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  1. 300 is rock solid and what I have used for sites and my own home for years, really my goto router but discontinued now I would not recommend the 110 as the 110 series is really made for people with minimal devices on their network and not for home automation setups the 310 series I have at home, while I am a big fan of araknis, I wont sell the 310 until all their bugs are worked out, currently I have one at home and been running it since its release but I have had several issues. I normally set my routers to reboot every sunday at 2 am, but this one I have to set to reboot every 3 days otherwise it locks up on me. internet just cuts out. I have been on with support several times, they have tried several different settings, but still it would lock up like clockwork every 2 to 3 days. I have 2 internet services, I have fios and I have optonline, didn't matter which service, what settings, etc.
  2. you probably have to go to ecobee site, remove the current c4 authorization wait a half hour or so and reinitiate the request from c4 and then reauthorize on ecobee site because if its already authorized the pin given wont work. delete it, wait and redo
  3. the boxes themselves have ir but the remote is Bluetooth, I swapped my box from the Samsung model to the new fios 1 box, the only programming I had to do was the skip back button didn't work so just edited the driver for it
  4. use a cloud key and then all the tech can make needed adjustments
  5. updated for parts sold
  6. come up to about 1100.00 and u can have it all less the lock that's sold that's a steal
  7. send me an email for prices tekki70@gmail.com prices includes standard shipping in us everything is excellent condition kept in rack in comfort controlled room I can remote program for you if you need sr 250 battery powered 75.00 each shipped 6 months old 6 button keypad 125.00 shipped NIB 2 C4-SW120277-WH 125.00 each shipped 2 NIB C4-FPD12--WH 125.00 each shipped NIB C4-APD120-WH 125.00 shipped brand new episode EA-AMP-12D-70A no box I just got it as a warranty replacement for an amp that died 700.00 shipped Honeywell Wifi thermostat 200.00 shipped a few older c4 dimmers
  8. I wont say your dealer is telling a fib, but I can tell you highly and I mean highly doubt snap recommended separate SSiD for each wap, im sure they would definitely recommend different channels for each wap but definitely not separate SSID
  9. araknis performs very well, I install them all the time so I I would guess as an early poster stated, the installer didn't set them up properly. Wifi is not lick it and stick it, there are settings, and have your dealer call snap they will help him make the proper adjustments. if he cant send me a pm
  10. Look at your switch and see if it was actually sending power, just because it was connected doesn't mean it was utilizing power, doubt it was
  11. Disconnect power on amp Disconnect wire on amp Pull the speaker down and do a continuity test on the wire, put it back together make sure polarity is correct you could also leave both speakers disconnected at the amp side, play that zone for a while and see if amp fails. you will know if amp is bad, if it doesn't fail connect one speaker and play for a while and see which speaker could be failing. problem is it could be amp, could be wire, could be a bad speaker, could be a mismatch if speaker impedance is a mismatch, could also be your playing music way too loud and amp is shutting down lots of things to consider to troubleshoot
  12. When it drops offline from c4, does it also drop from Ovrc, or off your network, If it's dropping off network or ovrc, check ip conflict, network cable, port on where its plugged in.
  13. Go into denon settings boost up center channel level, lower fronts level and surrounds will help with your issue when playing in dolby
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