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  1. That works perfectly! I just need an elegant way to turn the TV back off without the whole room following now. Many thanks!
  2. Hi folks, Does anyone know away of selecting a "watch" option without the audio source following? We have a project with CCTV distributed to TVs throughout via the HD matrix, but when the CCTV is selected the audio playing in that room turns off - obviously the director is trying to route the (silent) audio alongside. I'd like the TVs to work as they do, displaying the CCTV source, but leaving the selected audio playing. My thought is to have a HDMI driver that carries no audio, but I cant see how I'd make one. Cheers, Richard
  3. Hi I have a troublesome touchscreen (current, CTT7) which was running quite nicely with a HC250 and 2.9.1, alongside an sr-250. The systems on the latest (2nd release) 2.10.0 The touchscreen doenst see as much use as the remote so I've not long noticed, but it won't see my wireless network. I've tried factory restoring it, even manually adding the network in case it was ans ssid issue, but it's not. Other nearby networks are listed, but not mine, and all my other wifi devices work fine. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  4. Hey guys, I've just finished a nice straight forward home cinema install with an EA5 and SR260 after the older stuff was killed by a lightning strike. All is well except the Watch and Listen lists on the HC260. In system design I select the room, then watch, modify, and take out all the sources that I don't need (basically 500,000 streaming options from the AV receiver), and the same for the listen menu. I hit refresh navigators, pick up the remote and they're all still there, though in composer they're correctly greyed out. If I come ut of the Navigator pane and back in, they're all back. Just like that cat! Help!! G
  5. Hi guys, sorry for the sllloooow reply, my install has had t take a sideline for a couple of weeks because there's too much on. The HC250 is indeed running a zigbee server and I'd say no more than ten feet away and line-of-sight, not that it matters much. Yes, I have the ID window open. One thing I've been told is that the job the SR250 came out of *might* have been embernet. Would it be a case of having to connect to and old system first, then update and to zigbee? I thought embernet and zigbee largely the same thing.
  6. I have added it in composer pro, and this will be the only ZigBee device thus far. I work for a dealer, so yes, I suppose I am haha. I've tried changing ZigBee channels and resetting the HC250, but still it's as if the two just won't see each other.
  7. Hi guys, I have a n HC-250 controlling a few bits in my lounge, and have just been given a used SR-250. I have tried the Room Off, #, *, 1,3,4,1,3 sequence, but I get no response from the remote. I've then done List, List, 2, 4, 8, 6, #, * to make sure the remote is at least showing a valid zigbee channel - it is - and lastly held the "red 4" and 0 while inserting the batteries to forace a factory reset Still, four presses on the Red 4 does nothing :-/ Any thoughts? Cheers, G
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