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  1. the op is talking about the xfinity flex streaming box, not the xfinity cable boxes. i have not found a way to control the streaming box myself.
  2. i dunno, but if you call a plumber or electrician, or go to the mechanic to have your oil changed for maintenance you have to pay for services, whats so different then paying your AV company to maintain your control system? if you go to your doctors office for a checkup theres a fee. life is not free and we also have to put food on the table. Hopefully the company has different fees for truck rolls vs remote programming. i help a lot of our clients that are no longer under our warranty if they are having issues over the phone without charge if they are having an issue but if they want changes
  3. i would have 1 device connected to the router a switch, use that as your core switch and have all other switches connected to the core switch. this will be less hops for devices, and it leaves all the processing power in the router to deal with internet traffic wan to lan. that core switch will handle your in house communication creating a faster overall experience.
  4. 6500 sq ft house, definitely need at least 2 more waps to fill the house with 5G
  5. another thing to check is make sure that composer isnt picking up the wifi mac address. this happened to me once.
  6. i would highly doubt there would be a fee for every open/close, but i could see an annual fee for the myq access.
  7. try renaming the tv, and renaming it on router. sounds stupid but give it a try,
  8. have you adjusted the level in shut off level. when i first installed mine, they would blink at certain dimmed level. after i adjusted they would shut off properly
  9. i like to use room control driver, and with 2 buttons on a keypad, 1 button just cycles through the various favorites i setup, the 2nd button will also cycle through but will have other rooms join as well. default volumes setup i also like to use picos, and i have a few picos around the house setup to cycle through music for that particular room and control the volume for said room
  10. 1st thing i would try is replacing the audio cables, 2nd thing would be to buy an adapter for the electical cord that that takes out the ground. a lot of hum issues can be resolved with ground lifters
  11. if you cant log into customer.control4.com then either your email or password is incorrect. i would again try to log into customer.control4.com if you can then delete the app, reinstall the the proper phone app, which whether you need c4 for os3, or just c4 app if you can not log in to customer.control4.com then reset your password, through that site, if you have never verified your email through the site and the time allowed has lapsed, then you will need a dealer to help you.
  12. install the heos nework driver, then install the heos player driver in the room the soundbar lives in. setup endpoints chose the default player for all heos in the network driver, then in the player driver chose the soundbar as default player for that room
  13. c4 just like any other automation system is only as good as its designer, programmer, and installer. having said that, we have systems that are extremely stable and never hear from clients until we send them info on new items or updates. but then we do have some hiccup jobsites, which are very few. its electronics, things go bad. some cheap parts are great and last forever and some dont. be prepared to set up the system properly, if you live in an area that has lots of power outages, put your rack on a ups. if you have lots of quick brownouts put all your cable boxes on small ups. design is im
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