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  1. ARC = Audio Rarely Comes. As above, its generally very unreliable and any integrator who knows what they are doing and does not want repeated call-backs will never use it.
  2. Bought for a job but no longer needed. This kit is completely brand new and unused. Great HDBaseT extender kit supporting full 4K/4:4:4/60Hz transmission using CSC technology. https://www.blustream.co.uk/hex70cskit SRP in UK is £418 inc. VAT Looking to sell for £300 inc. insured postage anywhere in the UK.
  3. There are so many other factors to choosing a projector: application brightness required screen size native aspect ratio throw distance ambient light levels budget Go and speak to a professional and get them to sort it for you.
  4. Interesting, sounds similar to the Samsung IP drivers which once put into standby, will not accept a power on command until after 1-2 mins have expired.
  5. You can get a free 7 day trial of the Annex4 driver.
  6. If you go all IR, then you will lose mini app capabilities and instant access to the streaming apps those mini drivers are for, also general control will be slightly laggy in comparison to IP control. Also you will lose discrete volume control, so if you use the TV's own speakers you will not be able to jump straight to a particular volume level.
  7. On a few jobs with these, I ended up just adding a second 'dummy' copy of the same driver and binding the IR output to it. I then just added in programming that when the IP controlled TV was turned on the IR controlled 'dummy' TV was to be turned on. That way it used IR to turn the TV on, but otherwise it was controlled via IP.
  8. I've experienced this on several occasions with the C4 database LG IP drivers. It would seem that if the Tv was left in standby for a longer period of time then it would not respond to WoL commands from driver. We now have gone back to only using the Annex4 WebOS driver for LG TVs as they have been rock solid since I started using them before C4 even had their own IP drivers for LG TVs.
  9. This driver allows you to manually specify the exact URL format for each content source, snapshot, mjpeg stream, H.264 stream etc. http://www.yatundev.eu/drivers/generic-fixed-ip-camera
  10. Business up Front, Party round the Back. Great looking room and rack from the front, but personally I wouldn't have posted that picture of the back of the rack, that's appalling.
  11. From the 3.1.1 Release Notes: 6 Life Cycle Changes l Composer Media Edition has been discontinued for OS 3.1.1 and forward. This is related to the security changes to eliminate the default password. Homeowners who require this functionality can work with their dealer to get Composer Home Edition.
  12. I might be wrong but I had thought support for Composer ME had been dropped completely in favour of Composer HE only.
  13. 2. I still stick with the default blue for on and black for off, but you could just as easily have red for off and blue or green for on. That said, if its just about visibility of the keypads when the room is dark, that's the whole point in getting engraved buttons. If you have had your lighting control system installed by a professional dealer and they did not include or at least offer to supply engraved keypad buttons after completion of the installation then they have done you a disservice. The engraved buttons not only have text which tells anybody what the buttons actually do, but the eng
  14. Sonos, Bluesound, HEOS, Yamaha Musicast
  15. I'll second that, whilst I have installed dozens of Anthem MRX receivers using the Annex4 driver that Alan refers to, I had not had any significant issues with it to be honest. It was a little slow at switching inputs, which Alan's driver has resolved, but otherwise has worked perfectly for me so far. I am now using Alan's driver and as is usually the case from the Chowmain team, the driver has been excellent and and love the ability to switch easily between speaker profiles on the fly. In our showroom, we have a 5.1.2 channel Atmos system and have 4 separate speaker profiles configu
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