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  1. At least it gives me time to save up for a new touch to replace it. Presumed as much with the connection still being available "temporarily". Who knows C4 may have tried to keep compatibility with older devices but due to serious os changes had no way to breath life into the now retired devices.
  2. Id be interested to know why my unsupported screen still works. It isnt added to the project as it is no longer available in os3.1. Yes i dont have intercom on it now but never used that functionality anyways. The reality is it functions as it was in 2.10 bar the intercom yet not added to the project hardware list. Not sure if you tried devices after the upgrade? My hardware TW7C0 to ea1
  3. Had presumed so but for some reason thought i had read someone having an issue after count > 1 on the c4 controller. Also i havent bought into the shelly brand yet but i see they have a unit capable of ir to aircons tvs etc. Seems a cheap way to gain some functionality. Its also mqtt so presume there must be a way to incorporate. Anyone know a way to get data back to the controller for real numbers?
  4. Hi all. So what is the max count of devices or rather lets say a comfortable count that won't bring the system down. So far got it running with 1 device perfectly. Small hiccup pi3b+ goes black screen and unresponsive requiring a reboot every 2-3 days. Going to do an os reload. Anyone had solid experience with the mqtt. Any chance of pulling variables ie a real number weight from a gas bottle to warn when its running low? This driver could be cool to tie into industrial devices like the siemens as that has mqtt capabilities. Any ideas on what can be done? Id like to get some cool ideas.cheers
  5. Possibly a latency issue from isp to remote servers? We are far from anywhere 1st world.
  6. I have had the vera and its slow and not guarenteed to turn on/off a device. Guess its zwave mesh needs to be strong as well. But the time delay is the real no go for me. Took it out and got more c4 dimmers. All works seamlessly as i wanted now. Worth the extra on c4 hardware for speed
  7. Ok yeah - in South Africa we have the second version urtsII that's rs485, presumably to get the unit out the rack and into the home to use up as much of the 27m range as possible. Rs232 limited to max 25m from end to end but I'm sure with decent screened cable this can be pushed as I have done successfully before.
  8. 27m with thick walls will do the same damage to range. In your scenario maybe best to go for multiple mylinks. Cost of somfy drapes etc compared to mylink device. Not much to go with It. And simple app for it helps. The local c4 guys all fail on the higher end stuff in South Africa. My experience mylink for the win. The urt device from states not sure if that's the older one or newer one. We only have the black coloured new one here.
  9. That unit is far more complicated in that you need to convert RS232 to RS485. The mylink works as an option with multiple units. You don't have to have just one. Design is 1 per room I just maxed it's capabilities to stick with 1 unit to save costs.
  10. The drivers for the unit are off the somfy website and programmed by domosapiens if I'm not mistaken so pretty much the same as the paid driver excluding the percentage open/close option of the paid.
  11. I haven't had any issues and it's been 2 years now. Most cost effective route I could take. Mounted the unit in the roof to get more range out of it. If I send multiple commands all the curtains seem to respond at the same time. No issues in having to wait between commands. Nice thing is I set the schedule on the somfy app so even if c4 fails curtains are standalone. So it's best of both. Only issue is the unit has poor Wi-Fi range so had to mount an access point next to it. That's the only issue I had.
  12. Btw you only need the vpn to download the app. After that no need for it.
  13. You need the app to setup the mylink. It's off the app store. Just search mylink
  14. The mylink isn't for outside the US. I had to install the app on my phone with a VPN to get region setting. Also they only 110V and UK and SA use 220 so have to put an auto transformer. Does work tho and for me cheapest solution.
  15. Hi all. I was wondering if there is a Modbus driver that would work with this module. It has Modbus TCP/IP. Pretty powerfull/cheap and user friendly. Anyone done something like this before? what options are available to incorporate. Some guidance would be greatly appreciated. module is a standard Siemens LOGO 8 FS4 cheers
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