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  1. Totally agree. I said "fairly serious" and in retrospect that's probably a stretch. For example, I don't believe the room will have acoustic treatments, and the music is secondary to its primary use as a home office. However, the existing ceiling speakers aren't cutting it. I'm also trying to figure out what the sources are going to be. Unless the playback is coming from CDs, lossless rips, or something similar, the SQ lost through compression is going to matter a lot more than the amplifier. Thanks again to all for your comments!
  2. Bless you both. My Google-fu was weak today. Zaphoid - funny, the article Mitch linked noticed the same thing. Probably because CI installers are used to it. Does seem odd for a product designed to be placed outside the rack.
  3. I’m looking for any published independent third party review of the Triad One. My Googling shows plenty of Control4 or Dealer promo materials/blogs/“articles” that are really ads/etc. but nothing like you can find for most home A/V gear. I’ve heard one myself and I was impressed, but that was just gut feel. I’m in a situation where it would be convenient to use one for a fairly serious listening room - a home office where a pair of > $1000 speakers will be put in place. I’d like to know how well I could expect the Triad One to compare against something from the likes of Cambridge, Audi
  4. For black that’s correct. Silver ones come out sooner... they are saying “late November”.
  5. Option 4: Start the music in one room and use the "Digital Audio" driver (which is automatically installed in every project) to "Join" the other rooms into the session. In programming, after you have started the music, look on the right side for "Digital Audio" and in the commands section you will be able to add additional zones to the existing "session" active in the first room. This is the least intuitive way to do it, but IMHO also the "cleanest" from a Control4 programming perspective.
  6. Yesterday, at Snap's "live" event. Also the "chime" doorbell that looks a lot like a Ring, and in-wall power outlets, outdoor plugs, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting right now.
  7. Ask your dealer about a Triad One. Streaming amplifier that talks to a Control4 Controller over Ethernet. It’s an awesome piece of equipment!
  8. Granted I'm not entirely sure I am using the CEDIA website correctly (every company seems to have somewhat free reign on what to do in their "virtual booth" and I can't guarantee I'm not missing something) but SnapAV did post a "What's new 2020" document, and it doesn't really have anything new for Control4. There's recaps of the OS3 updates up to 3.1.3, Neeo Remote, Intercom Anywhere (nothing new about that), and essential lighting. Plenty of new partnerships bring "new to Snap" products to the Snap store, but nothing really exciting that I can spot for Control4 people. If someone
  9. I didn't know... I've just been using the HL one. Just searched the DB for Control4 as manufacturer... only thing that might be close is AV Local Source?
  10. 1) Control4 can absolutely do large systems, but the controller needs to be appropriately sized to do the job. I have ~ 100 zigbee devices, 8 zones of distributed audio, 15 zones of distributed audio, 4 garage doors, 8 cameras, a door station, etc. etc. etc. Make sure your Zigbee mesh is not too large, make sure your controller is not too small, etc. If you're struggling, get a dealer to check out your system. 2) That is surprising. Generally bound connections are the best. This points towards either a misconfigured scene, or an overloaded or incomplete Zigbee mesh (or perhaps interfe
  11. Your computer isn't detecting the controller - either you are on a different VLAN or the controller is offline. Disconnected in the bottom corner is normal until you have actually connected to the controller to manage it. If the controller was showing up in the list and you hit "Connect" that would turn to Green/Connected. If you know the IP address of the controller, you can click 'add' and manually add the controller to the list. Check your controller's network connection, check your computer's network connection, etc. If the controller was moved from another network it may n
  12. Think of connections as the virtual representation of the physical wires that run to and from your system. There is an HDMI cable between your Roku (or cable box or whatever) and your AVR, and another HDMI cable between your AVR and your TV. Both of these would be configured in Control4's connections - the HDMI out from your Roku would be connected to the input on the AVR, and the HDMI out from the AVR would be connected to the input on the TV. With lighting, connections allow installers to "bind" a light switch or dimmer to more loads than the locally wired load, or to bind keypads
  13. You won’t be able to rename devices, but you should for sure be able to connect to your local controller. Post the exact error message you’re getting or, even better yet a screenshot. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. New driver is out... seems to have worked in my house. Call your dealer and ask for the updated driver. Make sure they reboot director after the update.
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