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  1. Hi all, Not sure if allowed to post about this so please delete if necessary. I just wanted to send out an invite to a new FaceBook group (Control4 Community UK) I created with the intention of increasing communication and collaboration between C4 dealers and end-users in the UK. This is primarily aimed at partnering UK dealers with end-users to generate mutual partnerships along with the discussion of integration requests and solutions that may bring the two together. I'm aware there are lots of new dealers on the scene who could benefit from a bit more visibility and lots
  2. You can also favourite albums, playlists etc within the C4 app. Start the playlist playing once via Spotify app and select a room to play it in on C4 app and then hit the 'Heart' button to favourite it. You can then select and play that Spotify playlist in any room entirely from within the favourites list in the C4 app
  3. If you have the option of running an audio cable back to matrix from each Echo then great, but as a retrofit solution this works.
  4. In case it's of interest, here is document another C4 dealer, Ryan Messinger created detailing how to integrated Alexa into a Control4 multi-zone audio system. https://www.dropbox.com/s/r3yzu7v48ov3smw/Integrating Alexa’s Audio into a Control4 Audio System.pdf?dl=0
  5. You would think so, but more often than not larger speakers such as floorstanding models tend to offer higher efficiency than smaller bookshelf models and so, contrary to what one might think, they might be a better match for a lower powered amplifier than smaller speakers.
  6. Just to point out the first 4 words of my post were “I could be wrong here” so if I was then so be it. Either way, what you are asking for is quite simply against C4 dealer agreement and any dealer found doing so or having done so will find themselves terminated as a dealer.
  7. I could be wrong here, but the OP of this thread may well be an end user who initially contacted me via FB asking about remote programming and then turned out they were looking for access to Composer License and asking about receiving training from me on how to program the system etc. I have already given them all the relevant information about it being completely against dealer policy to do so. It is also very likely that the termination of the previous dealer being referred to by the OP was for related reasons. Anyway, just a heads up for anyone else that @yoho decides to get in to
  8. From controller IR our to the dummy IR copy of driver. No other bindings needed at all. Then in Programming tell it to turn on IR one when IP one turns on. IP one can remain as primary driver and video endpoint for the room.
  9. Yes, just add a second copy of same driver to project, obviously no need to bind/identify via IP as you are controlling via IR, just bind the IR output from the controller to its IR input. Then in programming I just configure that when 'IP Controlled TV' turns on then turn on 'IR Controlled TV'.
  10. We use the pre-made Planet Waves 3.5m jack to unterminated ends. Just need to cut back to length and then fit the PW RCA ends on. http://www.habitech.co.uk/Cable/Planet+Waves/Planet+Waves+35mm+Stereo+to+Dual+unterminated+-+182+m_PLA-PW-MP-06.htm They come in a 1.82m length so long enough for most internal rack purposes.
  11. Punch down couplers are definitely more reliable, RJ45 couplers can get knocked and misaligned and drop connectively on one of more pins on occasions. If I was ever joining/extending a CAT cable where reliability of connection was vital and future access to the joint location would not be possible or at least not easy I would use a punch down couplers every time.
  12. ARC = Audio Rarely Comes. As above, its generally very unreliable and any integrator who knows what they are doing and does not want repeated call-backs will never use it.
  13. Bought for a job but no longer needed. This kit is completely brand new and unused. Great HDBaseT extender kit supporting full 4K/4:4:4/60Hz transmission using CSC technology. https://www.blustream.co.uk/hex70cskit SRP in UK is £418 inc. VAT Looking to sell for £300 inc. insured postage anywhere in the UK.
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