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  1. https://www.matterlink.sg/ They will ship to you or point you in the right direction.
  2. Any changes that you or a tech made that may have triggered an issue? The Alarm will report a problem if it is not communicating with the network if it is not retorting a problem then the TL280 receiver may have been disabled. The TL280 has Communicator Status LED's that indicate error situations have a look at these and correlate them to the TL280 manual. I have had the following issues previously: - Electrician wired a data cable 1 is to 1 as in not to T568A or T568B spec the TL280 didn't like this - Alarm tech wired the ribbon cable to the TL280 from the main alarm board inverted - The TL280 receiver board was disabled in the Alarm setup - Change of any of the Installation Info in the TL280 Control 4 Driver - Change in the IP Subnet while the TL280 has a Static IP Address Hope this helps.
  3. Shardik - Was it working previously?
  4. Try the following on the Alarm Keypad *8 #### 851 999 55 #### = Your Programmer Code 999 55 restarts the TL280 which cures issues by re-connecting after a restart.
  5. Welcome JasOr happy to help. Am assuming DLS added something which the C4 integration didn't like. Dave w have always used the default Own Key without a problem.
  6. Power cycle after making 426 - 3 only. If you read this thread I had the same problem after following the PDF you used.
  7. Documentation is on the driver. Make the change as above and it will fix things. The PDF you attach has an error
  8. Assuming you are reading the instructions from an old PDF vs from the driver Documentation.
  9. Have you set the following sub-sections on the Panel 425, 426, 428, 429 & 711?
  10. Peer Code should be all 12 digits that you read from the panel.
  11. Does the C4 TL-280 driver say TRUE in the ready to communicate column?
  12. JasOr assuming you have gone through all the settings on the Neo Panel? Double check them. Have done quite a few installs and the standard procedure I follow is to install the latest C4 TL-280 driver then the Neo settings on the panel toggle the driver to IP and on the odd occasion power cycle the Alarm panel. This kicks the system in for me every time. I remember once the electrician had wired a data cable randomly not to spec and the panel would not work. New connectors crimped to spec and boom all systems go. Best of luck.
  13. The same driver has Serial option. The TL-280 comes in a few versions including Serial. But the Serial version is not available here in NZ have a check in your part of the world.
  14. Hi recently updated a HS2016 that was connected to C4 through the TL280 V4.1 board. Regular problem I had with the V4.1 card was that when C4 got a major firmware update or the DSC driver got updated the link between C4 and DSC would crash. Only way to re-link was to power cycle the DSC. The update seems to have fixed this issue. Found the DLS software online. Non intuitive as mentioned in this thread. But you will find your way around. Do update the software this downloads the latest firmware packages for for the variants of DSC that you select. Hopefully this cures the zone expander issue that I have at some sites.
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