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  1. is your amp set to audio sense? trigger? or always on? if it is triggered whats the trigger setup and connection in composer?
  2. if you want to make things simpler for all devices to adopt the new dns you set in the router, you should set the dns under dns settings, but then go into where you set the dhcp range of ip addresses, this well helpo your dhcp devices adopt the dns, reboot of all devices is recommended.
  3. yes control4 can control xbox360, xbox one.
  4. honestly araknis 700 series waps are fast, and if setup properly work great, however ive had great succuss with luxul 1510 waps with a controller, the roaming from wap to wap is much better than araknis," boy i hate saying it, but its true." if you have apple phones, they are known to not want to let go of an access points signal, so luxuls controller telling the device to let go and grab the next access point is mu ch better
  5. change the dns in your router, and then in ea5 and matrix, we had a similar problem and setting the dns to match everywhere fixed this issue, music would intermittlenly pause, for a few seconds and begin playing again. mainly pandora we use dns amd, set the dns, reboot all the devices, and hope it fixes it
  6. not a fan of mesh networks, but after saying that, if you can hardwire each of the mesh extenders, make them waps, instead of extenders, ive seen the orbi system function very well
  7. i have a similar problem with a samsung tv and an ir driver, room off and the flasher doesnt even flash, but if i go into the c4 menu for tv, and do power off it flashes and tv turns off. i can delete the tv from the project, re add it and then a week or two later the same issue, and the same fix. ive called into tech support for logs, and no fix, replaced the Ea5 and still happening, figured maybe a corrupt driver or load, its a small project so i created another project and it still happens, still have logs running, and cant figure this one out. its also the correct driver for the tv. tried another driver and same results
  8. Matt have you tried creating another SSID for devices like your washer and just using wpa2/psk Mixed. this was a recommendation from snap and usually clears up devices that are having difficulties connecting to wifi, band steering off is a must also?
  9. the only downside would not be able to roam from room to room with remotes if they cant reach the zigbee server they are connected to, for me and most of our clients isnt much of a downside
  10. for older devices, or devices that dont like wpa2 security, you will have to use wpa2-psk mixed turn off band steering, create a 2nd ssid, just for older, or devices that does not like the most recent security and use the wpa2-psk mixed for this ssid
  11. denon 4400, solid, rich features, ip control is very good
  12. im running an ea3 with 3.1.1 and the ecobee driver for quite some time now and have done several reboots without loss of communication between the two.
  13. I don't like relying on the myq drivers, here is other options just buy a remote for your garage door, connect it to your controller, solder wires to the remote, then buy a tilt sensor if you cant run wires to the door itself, or buy a pair of Honeywell garage sensors Nyce Garage Door Tilt Sensor https://www.amazon.com/Chamberlain-G953EV-P2-LiftMaster-Craftsman-Compatible/dp/B004RB73D0/ref=sr_1_4?crid=17TEQXW4Y90SK&keywords=chamberlain+garage+door+opener+remote&qid=1571651087&sprefix=chamberlain+%2Caps%2C155&sr=8-4 https://www.amazon.com/Honeywell-Ademco-958-Overhead-Contacts/dp/B0006M1I1W/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3CMW78EX6756J&keywords=honeywell+garage+door+sensor&qid=1571651284&sprefix=honeywell+garage+%2Caps%2C169&sr=8-4
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