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  1. I’m in the same boat, I’m now stuck on 2.10.6 and what makes matters worse is that the intercom app won’t auto notify if the door station is pressed unless I have the app open at the same time
  2. Is there a list of c4 hardware compatible with OS3? I have a DSC door station and that’s gong to be a deal breaker if I upgrade. Thanks
  3. I have an issue with a DSC door station. We receive notifications (calls) on two different iphones when the app is open (works fine), however if the app is closed/minimised we do not receive any notification (other than a programmed e-mail that notification which was previously set-up). Same issue with two different Iphones. I've created different groups, uninstalled apps/re-installed with no joy. Any ideas why this is happening? thanks,
  4. That worked. I had to create a new group in composer. Many thanks
  5. I have the same issue with mine. Is there a way for the c4 intercom apple app to be notified when the door bell rings?
  6. This works http://www.c4forums.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=3229
  7. Perfect, that worked. Many thanks for posting
  8. Do you still have the driver available? I’m looking to use just the “power” functionality of the driver for optoma uhd projectors which is ~XX105 thanks
  9. Hi Any optoma serial drivers available, specially for a optoma uhd projector? One driver exists on the control4 database but it’s from 2008. Thanks
  10. Are control4 serial optoma uhd drivers available for download? I’ve had a search but can’t find anything. Is there a generic driver that can be used? Thanks
  11. I have an rs232 cable female (plus male to male extender) to 3.5mm from my projector to the hc250 which works fine. if I connect using the same method to my Oppo there’s no response from my Oppo player. Do I need a particular rs232 cable? ive tried the standard driver and chowmein driver with no joy. Debug shows data being sent but no response. Thanks in advance
  12. I need to connect a Sony VPL-HW45ES that has a serial rs232 port to a control4 hc250. Would a SERIAL CABLE DB9F to 3.5mm DCS2 suffice https://www.pccables.com/87050.html ... or serial rs232 to another HC250 end point? thanks
  13. I'm planning on purchasing the tahoma somfy controller to accompany my somfy blinds as long as I can get the below to work. There doesn't seem to be a driver for Somfy Tahoma at present, but Tahoma are due to release a driver in the next couple of weeks which will allow Amazon Alex integration. So my question is - Can I use control4 to generate a command to Alexa which will in turn send a notification to Tahoma ?
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