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  1. I noticed that the Break command doesn't exit out of the If <statement>. How do I end the if statement so that it doesn't continue with the rest of the commands following a variable set to true?
  2. Yeah I'm going crazy already. Thanks again. 👍
  3. That works perfectly. I setup custom button to set variable to true/false and set the variables at the door bell. This gave me an idea for vacation mode. I've been wanting to do different lights etc for vacation and this logic works great for that as well. Thanks again for great idea.
  4. Excellent! Thank you Eggzlot. This makes sense, I'll give it a shot and I greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi Eggzlot, Sounds like a great idea. I understand the concept, but I'm still a novice in c4 programming. I would love to see an example on how you're calling the variable from some of the programming modules. How does the custom button triggers the actions. Thanks.
  6. Thanks. Is break same as end? I don't see end in programming control.
  7. @ecschneiAwesome! Thank you. I could find one with slash through it, but one with exclamation seemed to work Is this what it should look like?
  8. Hi All, I'm trying to setup a custom door bell for Christmas time. I can't find an else statement to trigger the normal door bell. Right now it still plays both in December. Is there a better way to do this?
  9. I bought a used LU642NAP on eBay and I was able to get it configured, but I'm not able to login to it through the web interface. I get prompted for username / pwd. Is there a default or a way to reset it to factory default?
  10. @digitaltrader I'm with you as well. Spent a lot of money for this doorbell only a couple of years ago and now my dealer tells me is obsolete. I have same problem with having to cut a custom hole in my front entrance to accommodate and now I'm screwed.
  11. I called my alarm company and they gave me a the master user code and that one worked when I added it to the driver. Thank you both for your help.
  12. Thanks dcovach. I figured it out. I just didn't have the timer agent added in my project. Once I added then I was able to figure it out. Thanks again.
  13. It looks like I need a master code to create a new code. I don't have the master code. I was hoping it would be easy to arm the alarm with programming.
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