes the Dining Room, Kitchen and Lounge and you activated the media scene with it set to 'Based on Dining Room' then regardless of what is already plying in the Kitchen and Lounge they will join the same stream that the Dining Room is listening to. If you select music in the Dining Room and then select music in the Kitchen and then activate the media scene with it set to 'Based on Last Room Selected' then all rooms will join the same stream as the Kitchen is playing as it was the most recent room selected/operated.
  6. Most current version on dealer portal is 1.03 dated June 2017. The release notes for that version are as follows: Added Cloud Firmware Update functionality. When a new firmware update becomes available, the switch GUI will now display a message notifying you of the update and provide a direct download to update that switches firmware to the latest version. So if you are already on that version then there should be an option within the switch's own web interface for it to download and update itself.
  7. That would work just fine, I would still connect the HDMI output of the EA3/5 to the TV for the OSD and disable HDMI audio on the EA-3/5 so it would not attempt to route audio via HDMI. We do this all the time where we have an EA-5 back in the rack connected to an AMS8 for multi-room audio and then have an EA-1 behind each TV, I always make sure to disable HDMI audio on every EA-1 so it cannot try to stream audio via the TV.
  8. Me neither, I don’t have any compatible devices at home or in the office. We rarely do any Sonos at work as we tend to stick to native C4 audio or use Bluesound.
  9. From version 95 of the Sonos (Endorsed) driver. As you can see will only work with newer devices that support this feature. Announcements Starting with driver version 94, the Sonos Network driver exposes a new programming feature “Play Audio Clip”. This can be used to play either a default chime or a custom URL on supported Sonos players. As of version 94, this list is: Sonos One, Amp, Port, Play:5 (gen 2), Beam, One SL, Move, SYMFONISK table lamp with WiFi and SYMFONISK WiFi bookshelf speakers. The audio clip will only be played on the selected player, and the current audio playing (if any) will be ducked while the clip is playing back. If more than one player should play back the audio clip, a command should be created for each of those players in programming.
  10. Martijn that's very true, it does depend on the size and construction of the property. I've done jobs with a single EA-5 in a centrally located rack, 3m ZB extension on outside of rack and 60-70 ZB devices, mainly keypads, spread across a large double penthouse apartment with just drywall interior walls and hasn't missed a beat. Likewise, I've for several jobs n much smaller properties with no keypads or anything to extend the mesh where we have had to setup each EA-1 as its own ZB server just for the S260 in that room to connect to as all internal walls were 600-700mm solid stone walls and concrete/flagstone ceilings/floors.
  11. Personally, I would stick an EA-1 behind each main display/TV, fit a 3m ZigBee antenna extension on each one and fit to underside of TV and then run a separate mesh from each one. Then ID each device to the mesh it's closest to.
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