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  1. Hi there! I do have a Vista 128BPT installed with 3 partitions a CBM4332 module and driver as well. Running on Control4 2.10.6. CBM4332 driver is Honeywell 4232CBM (Residential).c4z, version 1.44. At the driver documentation it is not stated that the driver is compatible with Vista BPT panels. So here is what I found out until now: 1) Driver does not work well with multiple partitions. I wanted change my installation to 1 partition but it is limited to 32 zones. So I will add another BPT panel, one for each partition I want. 2) The driver is very good and it works well telling when zones open or close. I am having difficulties in partition 2 however. Some of the zones are motion detectors and when they detect motion they do not close for quite some time. At the panel the zones are closed! That is a very bad situation! 3) I have run the compatibility test to OS 3.0 and it does say anything about the CBM4332 driver. So I guess it is compatible! It only says about my speaker points and one older touchscreen. In the next days I will be adding other BPT panels to the system with CBM modules for each one (I really need those partitions!) and test it.
  2. No! The Control4 driver does not work 100% with my 128BPT. As I mentioned above the driver only works with the panels stated above. But I tried it and I am using 2 panels with 2 partitions each. The variables do not work everytime so I cannot trust to use them. The only variable that worked everytime was the one that states if the partition is armed or not. So I had to do all programming manually for every zone that opens. I also could not trust the variables that says when the partition is alarmed, armed, cleared, etc.
  3. As per driver documentation it is only compatible with VISTA-15P, VISTA-15PSIA, VISTA-20P, VISTA-20PSIA. FA160CP and FA168C (Version 9.1 or Higher). VISTA-21IP and VISTA-21iPSIA (Version 3.13 or Higher). Eventough the 4232CBM module is compatible with Vista BPT panels.
  4. Yes, this is my problem! We have to find a driver that Works with OS3 and the Vista BPT panel. I am using the Control4 driver now and testing with this panel and I made it work but with several restrictions. I would really like a suitable driver!
  5. Hi, guys. Let me try to help everyone again… This is what I have in my system: Honeywell Vista 128 BPT with 4 partitions and 92 zones. Control4 EA5 running on OS 2.10. As I wanted to upgrade my OS system to OS3 I have run the installer. Once I did that the software runs a complete check on the system and tells me what is not going to work with OS3. Speaker points were one of the things but the main problem was with the security driver. I was running the Houselogix (SnapAV) Honeywell Vista BPT driver. As I have a BPT panel (has a serial connector on board!) that driver did not require any other hardware but a serial cable to connect to Control4. It was working quite well but then I had the OS3 tests results and I had to find another option. I have contacted SnapAV and their las reply on this issue was: “Any driver developed by Houselogix will no longer be updated. This is why we stopped selling drivers on March 31st. We unfortunately didn’t know any better about the v1 security proxy the first time we talked. The driver unfortunately will not work with OS 3.” They are talking about my driver, the Honeywell Vista BPT. I do not have the HSIM hardware and never tried it!
  6. Hello! I will try to tell you about my experience so far an hope to be helpful. I own an EA-5 running in version 2.10.6 and a Honeywell Vista 128 BPT with 4 partitions. 1. I have bought the Houselogix driver that cost USD 125.00 two years ago. The driver worked fine and I wanted to upgrade the system to OS3.0. As I try to upgrade I had to run a compatibility test to check my system. This test told me the Houselogix driver was built using security proxy V1 and it had to be upgraded to V2. I have contacted Houselogix (now SnapAV) and first they told me the problem was not the driver and that was an issue with OS3.0. Then after I sent them the error message they agreed the problem was the driver but, and I quote, “There’s a good chance that it won’t be updated” and they never returned again about that. So I spent USD 125.00 and the company does not care about it. Doesn’t seem a serious company. 2. So I have bought two Honeywell CBM4232 and another Vista 128 BPT panel. That’s because the C4 driver only supports 3 partitions. So I have 3 partitions in one panel and another partition in the other panel. Also, you cannot use TotalConnect and the C4 driver together as they use the same RIS device number. 3. BUT I had one other issue: the variables sometimes do not work well with this driver and sometimes are just “blank”. Another issue was that once the driver is logged into a partition I was not receiving any alarms from the others. So I had to create alarms for every zone individually just using the only variable it was working: if the partition was armed or not. I have not upgraded to OS3.0 yet but the tests show me the system can now be upgraded. Probably I will wait a bit longer to be sure about OS3.0 upgrade.
  7. You have mentioned that variables work fine for you. Perhaps you could help me a bit! Which system configuration you use? Panel? Partitions? I am having quite some trouble to make the variables work and to get alarms from partitions that are not logged in. Thanks for all help!
  8. I am having the same issue here! The Houselogix driver will not work with OS3.0 and they said they will not update it. They are now AVSnap and after I contacted them they said they are interested in updating the driver. So I am trying now with the CBM4232 module. I do have a Vista 128BPT. The issues I am getting up to now: 1. Limited for 3 partitions. Houselogix was up to 8! I have 4 partitions... 2. The variables are most of the time blank, with no information in them. Don't know what is wrong... I am trying to identify if the system was armed STAY or AWAY but the variable is most of the time BLANK. So I cannot trust it! 3. The really bad thing is that I can only get alarm information from the partition the driver is logged-in. Once I log into partition 1, if partition 2 has na alarm the driver does not say! I am trying a lot of diferent configurations but it is quite hard. Anyone can help?? Thanks a lot.
  9. Hello guys! I have for several years now a Honeywell Vista 128BPT integrated with my Control4 system with Houselogix driver and wanted to upgrade to OS3. Just found out the House logix driver uses V1 security proxy and it needs to be at least V2 to be integrated with the new OS3. Was informed by people from SanpAV (Houselogix) that they will probably not going to upgrade the driver. I am running the Control4 system with na EA-5 controller and I cannot see a way to solve this driver issue, The only solution I see is to change my panel! Thinking of using DSC Neo HS2128 panel with TL280 IP connection. But before I have to be sure of some things: 1. Does the DSC driver use the V2 security proxy? Will it be compatible with OS3? 2. Does the DSC driver track zone status in realtime even with the panel not armed? Thanks for all your help guys!
  10. Hello there! I am trying to add Mobotix T25M to the Control4 system but after days trying I could not do it. Anyone has a clue on how to do it? Thanks!
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