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  1. ge 1002 models. zwave plus are supported, jasco makes them also add a few to create a good mesh. i know a lot of design says theyh work up to 60' but real world scenario i have had to put them in many jobs about 15' apart
  2. if you are only adding 1 extra zone above the 24 matrix , what about a triad one ?
  3. just get a wattbox and make and schedule for it to reboot, put a delay timer on the reboot sequence would be easiest
  4. 2 thing to really check, one would be make sure your not feeding a switch twice, could cause a loop, 2nd thing i would do is disconnect any lan to a tv as ive seen nic cards go bad in tvs and wreak havoc on a network, especially older frame tvs and some 32" older samsung tvs
  5. you can use the motorola qip driver, however not all buttons map correctly like skip and skip back, you can fix that by creating your own driver, or you can use the left or right transport keys to be skip and skip back
  6. delete the driver, and delete the app reboot phone and controller and try again, hope that helps
  7. 2199.00 is msrp. ive installed a few and have one at my house, i like it a lot
  8. the driver in composer has very good documentation on how to setup the denon for control from c4,
  9. is it possible your using the audio volume endpoint for the tv and not sonos, and using ir driver and not ip? check your video endpoints
  10. i believe the dish network ip driver isnt working right now, known issue, you need to create an ir driver
  11. i hate to say it, try to sell your matrix and do a moip or jap system, otherwise what Cyknight says might be your best option
  12. within homeworks program them to turn on to a certain level. this way no matter how you turn them on, alexa, c4, button press they will always turn on to that preset level
  13. i have done quite a few of the duets, the trick is to not use the spotify mini app for the ovation, just use the ovation player driver. ii did have one job where one of our techs called fusion and they had them use spotty, not spotify but still gave them spotify access.My personal system i just removed the spotify mini app, use just the ovation player driver and i have no issues. my advice is to have your installer call fusion and get help setting up the fusion the tech support is fast and very good, have them also look at the integration with control4 to make sure he has it setup correctly.
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