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  1. Look for some ideas for affordable but not bad quality sensors for door and windows that are compatible with the system? Also looking for some retrofit boxes for the older 5 and 7 touch screens if you have any for sale? If you have some other equipment available let me know i might be able to find a new home for it, thanks
  2. Does anyone have access to anymore of these NYCE sensors, specifically the window ones?
  3. Anybody has a couple of these retrofit ones available to sell?
  4. I have a client who currently has basic cable in two of their rooms, and would like the audio out from the tv to be played in the ceiling speakers in the rooms. I currently have a audio extractor behind each tv that goes from a toslink to RCA cable. The audio is sent over a cat5e cable that goes into a RCA cat5e adapter that goes into the amp. We can hear the audio from the tv being played over the speakers but there somewhat staticky, or other sounds are bleeding through only when its the tv audio being played. Any suggestions?
  5. I wanted to see if there was a way to add older devices such as the TSWM7 in wall touch screen to projects running 2.9 or higher. I have a client who has 3 of these in her home and doesn't want to replace them but after the update to 2.9.1 I can't get them to be added to her project. Is there a workaround or way to get around this and get those devices running on the project again?
  6. Okay so I can't use the app at all since those licenses aren't available for my system anymore? So it's probably best to just upgrade my main controller so I can use the app?
  7. My current system in my home is on 2.5.3. I wanted to be able to control my system with some of the apps like myhome control4, but i think i need a license or something for it because when I download the app and try to sign in it won't let me. I heard though there is a 4sight subscription where you can control your house with the app when your home and connected to the wifi and when your not home. I was wondering, if I found someone to buy the subscription from do I need another app or license or just this subscription and this will allow me to sign into the app and control my home? Also is there like a trial or something I can try to see if it something we will end up using regularly or no?
  8. I was wondering if anybody could order some engraved buttons for me for my 6 button keypads and 3 button. My dealer programmed the buttons and I know what they do but whenever I have family or friends over they just randomly click through all the buttons till they get what they want. I dont want what the buttons to do to change just some labeling or engraving so others can know what they do.
  9. How can I program the switches in my house so only one LED is on at a time when I click the switch? For example if the light is on, the top LED on the switch is on but the bottom doesn't have any color to it or is lighted up. Then when I click off the bottom led lights up and the top turns completely off.
  10. Okay I think I remember coming across that site but was a little thrown off on the steps on how to manipulate the icons to not the standard default. I'll have to look into it again and see if I can better understand stand the steps. Client just didn't want a couple of the sources to have DVD icons so I'm trying to see what I could do. Thanks CYknight
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