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  1. In the end I got an old second hand matrix which works, and two new amps. All good now. Could find no way to fix the dodgy matrix.
  2. Hello i have a new power amp linked to my control 4 audio matrix. The new amp needs the 12v trigger signal to stay on. I would like to program either my ea5 or IO extender with a simple command: - when matrix senses audio, switch on 12v trigger- for the life of me I cannot see anything in HE to get me to that part of the program. What am I missing! thanks!
  3. Hi everyone I have a new power amp to replace a fried c4 unit. The new amp can use 12v trigger which would be super useful. so... as I am not a dealer, but do have HE, can I programme myself my ea5 or io extender to send the 12v signal when audio is on, without the dealer having to install new drivers or functions? I have the cables but not sure of the easiest way? Many thanks!
  4. Hi there. I have Control4 announcement agent to set up to play a sound when the door bell is pressed separately i have the Alexa Show which can now show me video from my porch camera. so.... is there any functionality whereby 'if control4 doorbell rings' i can send something to Alexa. I can then build i routine in Alexa to switch on the camera. i am enjoying the ability to use voice agent for alexa to control4, i guess here i am looking for something in reverse! many thanks in advance!
  5. Hi any suggestions on the matrix amp and power amps to replace my fried units appreciated. I see on C4 they have Triad - any good and do they do a matrix? Thanks!
  6. Hello. so I need to buy a new matrix and 16 zone amp for my house, as I have confirmed the c4 products above are fried. ♨️ many suggestions on other providers who I could purchase a new setup from (in the Uk 🇬🇧) thanks!
  7. Also. Could it be that my matrix is also fried. Periodically it just stops playing out one channel of certain zones. It’s not the amps. Power reset to the matrix (every day) fixes it ☹️ Upgrade?
  8. Many thanks. so.... it seems to me that these power amps are ‘dumb’ as in the C4 brain only talks to the matrix. any suggestions then for other /newer (cheaper) dumb power amps I could replace those with to make things more resilient/better? Thanks!
  9. Hi there. a problem since installation but now much worse. We have an audio matrix plus two 8 zone amps. Simply I have to reset the matrix and amps every day (power cycle) to ensure sound through each channel and zone. After a few hours the second amp shows RED in each zone (see picture). The only thing we have as special is the doorbell going through the amps at all times? do I need a new amp or worse?! thanks
  10. Hello. So back on this problem of the matrix only outputting one of the stereo channels. - have confirmed firmware box is filled in - have tested if it is an IP problem by connecting and disconnecting. No change - only resolution is power cycle. .... So. Is there any way I can programme in C4 HE a power restart on the matrix?! I looked through the options and couldn’t see anything? any other ideas to help stop this behaviour many thanks!
  11. thanks ! So on 3.1.1 overall on the EA-5, but this has been a problem since earlier generations do I need to upgrade firmware in the audio matrix too? Thanks
  12. Hello, I have had a persistent problem ever since our system was installed a few years ago. We have the audio matrix switch 16/16. This is linked to two C4 amps. Every day or so the audio matrix starts outputting on just one speaker channel to all zones. To change it back I have to do a power cycle and it fixes for another day or so. I have double checked but there doesn’t appear to be an overheating problem. could there be any ways I can fix this. It is quite frustrating! Thanks
  13. thanks @burowyako and @c4toys Yes - the quest is to start the same source in both rooms from the start. Yet in programming i seem to be only able to add one room at a time, which triggers the station to act like a different source each time. I would like the outcome to be just like adding a room to the existing audio stream in the app. thanks!
  14. Hi. Happy new year to all so another quick one in programming if you have one zone playing music and want to add another room to that zone what is the logic. I have a routine to play a radio station in the bedroom. What I want to do is add another room to that stream. When I do it now both zones have a different stream not joined together and out of sync. I try to match the audio to what is playing in the bedroom but it still plays as a separate stream. Can I say ‘play this station in BOTH these rooms’? probably very easy but confusing me! Thanks
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