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  1. I changed to 20 for the moment. Will keep an eye on it.
  2. 25 i believe. Thing is everything has been fine for years. Latest software update and Google Nest driver update and now it’s slow and unresponsive at times.
  3. I doubt it's a specific driver. I'm sure our systems are very different and we have the same issue. It has to be something regarding Zigbee.
  4. I’ll reach out to tech tomorrow but glad to see I’m not crazy.
  5. Anyone having issues with zigbee remotes? All 4 of my 260's now have intermittent delays regarding button press speed but signal is strong on all remotes according to composer. Odd. Just happened with 3.1.2
  6. Does this driver support the press and hold the new Apple driver supports? It doesn't appear to wake on lan either unless i'm missing something.
  7. Yeah my driver still working well...my new customers...not so much.
  8. I for one am excited to maybe bring a bit more design/material quality to the table. Like Ive at Apple, industrial designers can do wonders. I'm eager to see what comes of it.
  9. It's Sony and it really isn't even that close.
  10. Nope, i merely reserve their ip address is all i do.
  11. I'm using an RK-1 with 2 WK-1 AP's and have multiple NEST cams that never go offline and have been rock solid. They make a great product.
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