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  1. 32GB was the only spare I had on hand. I found a dead 250 and pulled its card which was a 4GB and threw it into the box and it mounted just fine. I was able to clear the project and get the new one setup. So far the swapped card seems to be doing the trick. I think I read a KB article after the fact that 16GB was the max size. Thanks for the tip on the smaller size.
  2. I've got an HC-250 that isn't mounting the SD Card. I've attempted to reseat the card and swap it with a different one. The one I swapped with is a 32GB instead of the 8GB size that is in there. Any tips or steps I could try to get it to recognize the card or am I looking at a bigger problem? The plan was to use it to run a small living room setup. Would I still be able to do that without the SD card or am I asking for trouble?
  3. Looking for a driver for my new tv. It's the 65B7A running web OS 3.5. Shoot me a pm with the price. Prefer the ip driver I think its apex who is the developer?
  4. The switches that cause it are on different circuits. Even lighting the gas stove does it. I'll definitely give the cable swaps a go.
  5. This location is not using a shielded cable. It's the only one that behaves this way. It's using a Cat5E that the builder ran. I have a spare Cat6 I could try just to test the cable. Thanks for the suggestion.
  6. I have a SnapAV B300 located in my upstairs equipment room. This feeds down to a receiver in my living room and then from the receiver to the TV. When I'm watching a source that is being fed by the matrix and someone flips a light switch the video signal drops out for a second. The audio continues playing just fine I just lose the video. I've tried swapping the balun at the TV and the problem persisted. I have the balun plugged into a battery backup so I don't think the balun is losing power. I've also replaced the receiver and the problem persisted. Any ideas on troubleshooting this behavior?
  7. Thanks for all of the PMs I was able to get this purchased.
  8. Looking for quotes on a license for this driver. PM's are fine.
  9. How much?? Does that include any of the receivers?
  10. This is kinda old and not sure if you figured it out. I just setup a zwave lock through vera. With any device you're configuring through vera you have to make sure the Section, Room and device names are spelled exactly as they appear in the vera interface. You'll then have two drivers per zwave device. The vera lock driver and then a generic c4 lock driver. Then in the connections tab you'll connect those two devices and program against the generic c4 device. If you're entering the section, room and device name and pressing "set" after each one and the device id doesn't auto populate I'd review the spelling and maybe even the capitalization.
  11. I run it in a docker container on my Synology. Does Qnap support that? I've pretty much stopped using the package manager on my nas in favor of docker to avoid stuff breaking with each update.
  12. Just had this driver installed and it replaced a free kodi driver I was using. In this driver the FF and RW buttons now do a 10 sec skip forward or back. The other driver allowed it to use the FF feature of 1x / 2x / 4x / 8x. Is it possible to swap to that style of FF instead of the small steps?
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