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  1. Everyone is talking about how Muj is good with complicated projects and problem solving but I can say that Muj is responsive and able to help even for the small and silly things that you’ve been putting off and need to get done. Thank you, Muj!
  2. Their site is super glitchy. My login said that too and it resolved itself in an hour. Totally contact them if it doesn't.
  3. But the point holds. There is no Composer HE for the Mac. You need to run the Windows version on VMWare Fusion, Parallels Desktop, VirtualBox, or some other VM solution to let you run Windows on your Mac.
  4. Yep, stuff done in any Composer (HE or not) shows on the web as dealer programming. Shrug. I'm happy in Composer HE.
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. @StroTek LLC just helped me with the IFTTT driver and now he's looking at it. He's pretty awesome.
  6. I just logged in to play with my new IFTTT driver (thanks StroTek!) and found duplicates in all my lighting scenes. This happened before, and I tried to clear out the duplicates by deleting them, but that crashed Composer. I can't delete them and re-create them because some are bound to keypad buttons and I can't rebind them, and I can't restore an earlier backup because I just got a driver installed. What's the best way to proceed here? Thanks!
  7. @alanchow I asked my dealer to buy the IFTTT driver and install it for me, and they seem incapable of this immense feat. I literally want to give you money to buy a copy now, so that my dealer can take their time figuring things out. Would this be possible?
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