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  1. Looking for a driver that could work with SmartLife network controlled devices. There are so many devices by many manufacturers it would be a big addition. Currently they work with Google as well.
  2. We got the GH on Friday and my wife has not seen me since. Been having some issues with certain things working and others not. For instance.... I can tell GH "find my phone" and the programming for the assistant works fine. It replies with the words I have programmed and calls my phone. A contact sensor inside C4 programming sends to Pushover and IFTTT sends an email and SMS. GH is very finicky and doesn't respond to a lot of the words I program into assistant for controlling C4. I just got my first one to work last night after days of trying different things. It might also be that Im not understanding the variables inside of C4 yet. Can you give a couple of screen shot examples of your composer variable programming for room control. Youtube video would be cool if your inclined. I have noticed some big differences in the Chowmain literature as compared to the real world.
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