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  1. Hi - I have 8 speaker zones set up in my house. Zone 2 through 8 are all indoors (each zone has 2 speakers) and Zone 1 is set up with 4 outdoor speakers. Seeing that it is cold outside - haven't used them in a few months - but I was testing out Shairbridge and for some reason I can no longer get any audio on Zone 1. I initially tried Shairbridge (which works flawlessly on the other 7 zones) - but on Zone 1 - no luck. I've also tried using Apple Airports to play audio - and that doesn't work on Zone 1 either. All of the connections look good - the cables/wires are not loose. When I add Zone 1 - I can see it pop up on the navigators (but the LED on the front of the Amplifier does not light up indicating that Zone 1 is 'active'). The software connections still appear to be correct (at least for Zone 1, it is configured the same as it is for the other 7 zones.) Have rebooted a few times - that doesn't help either. There haven't been any changes to the programming since 2.9.1 was installed months ago. At a loss as to why Zone 1 has crapped out? Any troubleshooting tips or tricks from anyone? Thanks
  2. If I understand correctly, wouldn't Blue Iris require purchasing a standalone and dedicated 24/7 PC? I'd like to try and leverage my existing hardware unless forced to buy something else...
  3. Thanks for the insight. Tried your suggestions VINCElDUB (I wasn't familiar with the 'Digital Media') - so that got me going most of the way. I'm still working on getting the TV to switch off when I select the Shairbridge instance when the TV is on. However, what I've noticed is that the Shairbridge implementation is wreaking havoc on my network. There is clearly something amiss. While streaming to Sharibridge on the weekend, I had to reboot my router/WAPs/HC-800 at least 10 times because everything was locked up or bogged down and the audio playback was choppy. The funny thing is that in the 2 years I've had the system and network in its current configuration running - it has been completely trouble free! Going through the forum, it looks like others have experienced the audio issues. The system was updated to 2.9.0 a week ago (from 2.7.2) so it may be a version issue rather than a Shairbridge issue. However, I haven't used Shairbridge for 48 hours and no problems with the network since. So it looks like, I'm going to re-enable the AEs and stick with that for now (which feels like a downgrade given the lack of feedback/metadata and auto room on/off ability). Waiting for 2.9.1 - hopefully there is a fix.
  4. I have Mockupancy running on my system. I am in the process of adding 3 indoor cameras (I have cat5e run to each location and have power - so the cameras could either be wired or wireless). Ultimately, what I'm trying to accomplish is to do have the indoor cameras enabled only when we are playing back Mockupancy (ie when we are away). In other words, when we are home, we don't want the indoor cameras enabled. I have a Synology NAS with 7 outdoor cameras that are recorded in Surveillance Station. The outdoor cameras are also viewable in the C4 system (iOS app, touchscreens, TVs) Ideally, I would be able to record the indoor cameras on the Synolgy NAS (but not critical) Looking for recommendations on cameras that have drivers that can handle this 'enable/disable' action - or thoughts otherwise In theory, I think I could simply put a C4 switch and cycle the power to the camera depending on state of Mockupancy (record, idle, playback). Wondering if anyone has this type of setup working?
  5. My system was recently updated to 2.9 - and I now have access to Shairbridge! When the system was installed 2 years ago, it was installed with 4 airport express (AE) devices (one for each member of the family). As a result, we have the ability to airplay to the AE and then send said AE to any of 8 zones (or combination thereof). In addition, each room has a dedicated keypad button that allows us to turn the zone on/off. After the update, I have 9 Shairbridge instances - 1 for each zone and then 1 called entertaining (dining room, living room and kitchen) - in addition to the 4 AE devices. I have 4 questions. 1.) At first glance, it seems like Shairbridge completely (100%) replaces the AE solution. Any reason to not simply switch the AE's off? Seeing that the four AE are connected into the C4 system - if they were disconnected, could the freed up inputs be used for anything else? 2.) If I start the kitchen Shairbridge instance - it is possible to have the dining room play (join) the same music with a button push? 3.) If I start the Shairbridge instance called 'Entertaining' - that has Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room - If I push the keypad in the Dining Room, I would like to turn music off in Dining Room (but still have it play in the other two rooms) and then if I push the button again, the music in the Dining Room plays again. I can get the music to turn off - but not on again. 4.) I have several rooms with TVs - in the existing AE solution, when I select to airplay to the 'Kitchen' zone using the AE, the TV turns itself off (if it is on) and then the music plays from the in ceiling speakers. However, when I select the kitchen Shairbridge instance, if the TV is on, it stays on - with the sound still playing from the TV speakers and music playing from the in ceiling speakers. I assumed (incorrectly) that when a new source was selected for the room, it would 'override' the other sources. Anyone have any thoughts here?
  6. The url you need for the USB stick creator program for versions above 2.5.3 is http://services.control4.com/Updates2x/v2_0/Updates.asmx (note the 'x' after the 2) let us know how it goes
  7. What version of the utility are you running? Which OS? i will track down another computer.
  8. Another update... still at a loss... I've installed an 8GB Patriot USB key in my PC. Windows showing a USB Drive, File System: FAT32, Used space: 12,288 bytes (12.0 KB), Free space: 8,037,39,368 bytes (7.48 GB) and Capacity of 7.48GB on Drive I: After running the USB Stick Creator, I am getting an error saying that "Insufficient space on USB stick I:\ to create USB Install. Stick has 3.485GB, but 6.359GB are required.
  9. After i format, windows is showing a size that i expect. A 64 GB drive showing 59.7 GB (i think). Sandisk and Patriot
  10. Ok. Ive moved a few steps forward. I changed the drive letters and was finally able to get the download to start as per your suggestions. Now, im getting an error that the usb drive is too small. Ive tried an 8gb, a 16gb and a 32 gb drive (all of which are big enough). The utility is telling me that the usb drive is only 1.6 gb (even though windows is telling me its much bigger). These are issues Ive never seen before (and frankly that i havent had to deal with). Im just trying to get my C4 system updated...:-) thanks again
  11. Tried changing the drive letter assignment to E, F, G, H, I, J with multiple USB keys. No luck. Still getting the same error. I have no internet access where the controller is located, I need to grab the latest version of the controller software so that I can update to 2.9.0. I think the USB Stick if the correct utility...
  12. I've tried all - but I don't think it matters. The utility is supposed to format the USB drive beforehand... For some reason, it is unable to format...
  13. Have to do install at location with no internet access. Launched USB Stick Creator - chose the version I needed, input the controller MAC address and when I tried to run the utility, I got an error. "Your USB Stick could not be created Error formatting USB stick D:\ Error locking device: Make sure no other programs are accessing device" I am using Windows 10. I've tried multiple USB thumb drives - same result on each. Have not seen this error before (on previous PC) - which I no longer have. I also tried running in utility in compatibility mode (Win8, Win7 and WinXP SP3) - can't get it to work. Anyone run into something similar before?
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