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  1. i agree, pico's are nice cheap, easy way, in one of my bathrooms i have a music pico to start music, toggle through preset cycler, raise and lower volume, works well.i do have some casetta throughout the house as well.
  2. so i just ran across this problem but it was that the electrician put a keypad dimmer in and an essentials keypad aux at the other location, only the bottom worked, once i switched out the essentials for a regular it worked normally. it was probably my bosses mistake for locations, but thats another discussion, lol
  3. in composer start the pairing process from the connections tab/zwave you have 45 seconds to then press the button on the aoetec device. i would plug this in close to the zwave adapter to ensure you have proper signal, once paired i would then move it to the location you want
  4. so you have the zwave module for control4, then you need a dealer to add the drivers, if you have a vera hub or another ZWAVE Hub "some are compatible or have drivers ,you still need a dealer to add the drivers. you need a dealer to add drivers to your control4 project, you can buy composer home to make some edits to your control system, after your dealer adds the drivers however i dont believe aotec extenders are compatible directly with control4 i dont see a driver but ill try when i get home today , you need a hub like a vera hub then you can bring them into control4,
  5. ok so we sell mainly araknis, full setups, but we played around with luxul we tried the 5000 router, managed and unmanged switches, 1000 controller and 1510 waps. i can say that i do like the waps with the controller and overall liked the gear after getting it setup properly, however i did have some troubles with it and had to reach out to a more network savvy friend colleague .i had a quite a few problems with luxul routers not opening ports, and tech support sucked at helping, which caused us to stop selling luxul, we still use the waps setup because the handoff is better than araknis.
  6. should be able to just start pairing process in composer pro zwave tab, then just press the button on the device, sometimes its easier to just have the device within a few feet of the processor where your zwave adapter is and then move it to the area you actually want it
  7. i still would recommend the chime, its a pretty solid product
  8. i have the poe chime and the day/night image is much better than the ds2, however sometimes the chime takes about 15 seconds to notify me. it could be because i have a pretty large system running on a ea3, which in time ill upgrade to a ea5. i do have push notifications running off motion too that work work great with video clips as well. overall i would definitely recommend the chime over the ds2. i have installed a few on smaller systems and ea3, and some with ea5 and works quickly with those systems. i used a plate to cover the old ds2 whole
  9. the only thing i would do is just do a sensor to tell me if the pool cover was open or closed, but in now way would i program it to open or close remotely
  10. if you have composer pro create a scene in the assistant driver within composer, then do some programming . if you dont have pro use composer home to edit a scene but will need a dealer to add some blank scenes and then you can edit them
  11. i installed my genie 2 months ago, since then i have lost authentication twice and had to submit authentication both times, 

    1. msgreenf


      not sure why you are posting this on my profile?

  12. the op is talking about the xfinity flex streaming box, not the xfinity cable boxes. i have not found a way to control the streaming box myself.
  13. i dunno, but if you call a plumber or electrician, or go to the mechanic to have your oil changed for maintenance you have to pay for services, whats so different then paying your AV company to maintain your control system? if you go to your doctors office for a checkup theres a fee. life is not free and we also have to put food on the table. Hopefully the company has different fees for truck rolls vs remote programming. i help a lot of our clients that are no longer under our warranty if they are having issues over the phone without charge if they are having an issue but if they want changes
  14. i would have 1 device connected to the router a switch, use that as your core switch and have all other switches connected to the core switch. this will be less hops for devices, and it leaves all the processing power in the router to deal with internet traffic wan to lan. that core switch will handle your in house communication creating a faster overall experience.
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