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  1. Yeah means C4Z, typo. Yeah I’m trying to get that one on my demo unit for show.
  2. I applied for a showroom demo for my demo unit on your site.
  3. Outside of converting driver to DMZ and creating a custom icon...does anyone have the logo already done? The drivers on their site are old c4i drivers and icon is generic unless I'm missing something.
  4. I can't even login to the dealer site, etc.
  5. I’ve used the Director models, they do sound great and some of them have a lot of built in DSP’s for various brands.
  6. Yeah Apple is the problem regarding the Apple TV driver, not Control4. Shame, the old driver was rock solid.
  7. We use the Intrinsic driver, it’s reliable but early on we did get a lot of unresponsive Apple TV’s that required reboot but that seems to have been solved. We avoid the official driver as the constant OS changes seem to break it. A shame, I’ve resorted to recommending the new Roku Ultra with Dolby Vision support so we can use mini drivers as they are the best thing about Control4 integration with smart tv’s, etc.
  8. Yeah agree i use an Audiocontrol XR6 as my head end processor and 2 5 channel ATI power amps. Had MRX720 prior and 7013, Audiocontrol outperformed them both prior to Dirac actually. Little quirky from time to time but IP driver works fine, sometimes a bit slow.
  9. Think I’d worry more about a better main processor for horsepower than an EA1 all over the place. Zig bee I/O and a mix of EA1 if needed or IO extender.
  10. Yeah, using new MRX740 with official driver and it’s been fine. I believe the issue with prior models was more the network hardware they used more than most. I usually used the serial drivers with the previous models but have used IP with success but this new driver works great even using as WiFi only instead of my trusty serial.
  11. Yeah, buy a new processor. It's way past overdue there...
  12. It will work great. At the initial CEDIA show they introduced it at they were using it to power Triad Silver LCR's with a sub. They'll power a 4 ohm load and if you use Triad speakers they have built in DSP's. I use it to power their landscape speakers in a 4.1 config myself with rack amp 300 for outdoor hardscape sub.
  13. Both are excellent but the Audiocontrol's are great. The Halo amps are pretty much industry standard for a lot of people though but not sure you'd tell much of a difference as both are strong units. I've used both.
  14. The Audiocontrol stuff is fantastic and they've been first party partners with Triad for years up in the pacific northwest. They'll have the DSP's for the Triad subs in most cases baked in already just like the Rackamp. Triad has always had problems getting good amps.
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