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  1. Great to hear @greenhut! Mitch is so efficient and knowledgeable about C4!!
  2. Don't write off the whole system just yet......I use @msgreenf for all my programming and new equipment installs. He remotes into my system and makes the changes all for a very reasonable fee. He makes it far more convenient that trying to get on a dealer schedule. Just my .02......but he does fantastic work as do many others that are on this forum.
  3. I would highly recommend contacting @msgreenf. I have a decent dealer but Mitch surpassed their knowledge and accessibility in about 15 minutes. He has my system working exactly as it should and has helped me add various components multiple times. He is a rockstar in the C4 area!!
  4. I have had the MRX-720 receiver as my main AVR for over 2 years in my C4 setup. Zero issue. Sound is absolute incredible.
  5. Do the kids have phones? Would that be an easy solution? I use mine all the time for shutting down rooms and such.
  6. @djtech2k I see that Mitch has messaged you and I promise that his time is reasonable and what he can do with your system! He fixed me up and transformed my good C4 system to an amazing experience!! He is GREAT!
  7. Mitch is fantastic! Seriously, we connected on here yesterday about updating my C4 to the newest version so I could add the functionality of the Music Services. He was quick to answer all of my questions and setup a time to get things rolling THE SAME DAY!! I have a good dealer but it is difficult to get on the calendar and I knew it would be weeks before I could be upgraded. I also discovered that they have a FREE Ecobee driver and I had him install that while he was on the system. Just to further explain how good Mitch is.....he told me that my Roku driver was very old, asked me if I wanted "direct access" icons under the "Watch" tab of C4 for Netflix, Hulu and all my Roku channels. He dialed that up in a matter of minutes and completely changed my viewing experience with my Roku! Amazon Music Service is really good. If you are a prime member, you might as well give it a shot as it is included. Super easy to setup on C4. First class communications, quick, easy and very reasonable. I will definitely use Mitch again in the future! Thanks Mitch! Could not be more happy!
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