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  1. No worries, that’s what I thought. Glad to hear all working well.
  2. SR250s, HC200s, HC300s, HC250s, there’s not a single product being discussed in this thread that is remotely new. Other than for cost saving reasons, why would you not just buy SR260s and EA-1s? By purchasing HC250s, you are just digging yourself another hole to get out of in the very near future when they become truly end of line and unsupported. You can’t have HC250s in OS3 at all so you are already blocking any further upgrade potential by adding them to the system.
  3. We do this all the time, the Blustream CAT100AU is the product we use. Transmitter unit is powered over CAT from the receiver unit in the rack. Built in DAC at receiver unit for 2Ch analogue out. Supports Digital Optical and Coaxial transmission (simultaneously if necessary) and will output both natively with a switch to determine which goes through DAC and out via analogue output too. https://www.blustream.co.uk/cat100au As Blustream is not distributed in the US, Blustream OEM this model under the Xantech brand and is this unit: https://www.xantech.com/product/audio-over-cat-cable-built-dac-XT-CAT-ARC-KIT Exactly the same product, made by Blustream for Xantech.
  4. I think timers are very light on resources, I doubt there would be any issues with multiple timers all running at the same time. That's how I do it with my bathroom lights and extraction fan, when lights turn off and fan is still on it starts a 10 min timer and then switches off the fan.
  5. This functonality can all be done entirely within the Sonos app. Why don't you just use the 'Autoplay Line In' function on the Sonos and configure it to play through the Beam as the default speaker when audio detected on the Line-in on the Connect?
  6. Draytek 2862 router and a single UAP-AC-LR.
  7. I would setup a completely separate SSID on 2.4GHz only for the Neeo and see how that performs. I had to do this in our Showroom just to get it to connect at all.
  8. Have you installed the ProTouch IQ Thermostats and Hub? If so then they are just rebranded Heatmiser NeoStats and NeoHub and so the Heatmiser 'Neo Network (OS2.7+) DAD' and 'Network Thermostat' should work perfectly. Please feel free to PM me if you need further assistance with those drivers.
  9. There isn't one, most of the IP drivers are only for the RX-A series and above.
  10. I pretty said it there already, was just a non-controllable audio source into the matrix, but we made a custom Piano icon for the driver, nothing special. Client can either set it to play itself from its own dedicated app and then select as a source in any rooms or can select as a source and play it live throughout the house if desired.
  11. http://www.lutron.com/TechnicalDocumentLibrary/LutronDimmingBasics.pdf
  12. In Composer Pro or via Control4 Dealer website. and here: https://drivers.control4.com/solr/drivers/browse?q=universal
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