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  1. Yes I know but Control4 doesnt handle a long press, so it would be better to have an option to configure it on a special button. The context menu does work on KODI, outside doesnt. Thanx in advance. Regards !
  2. Did you sell them ? Can you ship to Mexico ? Regards !
  3. Yes, installed on and android Phone, Thanx !!!
  4. Hi, I have a DS exterior installed on 2013 not sure if hardware have changed. Just upgraded to 2.10.4 everything seems to work OK from the app I can access the DS camera/audio, but when someone rings the door, never get a notification from the DS to my phone ? I've done also calls from internal touchscreen to the intercomm and it works well. Any sugestions ? Regards !!!
  5. Is there a way to get the context menu with this driver ? Is like the right button in the mouse, it is neede for a lot of things on Android TV and Kodi !! Thanx !!
  6. They repaired one ... but the second wasnt big enough the bubble air, unfortunatly with time it get worst !!! Thanx !
  7. Hi, Is anyone having the same issues ? I've got air bubbles on the screen, we live in a very hot/humid place but seems a quality issue, also the new table to touch screen. Thanx !!!
  8. So if this is true, why sell an android driver ? Also that needs Lanmote to work ? This is not an answer for a 130 USD driver !! Lanmote seems to be working on a new version, they said they have issues on the SELINUX system and hoping to release a public beta soon but almost 4 months on this. http://lanmote.idea.informer.com/ https://plus.google.com/communities/104930843995074725220 Incorrectly I assumed that the android driver will solve the Lanmote depency, until my control4 dealer advise the need for Lanmote, then I got a 130 driver for nothing. Regards !
  9. I think you should work on a complete solution, we cannot use good or new hardware because you relay con Lanmote for the conectivity ? All new boxes are at least android 6, so we are supposed to use old hardware/firmware for your driver to work ? Regards !
  10. Hi, When are you planning to develop a complete solution, using the Lanmote driver that has no more development (or to slow) they are talking now to deliver a new version for android 6.0 and they have a lot of issues with SELinux system. Think you should support them or help to develop a complete solution, we cant use good hardware for this and paying 130 USD not cheap for an incomplete solution ? Regards !
  11. Yes there is... http://www.janustechnology.co.uk/products/audiovisual/bose-soundtouch-driver-for-control4/ Good Luck !!!
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