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  1. I have an 8X8 and have a spare leaf I use for viewing my UST LG outdoors occasionally. My issue is the projector will only show my directv source and will not show my blu-ray. Other TVs and projectors on the same matrix show all available sources. any idea what my issue is? I tried to lower the res on the blu-ray from 2K to 1080 and still no picture. Also, all other TVs and projectors are 4K capable.
  2. No, that's my issue. I only see 2 of the 7. I've read through the doc several times. I'm not sure what I'm missing.
  3. Sure, no problem. Sorry. I have the Rollease Acmeda shades. Its connected via serial 2 on Ea-5. I'm running 2.10. Not sure if I'm missing any additional information but please let me know. Thanks!!
  4. We're trying to configure Control4 support for 7 shades. The shades are all functioning using the iPhone app. However, when we try to retrieve shades, under system design in Control4, only 2 shades appear. Does anyone have an explanation or workaround? Any experience with this would be helpful.
  5. Thanks for the help mstafford388! I'll experiment with how those settings affect the overall sound.
  6. Has anyone figured out how to automate the changing of the EQ setting on the AMP? I'm using in-ceiling speakers for music and TV audio and would like to have a different configuration for each. Otherwise, voices aren't very clear.
  7. Does anyone who if there some limitation with using a keypad dimmer in a location where there's no lighting load? Basically, using a keypad dimmer as a regular keypad.
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