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  1. if you cant log into customer.control4.com then either your email or password is incorrect. i would again try to log into customer.control4.com if you can then delete the app, reinstall the the proper phone app, which whether you need c4 for os3, or just c4 app if you can not log in to customer.control4.com then reset your password, through that site, if you have never verified your email through the site and the time allowed has lapsed, then you will need a dealer to help you.
  2. install the heos nework driver, then install the heos player driver in the room the soundbar lives in. setup endpoints chose the default player for all heos in the network driver, then in the player driver chose the soundbar as default player for that room
  3. c4 just like any other automation system is only as good as its designer, programmer, and installer. having said that, we have systems that are extremely stable and never hear from clients until we send them info on new items or updates. but then we do have some hiccup jobsites, which are very few. its electronics, things go bad. some cheap parts are great and last forever and some dont. be prepared to set up the system properly, if you live in an area that has lots of power outages, put your rack on a ups. if you have lots of quick brownouts put all your cable boxes on small ups. design is important. c4 has been solid,
  4. 14/4 is totally sufficient for 8ohm and 16x2 for 70v.
  5. try 2.4 with wpa2 mixed security with no special characters with band steering, fast roaming, off, if it connects then, try turning fast roaming back on,
  6. i like panamax bluebolt alot, and i have used kasa smart wifi plugs and outlet strips for those jobs that ive had problems on that really needed some sort of reeset. cheap, not really my cup of tea but in a pinch, it worked. dont really recommend them but it works
  7. in the time i had tested, i had noticed no delay, with tune in, iheart, and spotify connect. cant say about airplay as no apple user here. im going back to the house monday and ill bring an iphone to test it out.
  8. i have ecobee 4 tstats, with a few sensor, and i have ceiling fans in those rooms, using the ecobee temp senors, when the room is >75 turn on ceiling fan,
  9. i just did this for a client, with the triad one and there is not a sync issue, works very well
  10. sometimes its just a bad device, i wouldnt judge a product by one piece, hopefully they sent you another or you gave another to try out. the nyce ceiling motions seems to be pretty solid and mostly what ive used. i have tried fibaro zwave sensors, the little eyeballs work well too for a zwave environment, i just am not a fan of zwave at all
  11. if you want it that bad, i would move it to a location where you can get a cat, then run that cat to the ea3, use audio baluns, cheap like 25 bucks, and connect the amp to ea3 audio in depending on your setup then go to a matrix or amp ive taken moldings off the wall to run wires for clients, hide it around a room under carpet, installed crown moldings. a professional can come up with something you may not see, add decorative half round molding to your floor, im not talking about wire mold.
  12. Roku TVs all for bedrooms or offices is what we do
  13. we use the kwikset locks, our clients like the ease of adding or changing codes from any touchscreen. They have also been very reliable for us
  14. Depends on what your doing, if you want your house truly automated i would do all rooms, you could have a scene running and have lights, music, and/or tvs turn on and off as you enter or leave rooms. closet doors turn lights on and off. kitchen, have lights, music start, while your in the kitchen. Timers going, etc. if you have a door lock, use a certain code to kick on the scene to begin. different codes can do different scenes, for different people or just your mood
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