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  1. Hello. So back on this problem of the matrix only outputting one of the stereo channels. - have confirmed firmware box is filled in - have tested if it is an IP problem by connecting and disconnecting. No change - only resolution is power cycle. .... So. Is there any way I can programme in C4 HE a power restart on the matrix?! I looked through the options and couldn’t see anything? any other ideas to help stop this behaviour many thanks!
  2. thanks ! So on 3.1.1 overall on the EA-5, but this has been a problem since earlier generations do I need to upgrade firmware in the audio matrix too? Thanks
  3. Hello, I have had a persistent problem ever since our system was installed a few years ago. We have the audio matrix switch 16/16. This is linked to two C4 amps. Every day or so the audio matrix starts outputting on just one speaker channel to all zones. To change it back I have to do a power cycle and it fixes for another day or so. I have double checked but there doesn’t appear to be an overheating problem. could there be any ways I can fix this. It is quite frustrating! Thanks
  4. thanks @burowyako and @c4toys Yes - the quest is to start the same source in both rooms from the start. Yet in programming i seem to be only able to add one room at a time, which triggers the station to act like a different source each time. I would like the outcome to be just like adding a room to the existing audio stream in the app. thanks!
  5. Hi. Happy new year to all so another quick one in programming if you have one zone playing music and want to add another room to that zone what is the logic. I have a routine to play a radio station in the bedroom. What I want to do is add another room to that stream. When I do it now both zones have a different stream not joined together and out of sync. I try to match the audio to what is playing in the bedroom but it still plays as a separate stream. Can I say ‘play this station in BOTH these rooms’? probably very easy but confusing me! Thanks
  6. Hello - we have the control4 wired keypads with engraved buttons. With hindsight I probably would have chosen a different solution but too late to change now. the engraved buttons are cool BUT very fragile. Pressing the buttons, or cleaning them can break off the letters and they look cheap and nasty. we have already reordered all the buttons via our dealer from C4. bit some have broken again. question - Would be interested if there was any other company who prepares the same buttons and engraved ? It’s just so annoying and expensive to keep using c4. we are in the Uk I did search here but not sure if anyone has found an alternative? many thanks!
  7. Oh I am an idiot. Got it Everyone is very kind found how to nest underneath. Refreshed but still no execute. I think I must have missed a trick on the command ‘when I change the input to Apple TV 4K’ in the cinema. Wonder if it’s because it’s in the rack. Photo attached. thanks everyone
  8. Thanks! Ok I am nearly there. however not quite....! so I have the action I think very simply but it will not execute. I am being stupid here?
  9. Now that’s a different and long story to do with the capabilities of my matrix! what I need to find is the action for when ‘applet tv 4k’ is selected to this. Cannot see where that action would be on the left. All the room options don’t allow to select an individual device? Thanks!
  10. Hello just started with Composer HE and have basic question. i want to put in a programme that WHEN a device is selected (apple tv) then an action takes place (in this case changing an audio source) in the progamming left hand side, device events - under apple it just has an event of Power on Power off etc. But i think i need one which is "when device is selected" as power on and off dont get triggered when device is selected (it is always on) i can work out the programming on device actions which work when i press execute. But just need the Device Event for "when apple TV is selected" am i being stupid? thanks!
  11. I would wholeheartedly recommend @msgreenf to help you for offline/remote help here. He helped tweak a few updates/drivers/devices for me. As I understand it with HE you cannot install new devices sadly
  12. Trying to use When Then a little more... I would like to programme it so that when you press a button e.g. it start a streaming channel AND changes the volume to a certain level. i cannot see anywhere on When Then the ability to set the room volume. Am i missing something - or does it just use the default volumes? sorry if i am being silly, thanks!
  13. Gary thanks for your response. I have looked at the UK models of the LG 32 inches. But none have drivers on the c4 database. Eg LG 32LK6100 are you saying that the generic driver can control them? Good news as I am still looking for up control thanks!
  14. Hello. Looking for someone with control4 access who can help me add a few updates devices and tidy up some system stuff. Needs remote access which I don’t have. Prefer to pay someone who can do remotely rather than $$$$ to ask my dealer who cannot seem to work it out. Please dm me. Thanks!
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