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  1. Nkristie, where are you based?
  2. They are quite often different voltage too. Blustream who we use for almost all our HDBaseT matrices have a stereo 12V IR input jack. Very thoughtfully they come included with 4x IRCAAB cables, as list in link below, which covert the 5V mono to 12V stereo in order to work with the IR inputs on the matrix. HDAnyhwere is the sam and I have used several of the spare IRCAB cables on other take-over jobs involving HDAnywhere matrices and they work perfectly on them too. https://www.blustream.co.uk/hmxl44cskit I have quite a few of these spare, I can send one to you to try out and if it works I can arrange to order and supply more to you.
  3. As above, uses a 3.5mm mono jack with signal on tip and ground on sleeve. Signal specs are: 5V 27mA max output.
  4. My home made Samsung IR driver has all the right codes: https://www.dropbox.com/s/56w6tf8659bqf5z/tv_Samsung_UE55KS7000 (IR).c4i?dl=0
  5. He has stated previously he is an authorised dealer and has completed the Automation Programmer training course:
  6. We gave up on DoorBird last year due to constant issues with them, stuff would work work fine for a while and then inexplicably stop working, video not appearing on T3 touchscreens was a regular occurrence and fixing it required the driver to be configured from scratch. Would work fine again for a while and then stop. Been doing DS2s for past year now and have been rock solid.
  7. I said that 'tongue in cheek' of course. It's still quite likely that a small surge on power on is enough to push keypad over its limit, they are supposed to control lights and other similar load, not a 1600W hair dryer. Bottom line is, whatever it is, probably the hair dryer, is overloading the keypad switch and so you will need to look at alternative power arrangements for the hair dryer.
  8. I agree, it's getting a little irritating. I have helped Dinushan out with a few queries and now I get tagged with every other enquiry he makes (not quite true) He is supposed to be a C4 dealer and so should have access to the dealer portal, the knowledgebase, the official C4 forums, Control4 technical support etc etc. all of which should be his first resources before jumping on here. I mean he asked you to guide him how to use the Snapshot driver before he could even have had a chance to download it, read the instruction and try it out for himself. @Dinushan Paranavithana - We are all happy to help here on the forums, but please do try and figure some stuff out yourself before requesting a hand-holding tutorial session. Also, despite me suggesting to do so, it appears you are not using the official C4 forums or are making use of the Control4 website and it's knowledgebase articles or Control4 technical support.
  9. The maximum load capacity of that keypad switch is 120V/15A which is 1800 Watts. There are many hair dryers which will exceed this wattage in use and so that is the most likely cause. https://cn.control4.com/docs/product/wireless-switch-120v-277v/data-sheet/english/latest/wireless-switch-120v277v-data-sheet-rev-a.pdf The simplest solution would be to move to the UK and then run the keypad from our 240V power supply and then the keypad switch will be able to handle 240V/10A which is 2400 Watts, or alternatively turn the hair dryer to a lower heat/fan setting or stop using it via a keypad switch completely.
  10. Sure will, dynamic range and lower noise floor can equally benefit compressed and lossless high res audio streams, especially if you buy decent enough speakers.
  11. Curtains are difficult to get right unless done really well so they are smooth and silent and most importantly, reliable. You are probably best to get your existing fabric fitted to a professional motorised curtain track from either Silent Gliss Lutron. The Silent Gliss solutions are awesome Andy can cope with almost and fabric weight/size and complex track routes round corners etc
  12. Try turning on the ‘frequent IP address changes’ setting on your app. Your mobile service provider may have changed some of their settings resulting in remote access stopping working.
  13. Yes that too, or at least until it becomes an unsupported product.
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