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  1. ya I updated when I got home as well - It was a good 2 hours and I just tried turning it back on and it didn't happen but we'll see.
  2. Yes I am and no power savings enabled.
  3. Hi all, I've started to notice an issue the last few days with the new driver - after turning off the TV for extended time and turning my TV/ATV back on (like say overnight/all day), remote is not connecting and I have to open my iPhone to use the remote to restart the ATV, then the SR 260 will connect again and I can use it. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. sorry that you're going through this and having to deal with your dealer. I know the frustration all too well
  5. Well i'm glad I wasn't the only one who had this issue. CEC was turned off on all devices so it wasn't that (that was like step one of troubleshooting lol). I actually did get it temporarily working... by having the IP address removed after finding the apple TV. Don't know why or how but it seemed to fix it... but then Control released the new 4k Driver and it seemed to fix the issue all together.
  6. ya seriously that sucks if that's the case. I purposely have a different Apple account for my ATV than my iPhone.
  7. Would anyone be able to shed any light on why Control4 or my Marantz receiver blocks my ATV from entering screensaver mode? I never used to have this issue but then I had my ATV moved up locally (as I got a new OLED TV and wanted to actually watch some 4k/DV content) and ever since then the screensaver does not automatically turn on.
  8. You both are awesome! I cannot believe it was that easy after all this time. That did the trick. Thank you.
  9. I think that's what the problem would be... because the other two tv's don't have the same issue, just this Roku TV
  10. Both basically. I have: Turn off Master Bedroom Turn off Master TV
  11. Hi everyone, Ok I've had this situation for quite a while now, and for some reason it's bugging me more these days than in the past. I have programmed a floor status button on both levels of the home on a keypad, so I am able to see if a light or device is on and when leaving the house/go to bed, and I can hit the one button and the entire floor shuts off. I have a Sharp Roku TV in the master bedroom. Now at night the TV is off, but in the morning let's say I've got the ensuite lights on, the hallway lights etc. So when I go to leave, I hit the button to shut off the floor. But when the TV is off, and I hit the floor status button to shut lights off, the TV turns on. I've tried many work arounds for programming and can't seem to make it work where if TV is off, do not execute the macro on the TV. Can anyone give me any input on how to avoid this?
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