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  1. What a ripoff that quote is !!! The Luxul networking gear alone will cost you thousands more than it's necessary , skip it and find a dealer that uses Ubiquiti.Erlite router for a $100 ,access points at $150 each . Surveillance cameras ,forget about the Luma equipment , way too expensive for what it is ,look for a dealer that uses Hikvision , again you'll save thousands and it's all Control4 compatible. The Luma stuff is all rebranded Hinvision equipment anyway,why pay double-triple for the same thing. Skip the Control4 intercom door station ,very expensive , limited functionality and buggy as hell . Look at the Doorbird systems , control4 compatible ,costs 500 and will also ring your phone with their free app . Skip the 10" tabletop touchscreen ,you might as well get the latest 10" iPad for half the price and use the free Control4 app to accomplish the same thing. Skip the EA1 controllers behind each TV ( at $650 a pop it will save you thousands) ,their only function is to show you the Control4 menu on the TV screen ,you won't use it very often ,use the app on your phone/ipad instead. Or have them feed the HDMI output from the EA5 into the HDMI matrix if you want a Control4 screen on each TV . The Omnimount rack is way overpriced , MSRP is 649USD , should be about 830 Canadian . Lighting control is again overpriced ,chances are you'll be OK with Forward phase dimmers at half the price ,you'll probably have only a few tricky loads( light bulbs ) in the house that wouldn't work with forward dimmers and you can get adaptive ones for them ,if you have to . The Wirepath surge conditioner is overpriced ,look for Panamax Bluebolt and skip the UPS battery backup to save another 1300 . It's not necessary as none of your AV equipment is critical ,we are not talking about NASA's main servers here,I'm sure you'll be able to survive 10 min without TV if there's a power outage in your area. The Leaf HDMI matrix is also way overpriced and it doesn't even support HDR , there are other brands that do and are less expensive ( atlona , av proconnect) . If you don't need HDR ,Vanco . But to get the highest possible resolution from the new Apple TV ,you'll need HDR capable equipment . You can probably get away with an EA3 controller ,half the price of the EA5 ,your project is not that big . Installation charges also seem a bit excessive , 2 guys should be able to do everything in the proposal for 3 days ,4 at the most . Multiply the total man hours by the normal hourly rate for your area . Last but not least , 1300 dollars for short interconnect cables and the so called shop parts ( must be the cable ties they'll use) is crazy , you can buy a truck load of them at that price.
  2. Hi elodesigns , Which user interface do you like better in the end ? I couldn't figure it out from your last sentence , is Fusion or Autonomics better ?
  3. Just out of curiosity , what do you keep sponsoring the worst company in the USA by renting boxes from them at $10 per month ? Do yourself a favor and get a TIVO - it will save you money in the long run , flawless IP control with Control4 , Netflix , Amazon Video , 4K , Plex , Commercial Skip mode . If you are a dealer , tell people about TIVO , 99% of the people don't know that they can get their own boxes and save on rental fees . I've been hearing about X1integration and IP control for the last 3 years (actually signed up for the CXI program an year ago ) and I think it's just a gimmick used by Comcast to dissuade custom installers from suggesting other solutions to their customers . Even if it happens it won't be reliable cause they use crappy equipment that needs to be rebooted once a week and you'll still be paying $10 a month per cable box forever . Also ,get yourself your own cable modem and again save money by not renting theirs . Never rent any equipment from Comcast if you have a choice and right now you still do , you can get your own modem , router , cable boxes , etc. It pains me everytime when I see any of my customers dealing with their zombie support representatives in India , who can't deviate one step from the scripts they read to actually solve a customer's problem and instead keep reffering them to different departments . Comcast has been rated the worst Company in the USA for the last 10 years in a row , they should have been out of business a long time ago, but unfortunately they pretty much have a monopoly on the cable TV market in most areas .
  4. Two Samsung UN65KS8000 TV's are being controlled via the ExLink port and all commands work except when I try to power up the TV from standby, the first time I hit watch Tivo or Apple TV the TV doesn't turn on , until I hit Room Off and then Watch Tivo again . Same issue on both TV's . Looks like the TV needs to receive the Power On command twice , before it actually turns on .Has anyone else experienced this issue ? Tried using different drivers makes no difference , currently using the one for the 2015 JU7100 series .
  5. I'm having the exact same issue , but wasn't able to get it resolved by following the above steps , HC250 running on 2.8.2 . Tried deleting the Amason Music service in Sonos and the driver in composer multiple times , changing the Amazon password , still no workie . Customer is not happy .Any other suggestions ? TIA
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