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  1. Reviving an old thread. We just upgraded to OS3 and having the same issue ; when someone rings the doorbell we get a black screen, and can only see the video if we "answer" the call. I turned off monitor and auto-answer on each T3, and still no luck. My dealer says this is expected behavior in OS3 (as compared to OS2). Can anyone comment on this?
  2. Hi, I have an HC800 system that was installed in 2014 that used a mixture of motorized Somfy shades/roman blinds and Somfy Glydea Drape motors. The system is controlled by hardwired SDN connectivity, We were using the Blinds V2 (blindV2.c4i) We recently upgraded to OS3 and we can get all the blinds/shades to work (up down motion) , but we cannot get any communications with the drapes that goes left/right. I tried to find some third party drivers and from the documentation they seem to only work with "shades" and not drapes. Somfy is of no help, and C4 says they never tested Somfy SDN drapes. Does anyone know of any 3rd party OS3 drivers that work with Somfy Glydea SDN drapes which communicate over serial RS485?
  3. No, not at the matrix and no programming is required. I am running the dot directly to the amp which is connected to the speakers. So when Alexa speaks it is running directly to the amp, to the speakers, bypassing the matrix and c4 the downside is that if you are actually running something on those speakers from the matrix and c4 then Alexa will just talk over it and be mixed in.. like if you kitchen was already playing something controlled from Control4 Alexa has no way of knowing it and will talk over the already playing source
  4. Sound quality is perfect and it works flawlessly. The downside is you have an amp running all the time , but I already had that because I wanted our doorbell chime to ring on the house speakers without any delay so I was already paying the higher energy cost. You just need and rca splitter cable at the amp to mix in the Alexa
  5. What I did was use existing Ethernet/telephone cabling and ran the 3.5mm audio from the echo dot over the structured wiring back to the rack and used a y splitter to plug into the amp for that zone You need to leave the amp on all the time for this but I can now ask Alexa to do any command and the audio comes out of the ceiling speakers in each room independently
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