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  1. room control driver would be easiest, under programming, use when room enters listens mode turn off tv
  2. hard wire a keypad, buy garage door magnets off amazon and never have to worry about a driver again. 30 bucks or so for a keyfob, 30 bucks or so for magnets, some wire, and pay a dealer to program
  3. yes you can do exactly what you want, connect the dot to the ea5 analog in. you will have to do some setup in alexa so music will be played by the dot, then setup scenes in control4 and play music from the dot depending on the scene you setup.i have several dots around the house run back to my matrix with audio baluns so it can be done in those rooms as well, but again setup amazon alexa app first
  4. if you only have a cat going inside, then you have 2 options 1 if you have a matrix use audio baluns from the matrix to an amp outside in a safe place out of the weather 2 use a triad one outside and again put the triad in a safe place out of the weather
  5. sounds like the incorrect driver or setup as a roller shade. which driver are you using for the bridge, and the shade itself?
  6. i have 3 in my system kitchen, master bedroom and theater, i use them all pretty regularly but i do also use a lot of experience buttons for items that i use all the time for lights, fans and custom buttons for scenes and favorited music. i also utilize keypads in other rooms with just audio because sometimes i just to like to walk into a room and click a button to start some music instead of pulling out the phone to select music.
  7. at the bottom of the screen click the circle with the lines in it.
  8. is the tv ip controlled? is it a roku tv? is cec turned off on all devices connected to the tv?
  9. just as someone else has stated eero should be put in bridge mode, if not it will create its own network and everything on the eero mesh will be on a different ip scheme and wont communicate with the wired devices running on the other ip scheme
  10. best i can offer if you have performed the following 1. Make sure that the SHIELD TV Remote Service app in the Shield host device is updated to the latest version. You can update the app by using Google Play Store on the Shield host device. The version of SHIELD TV Remote Service should be greater than or equal to 2036968. The version can be checked at the page: Home -> Settings -> Apps -> See all apps -> SHIELD TV Remote Service. 2. Disable all CEC/IR control settings. We want the Control4 system to control those related settings. Please verify that they are disabled in the following settings pages: ⦁ Home -> Settings -> Device Preferences -> Display & Sound ->Power control. Disable all settings on this page. ⦁ Home -> Settings -> Device Preferences -> Display & Sound -> Volume control. Disable all settings on this page. 3. Disable Sleep mode timeout for better user experience: Home -> Settings -> Device Preferences -> Screen saver -> Put device to sleep -> Never.
  11. do you have cat run from the rack to the tv? if so you can do a dac back to the c4 matrix, this way anything playing from the tv will play through the c4 amp, if not then hdmi stripper for each source to the c4 matrix would be the way to go
  12. the only time ive seen this is when the tv wasnt paired, try going back into composer and pair the tv, also make sure the tv updated, ip control is turned on in the the tv otherwise you wont find it sddp
  13. do you get sound from other sources in the denon on zone 2 check your settings for zone 2 setup and make sure its not being played from speaker terminals and its set for preamp have you checked your assignable inputs is the volume lowering and raising for zone 2 or do you have it set to fixed how is the response series setup to handle volume? is it fixed or variable
  14. ive installed quite a few of the chimes and havent had clients complain about them yet, however at my own house im on my 3rd chime, 1st one was showing in history as the button press was being done every minute, rma on that, the 2nd one just stopped notifying my android phone, so i rma that one, now the 3rd one doesnt ring my galaxy s10+. ive been on with tech support several times, ive factory defaulted it, deleted communication agent and reinstalled, deleted all phones from customer.control4.com, setup multiple users with thier own user id. motion works fine, button pushes still dont call so i setup a push notification for button presses so at least i knoiw someones at the door and my zones without a touchscreen i have announcements. i myself am getting close to going back to doorbird until they can fix this but the picture quality on doorbird is nowhere near as good as the chime
  15. are you positive its just a normal speaker, and not a dual voice coil? i would pull the speaker down and check to see if it has 2 sets of speaker terminals on the back or one. if two its a dual voice coil, and if one set its a normal speaker
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