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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/oxwceps874hlbp7/cable_Formuler_Z8.c4i?dl=0
  2. Blustream, especially with their Custom Pro chassis will have something to cover those requirements. If you want a 6x4 matrix then no problem. Absolutely rock solid integration with C4 via a sponsored driver authored by Chowmainsoft. https://www.blustream.co.uk/custom-pro-4k-60hz-444-matrix
  3. My suggestion of a single printer only SSID broadcast from a single AP is no doubt also avoiding the issue with the fast roaming incompatibility, as the device cannot roam if there is only one source of the SSID it connects to.
  4. Do you have multiple wireless access points? HP printers absolutely hate seeing more than one source of an SSID. In a multi-AP Wi-Fi environment I often setup a hidden printer only SSID and configure it to be broadcast by only the AP closest to the printer, fixes these issues with HP printers every time.
  5. That's interesting, because CEC is not a requirement for eARC to function at all, it is transmitted over the previously unused ethernet channel pairs as a completely stand-alone audio signal.
  6. In that case I would add one of the generic ‘No Control’ audio source drivers to act as a dummy audio source, you will then be able to select it as a Listen audio source and then you would just start playback from your device to the BT receiver.
  7. No, you would just make the audio output device supplying the audio to the Bluetooth transmitter the audio endpoint for that room. That could be the analogue output from a controller or a Triad audio matrix for example.
  8. If the HC800 has completely failed, then I can get in touch with my contacts in your area and get a replacement controller and integration with your current system sorted. Just PM me and we can take things from there.
  9. 1. Do you have panelised/centralised lighting controls or are they all via keypad dimmers/switches 2. If the former, the fallback behaviour for some of the keypad buttons should still function without the primary controller being up and running, that is if the installer has bothered their arse to correctly configure the fallback behaviour. If that does not work then at the very least you can control the loads from the individual circuit buttons on the 8 channel dimmer/relay modules themselves. 3. If the latter, the keypad dimmers, if factory reset (tap top button 13 times, bottom bu
  10. We do the same where possible, EA-3 or EA-5 in rack for main control and audio streaming duties, EA-1 - PoE version behind each TV for OSD, ZigBee and local IR control. The whole system runs more stable, remotes respond instantly and OSD is for that room exclusively as it should be. This is how you put a Control4 system together according to best practice recommendations and it works. Anything else will be a compromise somewhere. I've been to loads of jobs where the original integrator has tried to run everything from a single centralised controller, splicing IR from it to remo
  11. Can't be too presumptuous here, perhaps Adbul is a completely fresh dealer with little to no experience and has now come across his first failed controller and just checking if there is anything else to try. Abdul, if that's the case I would get in touch with Control4 or the distributor for your region and speak to tech support.
  12. Abdul, are you a Control4 dealer? If you are then you should be well versed on how to troubleshoot this issue. If you are not a dealer then you should not be using Composer Pro in the first place.
  13. Hi all, Not sure if allowed to post about this so please delete if necessary. I just wanted to send out an invite to a new FaceBook group (Control4 Community UK) I created with the intention of increasing communication and collaboration between C4 dealers and end-users in the UK. This is primarily aimed at partnering UK dealers with end-users to generate mutual partnerships along with the discussion of integration requests and solutions that may bring the two together. I'm aware there are lots of new dealers on the scene who could benefit from a bit more visibility and lots
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