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  1. Is it a powerseries? I have found that those sometimes need a power cycle to see an immediate battery change update. I don't believe the supervisory of the sensor is a "live" update as with rf devices they are set to minimize communication to the panel. I would try unplugging the backup battery and cycle the panel
  2. Did you try removing the sonos products off the network and trying the speedtest? Just a thought as I have seen 2x where a sonos amp made peoples houses unusable due to loopback wiring scenarios on the network or wifi channel clutter
  3. Did you make any headway researching this? I can't find a listing of the minimum android version required to run the c3 os3 app
  4. Dsc1832 has been rock solid over rs232 over here
  5. I had a hydrawise system put in last week and the hydrawise driver on annex4 isn't too bad. Doesn't give you nearly the control of the hydrawise app, but it gives you manual zone on/off control which is nice. The hydrawise has so many different factors it takes into account (wind, temp, humidity etc) and is pretty self sufficient in my experience so far. I would say I integrated it into c4 because I could....less so because it needed to be if that makes sense? I would only use the driver if I was planning specific programming based off zones being on/off etc. My boss has setup a rachio before
  6. I luckily had a backup of the ds2 from 2018 that I was able to reload. What a hassle though. I’ve honestly been really disappointed with the ds2 given how expensive it is and unreliable it has been for the low camera quality. Yes it physically looks nice but why is a ring or nest doorbell for a quarter the cost so much more reliable in my experience!
  7. Here is a print of the log when I hit Auto Configure on the driver: Sending Door Station Property Update (Debug Mode) ExecuteCommand: Command = LUA_ACTION; ACTION = AUTO_CONFIG Auto Configuration in progress Auto Configuration Update Unsuccessful: { "success" : false, "error" : { "code" : 7, "description" : "invalid connection type" } } Content-Type=multipart/form-data; boundary=----------------C4DS2-Config-163829,Authorization=Basic cm9vdDo4SWszWHhhRERDRDdmNFY=,Content-Length=9353
  8. Hey guys, can anyone offer me assistance with my DS2? I have been working through intercom unreliability for years and I made the mistake of factory resetting the unit today and now it won't communicate. In the documentation it says you have to manually enter in the HTTP API ACCOUNT 1, however the credentials i'm using from composer don't seem to be doing anything. I get a constant offline. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. After further experimentation, using the old 43x800 driver with the new 49xbrx800g seemed to work as expected. Very strange the official driver for the model didn’t have full functionality but here is your workaround for anyone else with this same issue.
  10. I’ll third the roku. Great integration with the free driver. Very easy to configure as well
  11. Looking for some assistance with Sony XBR Mini drivers. I have two xbr's, a 43x800e from a couple years ago and a new 49" x800g. The first works perfectly with the ip driver and downloads all the custom apps and mini drivers associated. The second however does not see the apps even though the log file is showing as reading them when you query. Both are setup with the web API and identical settings. I have gotten away with using the universal mini drivers in the database however it doesn't have all the apps I use like DAZN. Anyone have a tutorial or guidance to create my own if this is an unfix
  12. I had unifi The first few years of living here and everything was great… I’m not sure if through the software updates something changed for the worse… I had gone through all the trouble shooting and factory restores just to make sure it wasn't a corrupt firmware or driver. I honestly didn't want to change off my edge router I had great reliability with it otherwise. I literally just setup the used Pak-edge one I bought add a flat network just to see and I could immediately use my doorstation again and actually answer calls with intercom anywhere.
  13. Nothing yet. Only been able to figure out the actual video stream thusfar. Hasn't really affected me as I only watch the streams typically
  14. With some experimenting, I am able to share that I was able to integrate the budget ezviz cameras from (hikvision) via rtsp streams into composer using the camera_dw_ip_generic_fixed_with_h264.c4i driver. The trick to getting them to integrate is to input the camera ip on your network in the driver, set the login to admin, password to the verification code on the camera (in caps), and on the h264 stream field in composer, enter "Streaming/Channels/1" This worked for 3 different sku's of the ezviz line of cameras with the caveat that my ptz models don't have motion control through c4, stri
  15. I had posted a while back about issues with the ds2 doorstation this past year regarding video/call quality and reliability. The intercom app was hopelessly unreliable from the ds2 video and audio quality virtually inaudible on my touchscrees. I had two years of successful use with the edgerouter in the system but I'm thinking something must have changed through all the updates over the years either with c4's sip protocol or the edgerouter itself. Regardless I'm just posting to say that switching to the pakedge re-2 router (yes I know it is an older sku) did in fact improve my ds2 reliability
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