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  1. Is there anyway to identify whether or not the Zigbee module I have for my Yale lock is compatible with Control4? I seem to be having this same issue..
  2. Id be interested in the Tuner please.
  3. Ill take the a remote if still available please? Thanks
  4. Not sure what protocol is for dredging up old posts but was hoping to slightly high-jack and ask advice on bringing some spa (outdoor hot-tub) control into the 21st Century. With Control4. At the moment its a simple heater and pump motor all in one type system, with an air switch doing four functions (pump no heat, pump and heat, off, auto) and a potentiometer for a temperature control. I'm happy/confident wiring relays or what ever may be required into the exsiting board - would something like the CA relays with an external thermistor work as a make-shift hot tub Control4 integration solution? Was wondering if anyone else has done this? Thanks
  5. Could you tell me if any of the switches have 120-240v on the back of them or are they all just 120v? Thanks
  6. Hi there, are the keypads 240v? The pictures of are dimmers?
  7. Hi everyone, Im looking for some Configurable Keypads or numerous button keypads(1/3/6), Wireless dimmers and any remotes for Control4 you have to sell. 220-230v Rated please. Thanks AJ
  8. I could be interested in the Tuner, not sure what they are worth at the moment so not sure what to offer? Will it work wit 230v? AJ
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