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  1. Awesome to witness the development of this amazing "bridge". Really hoping Thermostat control is coming soon. Can't wait to geek out
  2. Cool! Keep us posted. As soon as you have that figured out I'll place the order for the kit!
  3. Interesting! This is kind of a deal breaker to me as of right now I wanted to set a scene with lights and ac when I enter / leave the house. My AC is not nest, just a regular c4 integrated solution
  4. Joshua, how does your driver deal with Air Conditioning? My c4 controls two way 2 thermostats, would I be able to tell Siri to set my temperature to 75 for example?
  5. Joshua I would love to help testing this out but I'm kind of a noob, I would have to start from scratch. Let me know if you need the additional hands on help!
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