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  1. This morning I disconnected all the network equipment and devices. I used a Cat7 cable from my Laptop and into port 1 of the Epic 5 router, that was all. Speedtest.net and Atlanticbroadband.com (ISP) showed 109mbps down and 41mbps up on average. I rebooted everything but it didnt make much of a difference, same speeds essentially. For fun, I hooked up an old Netgear N600 router which is about 7 years old. This router was old tech and very limited for a 1 gig modem but it pulled 410mbps consistently, I was shocked. Next, I did a factory reset on the Epic 5 Router, ran the speed tests again, nothing improved. Still hovering around 110-130mbps. I would assume something is up with the router, maybe its cooked, I dont know. @msgreenf - The home is 4300ft - I did not have a site survey when placing the Access Points. I can see the value in that not but only after I get the basics corrected. @Köhler Medientechnik - Points taken, I had the first dealer do the layout and my subs installed according to their plans while building the home. @C4 User - Thanks for your info. I am going to look into Sonicwall to see if they have a residential solution. Regardless, having someone with the ability to analyze the network when bug hunting seems like a much better process then what I am doing. @C4CA - What Luxul equipment are you running? Do you use the Epic 5 router and the 1510 access points? Were you working with Luxul tech support to solve your issue?
  2. My intentions with this post is to let others know about the annoying and costly experiences I/we have had using an all Luxul Network along with Control4. Caveat: I did search the forum and Reddit before this post but I could not reach a conclusive opinion. I will lead with my questions first, then explain why below. 1. What brand of Networking Equipment would provide a more reliable system? Control4 defaults to Pakedge and Araknis. I want fast wifi and reliability above cost. I don't want to throw a dart at the wall and hope for the best. 2. What brand uses the latest and the greatest tech providing the fastest Access point speeds? 3. What brands do you all relay on? Background: About 2 years ago I began working with my original dealer to map out the C4 installation and components for the new home. When networking equipment was discussed, I was told to go with Luxul brand Equipment. So we ordered the following pieces, (1) - Epic 5 Router - ABR5000 (1) - Managed Switch - AMS-4424p - 24 port POE (1) - Managed Switch - AMS-2624p - 24 port POE (1) - Dumb Switch - AGS- 1024 - 24 port (1) - Access Point Controller - XWC-1000 (5) - Access Points - XAP-1510 Problem 1 - I am having to reboot the Ea5 controller at least 2 times a week. Mostly because the Ios app doesn't connect or it takes a few minutes to finally log in. Other times Ill press some of the icons in Navigator and they wont respond. Its to the point that the fun is being removed from the system. Problem 2 - One of the 3 Touch panels has been freezing up and/or losing its Ip address at random. We have restored it to its original state and re-imaged it. Control4 tech support added extended logging to see whats happening at the time of failure. The first report came back yesterday with the following information. (Keep in mind, the other 2 TS have no issues at all.) "The whole log shows director being spammed with communication to/from the cameras. Starting at 14:57 is when we start to see the TS check in and then a minute later it is unable to check in. I recommend isolating the IP cameras on their own Vlans to limit the amount of multicast traffic being sent out to your LAN." Problem 3 - Wifi speeds are always low (in my opinion.) With a 1 gig cable modem, no matter where I am in relation to the AP's, I see 50-60mbps on the 2ghz network. If I do a reboot of the modem and network equip I will get around 80-90mbps for the first few minutes, then it degrades. Problem 4 - I have plenty of weird quarks that happen from time to time, almost weekly at this point. This morning my motion sensor picked up the pedestrian gate swinging open in the wind. Turns out the magnetic lock unlocked without warning. It shows up in Navigator with the unlock symbol just like you entered the code and unlocked it. I dont know if its really a network issue or not but I wouldnt be surprised. Ill find out later on this one.
  3. Thats funny, that happened to me yesterday as well...
  4. I just wanted to give a big thanks to Dcovach, he got the blackwire driver installed and everything is looking great. Much appreciated!
  5. It sounds like blackwire will be the way forward.I also have a door station in play as well. Does the door station also hook in with black wire or does it continue using the basic drivers?
  6. I am looking to integrate Blueiris into C4. My dealer has given it a solid effort but was unfortunately unsuccessful. Currently, we have 24 Dahua cameras along with a stand alone Blueiris machine which works nicely. What driver or drivers are best for the cameras/Blueiris integration? Are some of the drivers better then others when it comes to resolution or general functionality? If anyone has solved similar issues and wants to take a swing at it I am ready. I attached a snap of whats showing in Composer
  7. I need to grab one additional Kwikset Smart code 910 lock (c4-ksdb-z-vb) Shoot me a pm with the price if available. Shipped to Miami Beach 33140 Thanks Steve
  8. I am looking for a C4 Integrator that can assist in the integration of the Domaudeo Dmx driver (Jackstone) - To clear the air, my current dealer is fantastic, but this is a new area for him and we came to the conclusion that this might be a better path. A bit of background info, I have been building a new home for over 2 years, at this point we are nearing completion....finally. I located a small company building 5 channel strips that were much better then the popular Hue strips. They are brighter and covered the full spectrum of the white colors from 2200k all the way to 6500k in addition to all the rgb stuff among other things. These strips would let us run them out as long as I needed "essentially" for more of the complicated ceiling designs. In any event, I wanted to find a way to integrate these into the C4 system in the home, enter Domaudeos Dmx driver. At the moment, I have over 400 meters of Led strip in this home and more Dmx decoders then I can count. The Dmx driver needs to be set up properly to get the channels firing off the correct colors among other things. Jackstone has been very helpful and is standing by to assist in the setup. Here is the link to the original thread about this driver: http://www.c4forums.com/topic/14946-a-good-rgb-led-control-solution-for-control4-is-there/ I also included some pictures of a few ceilings in the build below.
  9. Copy that! I will go with Ecobee unit. That's one item checked off the list of several thousand....lol
  10. Good Morning All - I did some searching and saw this basic Honeywell unit, https://www.amazon.com/Honeywell-C7189U1005-Indoor-Temperature-Thermostats/dp/B003UJYZDG Then I found this sensor from Aeotec, but I cant be sure it will integrate. I want max functionality and clean integration for the Touch Panels, thats my priority. What would be best or recommend?
  11. I can certainly move the thermostat away. I can mount it far enough away so the panel doesn’t throw the reading. Good idea thinking btw. What type of sensor Is recommended? The screen is at 55” at the center is memory serves, I’ll check that.
  12. I am building a new home and nearly ready to tackle the mounting of some T3 panels and Keypads in various locations. I attached an image of a location where we have a Kd120 in place. I need to install the T3 - 10" panel and a thermostat along with the Kd120. I want it to look clean and nice obviously. How would you guys orientate these? What thermostat would you recommend? I havent picked on out as of yet. If anyone has any pics handy of something similar I would love to see them. Google hasnt helped to much up to this point.
  13. Next up is to decide which Door Station will be best for integration into the system and at handling these areas, (1) Entrance gate - Door station (1) Exit gate - Whats the best way for the exit gate link up with C4? (1) Front door video / Door bell (1) Pedestrian gate. Do we have another simplified option for the Ped gate or any place that doesnt need as much functionality? The way I understand it, the DS2 will have video that populates on the touch panels in the home when someone wants access and 2 way communications + lock/unlock control. Where are the limitations in the system? I saw the Helios Doorstations, they look nice but integration seems spotty at best.
  14. Any updates on this one? I am searching for a door station as well. Its difficult to fathom that we cant get gates and doors to have 2 way video, voice and access controls from a Control4 system. I am open to ideas, I dont even think the C4 door station has these features but correct me if I am wrong.
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