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  1. Looks like two of them, if I am looking in the right place on them, were on 1.7. The other one was on 2.5 which is showing up in the SDDP but it is not letting me add it as it says, I do not have the driver.
  2. That worked perfectly. Many thanks. I was hoping I didn't have to put that touch screen in the "not supported" pile of three C4-TSM- G-B I have collecting dust... Unless you know of a workaround on those too?
  3. Recently upgraded to 2.10. One of my touchscreens is the C4-TT7, which C4 said it supported in the new version. However, in order for me to install 2.10 I had to take the drive out of 2.9. Now that I am using 2.10 I cannot put the driver back in. It's in the drivers but says obsolete and will not allow me to put it back in. Has anyone figured a workaround on this yet?
  4. Circling back around on this. I bought the Tripp Lite adaptor. Hooked it all up, nothing. Cut off the two Cat 5 connectors and rewired, nothing. Put in a new Cat 5 cable, rewired, nothing. Pulled the 4232 Honeywell CBM off the alarm panel door and put it right next to my 800 control like before and wired it like before, nothing. This is driving me bonkers. Now even with the way it was working before it is now not working. Any other suggestions?
  5. Yeah, I am really upset that I am to this point. I once had it hooked up to a media server PC in my basement. I had the external hard drive connected there and it worked GREAT until... WINDOWS 10 automatic update happened without me knowing. I rarely looked at the server and it was 30+ days before I noticed the upgrade. By then it was too late to go back to Windows 7 Now I have Windows 10 and Composer no longer connects to the drive on the media server PC. I was forced to put the external hard drive on my 800 and it's been a HUGE hassle ever since to get the hundreds of AVI movies on the drive to play. At the time it made no sense that Composer would not connect with the media drives. I fought it for months. Even had my Buddy who is a network specialist in the Navy come over to see if he could get Composer to recognize the networked media PC and drives. 4 hours later my Buddy threw up his hands in disgust. Any other ideas?
  6. Thanks for all your replies. I do have a C4 media player. Do I need to convert the files from AVI to MP4 for them to show up and play from the drive plugged into the USB on the 800?
  7. No, I must have typed that incorrectly. I want to keep the drive on my local network PC but now since my PC upgraded to Windows 10, control4 composer no longer recognizes the drive on the PC for me to scan the media on the drive. I can see it on the network drive but it will not recognize it when I click connect in Composer. Which is strange because I can pull up a movie on any computer/device in the home but composer will not connect to it anymore.
  8. Ah, that makes sense. I used to have the drive on a PC but recently (Windows 10 update) composer does not connect with the drive on the computer anymore. I see it but when I go to connect to it, it no longer says it can connect. Any insight? I would prefer to keep it on the computer to stay away from the hassle this has become to connect the drive to my 800. Thank you!
  9. I have a Seagate 1tb external hard drive that I loaded with both MP3 music and AVI movies. Plugged it into my 800 controller with the USB port. Everything populated in Project BUT when I scan the drive it only scans into my "library" the MP3 files and not the AVI movies. I made sure AVI was a file it looked for when scanning. Any ideas why and how to fix?
  10. For the past few years, I have had my ripped movies and music on two separate hard drives on a home computer, one internal and 1 external. I used a Network File Storage driver in Composer and then put the path to the computer/drives in and connected them. Again, this worked really well for a long time. This computer and drives sits in my basement and rarely do I look at it. WELL, that's until it upgraded itself to Windows 10 from Windows 7. What once was a slick/easy way to manage my content, has turned into a nightmare. Now none of my audio or video content plays on my Control 4 system and I cannot for the life of me get it to connect to the Network file Storage I have set up in Composer. I have tried everything I can think of to get the NFS to connect. Nothing. Just an error saying it will not connect. I can see the network path and set the path in composer but once I hit connect, i get a cannot connect to file storage error. Here is the strange part. I can stream the media on the drives from ANY computer in my home with no issues but not through Control 4 anymore. I am not running Home Group and am just sharing the drives. I have given "everyone" full access. I unplugged by external hard drive and plugged it into my 800 through the USB port. Now I have music back on my C4 system but my movies are on the ssd internal drive in the computer. Working with the hard drive on the 800 is not so slick anymore, working through the IP address in explorer. Any advice on why, how to fix and why it's doing this to me?
  11. Yeah, it works if I directly plug it into the wire I cut. But I have to take the alarm panel door off and put it close to the 800 because the 4232 CBM is stuck to the Alarm panel door. I ordered the adapter. Hope that works.
  12. Alright, I will bite and buy the RJ45 modular Serial Adapter. BUT a signal wire is a signal wire right? I'm just not sure how this adapter is going to solve my issue. please enlighten me as to why. Right now I have a serial cable I am using to plug into the serial port on the 800. I cut that cable because the other end was male and could not be used. I then found the Ground, RX, and TX wires which were Green, Orange and Red. I spliced in a CAT5 wire using almost the same colors except Brown is being used instead of Red. I pulled that into my 4232 CBM and nothing. BUT if I plus the serial cable directly without the CAT5 in the 4232 CBM using Green, Orange and Red, it works. So, somehow I am losing signal in the 8 ft of CAT5 cable, right? How is an adapter and a 8 ft CAT5 going to fix this. Again, I'll bite but why? Here are some photo's of what I have temporarily put together.
  13. New to the group but I had an issue when I tried to wire my existing Honeywell Alarm to integrate with my c4 system. I got it working but hate the way I got it working. So, I am looking for advice. Here is my issue. I bought the Honeywell circuit board (4232 CBM) to help the Alarm panel "communicate" with my 800 controller. I stuck it inside the alarm panel with two-way tape, on the door, which made sense because the wires (power etc..) going to the alarm are right there that needed to be connected. However, to plug it into the 800 control I used a 12 pin serial cable which I cut the male portion off. I used the Orange, Green, and Red for TX, RX and Ground pin wires for communication out of the serial cable. I then ran a CAT5 cable over from the 800 to the alarm panel about 8 feet away to connect to the RX, TX and Gound on the circuit board. This did not work. I asked an installer Friend and he said try moving the alarm closer to the 800 and get rid of the CAT5. Half-heartedly I tried it. Putting the physical alarm panel door with the 4232 CBM on top of the 800, connecting the serial wire direct and using the CAT5 for the power to the alarm. It instantly started working. UGLY work around. Out of curiosity I took it all back to the Alarm door and 4232 CBM back on the alarm box and ran the receiving wires back to the CAT5 again. Again, did not work but not UGLY. I asked my Friend again and he said you CANNOT use CAT5 to send and receive data from the alarm which baffles my mind. My next option is to peel the 4232 CBM (without damaging it somehow) and stick it to my 800 and run the serial cable to it again without the CAT5. Back to UGLY but working Any advice/help on how to keep the panel door with 4232 CBM on the alarm panel box door AND have it communicate with the 800 controller?
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