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  1. Did you figure this one out, VegardK? I'm facing the same issues as you, except using a EA-3 with the 3,5mm to DB9 cable.
  2. FYI: Certified AVR365 serial driver works perfectly!
  3. Hi there! I have got my hands on a Harman Kardon AVR-370, which is the latest European model with pre outs. I paid almost nothing, because it came without any accessories (not even a remote). My challenge now, is that I have to create a driver in composer without the original remote. Can someone please help? Maybe there are existing drivers that will work (like the IP one for AVR365...) or maybe someone has created a good working one that they can share? Appreciate all answers! Tom
  4. Yeah, this is one of my concerns and also something I want to check out ;-) If I'm in need of a DAC or not for my audio matrix inputs. I am hoping this HDMi/HDBT matrix can take away the pain of having all these small extra boxes with their own powersupply 's...
  5. So to use my old 8x8 video matrix to expand the inputs of the new is a bad idea? Hehe Was actually thinking of using four of the inputs of the Wyrestorm and connect four of outputs of my cheapa$$ ebay video matrix. And by doing this creating a "12x8" video matrix... I have yet another a AppleTV and an extra cable box, so 8 video inputs is in fact too little. And splice audio out to my audio matrix which in turn sends its audio to my C4 matrix amplifier... so I would have: video matrix to video matrix to audio matrix to matrix amplifier seeing problems with this? I do all programming in CP myself. But I have only done my own and two other installs... So a lot of this is very new to me!
  6. Thanks for your reply Cyknight! To clearify (I hope): C4 audiomatrix connections (as used with previous Hdmi matrix): AppleTV, AppleTV, Cable Box, PS3, BluRay, BluRay, PS3, HC800 audio 1, + 2, C4 WMB - That makes 10 used inputs HDMi matrix connections: AppleTV, AppleTV,Cable Box, PS3, Bluray, Bluray, PS3, HC800 (Navigator) 7 zones (2 is AVR with 5.1) of video and audio, 5 zones is pure audio. Would like to connect Video matrix directly to audio matrix with analog stereo out along with HDBT out (optical to the two AVR zones). For TV located at rack, I can use one of the HDMi outputs. I left the garage AVR 5.1 zone out for now as this is something I can fix IF I want ;-)
  7. Hi. Just swapped my non-HDBaseT 8x8 matrix for a Wyrestorm MX-0808-PP-POH-CUSTOM. This matrix is set up with six TX-POH-030 cards that has HDMi in and HDBT + optical/analog stereo out. (the last two slots is occupied by a pair of TX-POH-100 with HDBT in and HDMi out). In my old setup, there was only HDMi in and out, so all splitting of audio and HDBT was done with separate baluns... This made my setup a big mess, so was hoping that this new matrix (bought just as a test), would remove alot of those small baluns with their own 5V powers all over the place behind my rack ;-) So; how would YOU set this up? My wishes is to have the possibility to play all sources in all zones. I know this is pain, but that is what I'm aiming for and have had with my old setup. Sources: 2 AppleTV's 2 Blu-ray players 2 PS3'S HC800 (as navigator for all zones) Cable box Audio: C4 matrix for 11 zones of stereo. (including 5 of the video zones. So want to test how the internal DAC of the Wyrestorm copes with this...) Would like AppleTV's for airplay in pure audio zones... Not sure how to fix that... 3 AVR 5.1 zones Looking forward to your reply's!
  8. I guess that could work, bit I don't feel it is necessary. A do see the advantages of having one to remote locations, though for IR control and such ;-) but as stated before; I like to hang my TV's as close to the wall as possible.
  9. I have only one HC800 supplying OSD to my 8x8 HDMi matrix... works great for my family of four... (new house built around C4's products, so everything is well planned wire-wise.) personally, I don't like having a controller in each TV room as this makes it necessary to have some kind of furniture close to the TV's. I like to hang my TV's as close to a wall as possible with no cables showing... Just my opinion ;-)
  10. Hi. In my system setup, I have: 1 HC800 controlling system 3 "home cinema"'s with different AVR's (one located in garage with it's own controller) 5 additional TV zones (using in- wall/-ceiling speakers for audio) 7 pure audio zones (stereo) All installed in one rack/system. Everything is working, but I want my system to understand that listening to music means choosing stereo. Would you program the AVR's to choose stereo when you choose "Listen"? Or would you do something else? For example; I use my H/K Blu-ray player located in the living room to both play films and listen to CD's. (This player is wired with HDMi to HDMi/HDBaseT switch, and with RCA to C4 16x16 audio switch.) The same thing with TuneIn from HC800. For AVR zones, it automatically chooses HDMi for audio... Everything is connected to the audioswitch and could get audio from there... If so, how will you let the system know? Program with rules for each AVR zone? (This is the zones, where I meet my challenges...) Or is there a main rule, like "If LISTEN is chosen, RCA signal is always used" and "If WATCH is chosen hdmi signal is always chosen"? Looking forward to your reply's!
  11. Hi guys. Don't mean to hijack this thread, but I'm looking at the same issue. I have an install with the following (Recently updated to OS 2.9): HC800 - Primary controller HC250 - Secondary controller Two 7" in-wall Two SR-250's I've come across a second hand SR-250 off Ebay and know nothing about previous install. It was very cheap, compared to buying a SR-260. The remote has the older C4 logo on (if this can say "something" about what to to). The install is my own. I've tried the same things as Thread owner, exept the pre 2.6 controller stuff. For this I've recently bought a HC300 off Ebay for a dime and a nickle.The HC300 is running OS 2.2.0. BUT! I'm only a sub dealer and don't have direct access to the EMEA account any more (after recent password change). The oldest Composer Pro I have is 2.6... What can I do? (Have of course reached out to the main dealer in my country, but they haven't answered my two emails...) Please be kind as I'm quite new to Control4 compared to You other C4 guys. I've only done 3 installations including my own... (Have been fidling around with the products and Composer Pro for around 18 months...) PS: Sorry about the bad english. I am Norwegian, and english is NOT my native language!
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