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  1. denon 4400, solid, rich features, ip control is very good
  2. im running an ea3 with 3.1.1 and the ecobee driver for quite some time now and have done several reboots without loss of communication between the two.
  3. I don't like relying on the myq drivers, here is other options just buy a remote for your garage door, connect it to your controller, solder wires to the remote, then buy a tilt sensor if you cant run wires to the door itself, or buy a pair of Honeywell garage sensors Nyce Garage Door Tilt Sensor https://www.amazon.com/Chamberlain-G953EV-P2-LiftMaster-Craftsman-Compatible/dp/B004RB73D0/ref=sr_1_4?crid=17TEQXW4Y90SK&keywords=chamberlain+garage+door+opener+remote&qid=1571651087&sprefix=chamberlain+%2Caps%2C155&sr=8-4 https://www.amazon.com/Honeywell-Ademco-958-Overhead-Contacts/dp/B0006M1I1W/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3CMW78EX6756J&keywords=honeywell+garage+door+sensor&qid=1571651284&sprefix=honeywell+garage+%2Caps%2C169&sr=8-4
  4. The waps have a static ip that differes from the luxul
  5. Can you see the controller on the network with fing or another network sniffer and have you tried rebooting the controller?
  6. ive installed the 4k ip driver on quite a few systems, only had 2 occasions where it stopped working, a controller reboot fixed it both times. otherwise its worked very well.
  7. im curious, do you happen to have a frame tv? if so is it dhcp? if so static it in the tv.
  8. I would agree with cyknight, the backbox has to be cut in where it slides in and out snug, not loose, and not tight, then dont overtighten the backbox wings or will suck into the wall a little bit which will cause it not to lock in properly. when putting in the power box don't overtighten those screws either or it will bend ,once it locks in properly its not coming out easily
  9. I would definitely factory your networking gear, you don't know what settings are setup, possibly incorrect, so a fresh start is your best bet, then make sure you setup proper dns, proper dhcp range so your statics are in that range, I would just factory the network, then just power up your router and modem, setup router to work with your modem, set all the dns, and dhcp range. then power up core switch, you can either dhcp reserve, or static, it, make sure those dns match whats in your router, then power up any other switches, and do the same. power up critical devices, and dhcp reserve or static them your choice, then each piece of wired gear, get them static, or dhcp reserve, make sure any gear that you are dhcp reserving, that they are not set to static in the device itself which could cause problems.
  10. ya I bet whoever had the packedge setup, did priorities , maybe even port mapping, your best bet is to factory, start fresh do as others have stated, router connected to modem, core switch should be the only device connected to your router Lan and than all other switches connected to your core switch, good luck
  11. it sounds like there was a vlan setup in your packedge gear for your network utilizing ports where the orbi was connected, now that the orbi isn't connected, your vlan is broke. just a thought
  12. im a big araknis fan, usually very solid gear, however when you have a network problem that cant be found, I would start from scratch, probably not what you want to hear, but I would factory default all the araknis gear, set all wired devices to static addresses , then set all roaming devices dhcp I would also use as primary dns, and as secondary on most jobs, but I believe comcast xfinity prefers a
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