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  1. I just dealt with something similar at home here. Marantz receiver wouldn't accept volume adjustments even though the i.r was flashing, but would function with other i.r commands. Ended up having to remove the device, rebuild the driver and rebind all the connections for it to work. If you try this remember to also trigger the room off and refresh navigators before trying again.
  2. Not that I have seen. As far as the device goes it isn't in C4 in any way. No drivers. No 2way communication. The ecobee app lets you program the motion for light on natively but you can't really trigger an event based off motion sensing. That would be a great feature if they ever come out with an ecobee driver.
  3. They aren't too bad. Not much in the way of programming for C4 but I use them as a voice input source for C4 using the epic systems driver. The mic on it isn't bad, I do find that if you're up close it is less responsive to the wake word while being across the room seems to trigger it more easily. I'm not sure if that is just a device limitation or fixable in a future firmware update. All in all, I thought they were good value and I like the built in nightlight.
  4. Figured out a strange workaround for anyone else in the same boat. If you add the controller ip over wifi, then go to the app settings and manually change the controller ip to the incorrect ip, connect via vpn then go back in and correct the ip address of the controller, it connects fine. Was able to repeat a successful connection 3x in a row now after deactivating and reactivating vpn/wifi.
  5. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated. I'm able to connect into my home via vpn into my edgerouter and access my controller without issue on my iphone's ios c4 application, however both my android phones through the same vpn and do not work with the c4 app (asks for 4sight license). I've tried the option for frequent ip changes but that did not help. The app works fine over wifi locally so I know the controller is registered on the app correctly. Is there something glaringly obvious I'm missing here?
  6. Hey thanks for the responses guys. Def noticing the t3 portable audio quality is terrible compared to the poe wall mount one. No luck with finding the optimal volumes though it is like you have to yell into the mic or it is blaringly loud. What is the latest official c4 supported firmware for the ds2? I am unclear why it reverts back even after loading the latest firmware file from 2n
  7. Hey guys, i'm on 2.10.5, I've been having issues with audio quality with my ds2 for some time now. It is running 2.19 and anytime I try to update the firmware it takes the latest 2n verso firmware, but after roughly a minute or two it rolls back to 2.19. No idea why it is doing this. I am also finding that unless someone yells into their touch screens you don't hear it on the ds2, but touchscreens communicating between each other work fine under normal voice levels. Can anyone assist me with fixing the firmware update issues and audio issues? 2n's website has 2.24 as the latest firmware and it takes the update through the web portal but then rolls itself back for some reason.
  8. Hello all! Wanted to see if anyone on here has integrated an Ecobee Alexa smart switch that was just released? I have the epic driver and muliple dot's and have been quite happy. I was looking at these switches for some rooms where i'm not concerned about dimmers for a nice streamlined/clean looking alexa solution. Any thought or opinion on the product would be great!
  9. You could program a play or resume command after the announcement finishes on a time delay after announcement is triggered. As for 5.1 not playing, you'd have to setup the amp for a multi channel surround which basically pumps out the same sound to each speaker wired in. There might be some lag with programming that into your announcement workflow though I wouldn't do that unless you're ok with a delay.
  10. Are you centralizing all the equipment? I know when we did my rack I had too much equipment for the ea3 to handle for I.R (as not everything had ip drivers) so I had to add in a second controller (hc800) to take care of the additional equipment for the additional rooms also gaining the additional audio streams. I would do a count on how many devices you are going to need control over and how many independent streams of audio you want to be able to use and go from there. I think a lot of the choice will have to do with how you have the wiring and equipment planned out
  11. Just an update on the ds2 situation guys. A control4 rep called me back and said to confirm that the ea3 had the Freeswitch service disabled. That did correct the DS2 showing up as online, however the intercom call is still non functional. Also, initially I had the programming with the Call button pressed setting, however as a trial I moved the programming to Button 1, and it worked for announcements and lighting triggers. Hope that helps some of you guys. I'm still working on the intercom solution on 2.91 with a 210 driver on the DS2
  12. Is there a way to rollback the driver on the DS2? I have an hc300 as part of my system with my ea3 so upgrading to 2.10 isn't available to me. I've tried all of the above suggestions to get the doorstation to communicate as an intercom again with no luck
  13. Thanks for the info. I had no idea. Just reviewed their site and it says it only works if you have other standard echo dots under the same account for discovery. Good to know!
  14. I am curious why the show would not work? The driver is just taking the alexa command through the cloud down to the epic driver. What would be stopping it?
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