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  1. i havent tried it but you could create your playlist, create a custom button and do a shuffle command to do this
  2. there is a kb article explaining how to add the doorbell on c4 knowledgebase to luma nvr, when i get home ill try to post the steps
  3. it should work and you have to add it to the luma with ip address, user name and password
  4. happens to my system from time to time, just ask google to check for new devices
  5. i do believe the altice cable boxes and remotes are bluetooth only with zero ir capabilities, that said c4 cant control it
  6. do you have the communication agent installed and in the chime menu have you setup the call group? under communication agent what devices are under that call group
  7. we had 2 clients that were having connection issues with thier neeo remotes. we already had 2 seperate ids for 2.4 and 5, all i did was take out special character in the ssid and change the security to wpa2 mixed. client hasnt called back in 3 weeks so far.
  8. i would try to just power cycle the zigbee controller, unplug for 15 seconds and plug it back in,
  9. factory default the tv, and redo its setup, maybe something is hung up. and make sure in expert settings you have all the correct settings done on the tv to pair it
  10. how does it work with just the doorbird app? if its bad with the app check its settings if not and settings are good, just contact doorbird thier tech support is pretty good
  11. if its going into protection mode it could be a few things, and since the amp was already replaced the amp can be ruled out. 1 i would check the wire for a short 2 make sure proper polarity on the speakers 3 speaker itself so what i would do is disconnect all pairs of speakers, test the line and make sure there is no short then reconnect 1 speaker at a time play for a while at a nice loud level and see what happens, if it doesnt shut down then connect another speaker until all speakers are reconnected or the amp faults. yes its tedious but really the easiest way to find the issue
  12. i agree with RAV picos are a great affordable solution, you can program a music pico to do several functions
  13. ge 1002 models. zwave plus are supported, jasco makes them also add a few to create a good mesh. i know a lot of design says theyh work up to 60' but real world scenario i have had to put them in many jobs about 15' apart
  14. if you are only adding 1 extra zone above the 24 matrix , what about a triad one ?
  15. just get a wattbox and make and schedule for it to reboot, put a delay timer on the reboot sequence would be easiest
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