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  1. Can anyone please tell me what driver to use for an Android t95m box?
  2. I have an Integra DRC-80.3 preamplifier that is starting to act up. Any recommendations on great preamplifiers that have Control 4 drivers? Only need 7.1 Thanks.
  3. I inherited an older Phillips TV model 40PFL4706/F7. I cannot find a Control 4 driver for it. I have tried several and none seem to work. Can anyone suggest which Control 4 driver I might try that will control this TV? Thanks.
  4. Yes. mjpeg is enabled. I was able to get the thumbnail before my system was upgraded to 2.9, but now I do not even get the thumbnail. I have never been able to get full screen on my touchscreens.
  5. I had tried the beta before it was for sale and never got it to work on my Contro l4 touch screens. I have now downloaded the version that is for sale, and it still does not work for me. Perhaps I need more detailed instructions.
  6. I must be doing something wrong. Using version 26. I get a thumbnail of the camera in the security area of the touch screen, but no picture at full screen. On iPad, I get a new picture every 15 seconds, or so, but no actual video. Zoom is all or nothing. Do I have my settings wrong? Thanks,
  7. I still am unable to make the Amcrest cameras work well with Control 4. I get the thumbnail on the touchscreen, but not image when I tap to select that camera. Likewise, viewing on iPad is not great. Not nearly the functionality of the Amcrest Viewer. This driver is coming, but is not yet usefule to me at this point. Happy to pay something for it if it gave same functionality as the Amcrest Viewer.
  8. I am using the most recent version. We appreciate what you are doing!
  9. I have set the substream to MJPEG, and the cameras show up on an iPad or the C4 touchscreen, but only in grid mode. When I touch that image in the grid the picture never comes up as an individual camera. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.
  10. The driver seemed to load just fine for me when I added the cameras to the system.
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