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  1. Thank you for the suggestion. @StroTek LLC just helped me with the IFTTT driver and now he's looking at it. He's pretty awesome.
  2. I just logged in to play with my new IFTTT driver (thanks StroTek!) and found duplicates in all my lighting scenes. This happened before, and I tried to clear out the duplicates by deleting them, but that crashed Composer. I can't delete them and re-create them because some are bound to keypad buttons and I can't rebind them, and I can't restore an earlier backup because I just got a driver installed. What's the best way to proceed here? Thanks!
  3. @alanchow I asked my dealer to buy the IFTTT driver and install it for me, and they seem incapable of this immense feat. I literally want to give you money to buy a copy now, so that my dealer can take their time figuring things out. Would this be possible?
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