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  1. I am looking for a C4 Integrator that can assist in the integration of the Domaudeo Dmx driver (Jackstone) - To clear the air, my current dealer is fantastic, but this is a new area for him and we came to the conclusion that this might be a better path. A bit of background info, I have been building a new home for over 2 years, at this point we are nearing completion....finally. I located a small company building 5 channel strips that were much better then the popular Hue strips. They are brighter and covered the full spectrum of the white colors from 2200k all the way to 6500k in addition to all the rgb stuff among other things. These strips would let us run them out as long as I needed "essentially" for more of the complicated ceiling designs. In any event, I wanted to find a way to integrate these into the C4 system in the home, enter Domaudeos Dmx driver. At the moment, I have over 400 meters of Led strip in this home and more Dmx decoders then I can count. The Dmx driver needs to be set up properly to get the channels firing off the correct colors among other things. Jackstone has been very helpful and is standing by to assist in the setup. Here is the link to the original thread about this driver: http://www.c4forums.com/topic/14946-a-good-rgb-led-control-solution-for-control4-is-there/ I also included some pictures of a few ceilings in the build below.
  2. Copy that! I will go with Ecobee unit. That's one item checked off the list of several thousand....lol
  3. Good Morning All - I did some searching and saw this basic Honeywell unit, https://www.amazon.com/Honeywell-C7189U1005-Indoor-Temperature-Thermostats/dp/B003UJYZDG Then I found this sensor from Aeotec, but I cant be sure it will integrate. I want max functionality and clean integration for the Touch Panels, thats my priority. What would be best or recommend?
  4. I can certainly move the thermostat away. I can mount it far enough away so the panel doesn’t throw the reading. Good idea thinking btw. What type of sensor Is recommended? The screen is at 55” at the center is memory serves, I’ll check that.
  5. I am building a new home and nearly ready to tackle the mounting of some T3 panels and Keypads in various locations. I attached an image of a location where we have a Kd120 in place. I need to install the T3 - 10" panel and a thermostat along with the Kd120. I want it to look clean and nice obviously. How would you guys orientate these? What thermostat would you recommend? I havent picked on out as of yet. If anyone has any pics handy of something similar I would love to see them. Google hasnt helped to much up to this point.
  6. Next up is to decide which Door Station will be best for integration into the system and at handling these areas, (1) Entrance gate - Door station (1) Exit gate - Whats the best way for the exit gate link up with C4? (1) Front door video / Door bell (1) Pedestrian gate. Do we have another simplified option for the Ped gate or any place that doesnt need as much functionality? The way I understand it, the DS2 will have video that populates on the touch panels in the home when someone wants access and 2 way communications + lock/unlock control. Where are the limitations in the system? I saw the Helios Doorstations, they look nice but integration seems spotty at best.
  7. Any updates on this one? I am searching for a door station as well. Its difficult to fathom that we cant get gates and doors to have 2 way video, voice and access controls from a Control4 system. I am open to ideas, I dont even think the C4 door station has these features but correct me if I am wrong.
  8. Hahahha! Now your talking. That and some Rob Zombie music set on kill aught to send the message!
  9. Got it now. I cant wait to toy around with all this fun stuff. We need a thread that shows all the crafty and niche ideas everyone has come up with for making the systems fun and intelligent. Especially the dealers, I am sure that some customers have requested some interesting ideas.
  10. Haze - C4 motions and card access motions are not the same? I thought Card access was acquired by C4 years back. About the water, crap ok, that needs to be sorted out. Seems odd that there isnt a weatherproof solution. I cant mount the sensor at 30ft under the eves, that will destroy the range of detection.
  11. Is there a hard wired solution or is it all wireless? Which model is the favorite or the go to for those who use them? I see a list of them on this site but there is not to much info readily available outside the dealers I assume. http://www.in-homeautomation.com/store/card-access-products/wireless-motion-sensor/
  12. This is great info. I could mount them at any height in hidden areas. I have about 15 - 20 ft of setbacks on the sides. I am happy to be on the right track. Ill check out the card access info now.
  13. Yes I agree, the plan is to do it the right way now. With the walls open the flexibility is easy. I have all the exterior lights on heading to C4 dimmer switches now. Based on the responses from you all the card access motions are the best option for C4. I could use whatever exterior Flood Light I decide on and since thats on the C4 circuit I can incorporate the card access motions to detect activity or whatnot. What sort of range can one expect with these? Could they also he used to monitor the perimeter of the home in the case someone hops over my wall after sundown and enters my side yards? Can these be used in conjunction with text alerts or things like this?
  14. Hey All - I am pre wiring my new house and I realized that I have 10 security lights around the main points of the exterior of the home and have yet to think about how to integrate these into C4. Some of the lights are are supposed to be mounted at 30' plus which makes using a remote motion sensor like the RAB Stuff500 logical to get good performance I would mount it at 6-10' up and grab some good distances out of the sensors. It would be awesome to get texts or some sort of alerts when motion is detected but I have no idea if this is an option to some degree. I like the RAB stuff, can it be integrated? What is the standard recommended protocal for something like this?
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