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  1. Hi All, i am a control4 installer for the passed 2 years. I have a system that is running four T3 Touch Screens three 7 inch and one 10 inch. My problem is that one of the 7 inch touch screens located in the kitchen Glitches ie: if i use a screen where there are many (buttons) or areas sectioned out for functions, it appear as if you are pressing areas on the other side of the screen. I have had a chat with Control4 technical and they suggested that it was either a faulty screen or the back box is being squashed ( creating the screen to flex ), so i have done the following - i have made the whole bigger (there is know 0%) pressure on the back box , changed the cable from the network switch ( as it is running POE ) to the screen, changed the port it was using on the switch, changed the screen for one that was working in the Games room perfectly fine. still the problem persists. Dose any one have any other suggestions. Thanks in advance for anyone taking time on this subject.
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