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  1. @digitaltrader I'm with you as well. Spent a lot of money for this doorbell only a couple of years ago and now my dealer tells me is obsolete. I have same problem with having to cut a custom hole in my front entrance to accommodate and now I'm screwed.
  2. I called my alarm company and they gave me a the master user code and that one worked when I added it to the driver. Thank you both for your help.
  3. Thanks dcovach. I figured it out. I just didn't have the timer agent added in my project. Once I added then I was able to figure it out. Thanks again.
  4. It looks like I need a master code to create a new code. I don't have the master code. I was hoping it would be easy to arm the alarm with programming.
  5. So do I need to ask the alarm company to setup a new code to arm the alarm? I have a VISTA 21IP with 4232CBM Module
  6. This is the driver that I'm using. Is this the location to put the code? I don't see any other areas to add the code in the driver.
  7. Can someone provide an example screenshot of how to create a timer. Thanks.
  8. Are you able to provide an example screenshot of how I can create a timer. thank you!
  9. I recently got a new alarm and I will like to arm automatically at night and I’m able to set the program to arm, but I don’t see a way to enter the pass code that is required to arm it, so it fails. Any help here is greatly appreciated.
  10. I'm trying to turn on a light when the door bell is press and conditionals don't seem to work. I will like the light to come on from 7pm till 11pm. Delay for 5min and then turn off.
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