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  1. That sounds like about the time mine stopped working, although I put it down to my Samsung just not registering when it is a sleep, like it will always drop off the Wi-Fi if it goes to sleep, despite me allegedly stopping it from doing it in the settings. This always caused issues if I tried to program things against home and away based on my phone being registered on the network
  2. Hi all. I am aware that the Samsung TV IP drivers do not work here in the UK and a quick search on the control4 driver database for the Samsung Q7 brings up only IP drivers. Has anyone in the UK any experience with installing the Q series and could advise on the best IR driver? (Apologies if there is an obvious one in the database but it was just a quick Q7 search) I'm hoping to be able to use all the smarthub features so making a basic IR driver would be my last resort.
  3. Another one for Sony here although mine does fail to wake up sometimes
  4. Thanks for all the info guys. Just wondering if Sony is the best route to go with the free database drivers or whether there are better options of players. Similar price range to the Sony players, not in the Oppo range. I'm also only looking at full HD at the moment not 4K.
  5. Hi F0ZZ. Did you / have you settled on a Blu ray player?
  6. Thanks. Are you selling it come with buttons and face plate?
  7. Hi Dave. What Is the dimmer model number?
  8. If you have added the Mi Casa Verde Zwave drivers for each of your items, lights, sensors, blinds etc then they should appear on the left under system design and programming and you use them in composer like you would any other C4 driver. I haven't done anything with C4's built in Zwave but I'm guessing that's what would show in connections, network, Zwave.
  9. You could also have used the cheaper Vera Edge, works good for me. http://getvera.com/controllers/veraedge/
  10. There is a control4 ip driver for it. The Vera creates its own Zwave network that the Zwave equipment connects to then control4 communicates with the Vera over ip. Every item you connect to Vera via Zwave, lights, blinds, door contacts etc. Will have an identity number. As well as the driver for Vera In control4 you will also need a driver for each Zwave item. Some manufacturers like Fibaro have created their own, others are generic. When setting up Zwave item drivers in Control4 you enter the identity number from Vera and it will be available in your project to program like anything else and it will show on navigators and remotes
  11. There are a number of fibaro Zwave drivers in Control4. I use the dimmer ones and the roller shutter ones (blinds) and the show up the same as generic C4 lights and blinds on navigators and remotes. They have full percentage control and feed back via C4 navigators and remotes but you also wire a rocker / toggle switch direct to them so they are independent if your C4 controller is ever out of action.
  12. Thank you both for replying. So nothing I was missing then, makes a change I will take a look at these options a little later.
  13. Hi all. I have turned a dimmer switch into a multi functioning switch and removed the buttons attached option as I don't want the lights to react to volume or trigger inputs. Set a variable to swap between using it for a light switch and volume control and can raise and lower the volume with no problems. The problem I have is with the light dimming now. I can set it to levels with the press of the top or bottom buttons but I can not simulate the dimming and stopping at a chosen level. I am probably being really dumb and missing something simple but the volume control was controlled via the room start / stop volume up and down options with button presses and releases but for the life of me I can't find a similar option for the lights. Any ramping or variables I try to use don't seem to be able to be stopped upon button release. I even went down the route of using the snapshot driver where holding the up or down buttons will slowly ramp the level up or down and programmed the release of each button to take a snapshot of the level and then reload it in. This is obviously flawed as the level continues to change and then it will jump back to the snapshot. I know I must be missing the obvious here and would appreciate a little nudge in the right direction.
  14. OK I'm back up and running. Thanks if someone did something
  15. For the last 2 days I have had problems reading anything on the forums. I can access the main menu, go into sub menus and search but any thread I try to read just comes up with the something has gone wrong page and error code EX1764 I see new posts being created by others so is this a problem my end? I just realised though I probably won't be able to read any replies to this post either
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